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Sunday, April 20, 2014

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From the Ground Up: Winter holiday gift-giving

As the days grow shorter and colder, our thoughts turn to cracking open a new book and reading it by the fire, to family coming home and to holiday gift-giving. There are so many books, old and new favorites, to choose from for those on your list who love food. Here we pair a few […]

From the Ground Up: Here are some summer drinks to remember

By Ann M. Evans and Georgeanne Brennan Special to The Enterprise We often talk of the experience of different meals we’ve had, but in recent months we’ve both been struck by the extraordinary drinks we’ve had and how the memory of the experience can be reconstructed, sip by sip, at home. Each of our collective […]

From the ground up: Backyard chicken tales

Fourth annual Tour de Cluck What: The favorite fowl-fashioned bike tour offers the chicken lovers and chicken curious the opportunity to tour a variety of Davis backyard chicken coops. The event is a fundraiser for Yolo Farm to Fork and the Davis Art Center. When: Saturday, May 25 Where: Begins at the Davis Farmers Market […]

From the Ground Up: New-fashioned punch in an old-fashioned bowl

Foods, like cooking equipment, have their seasons and cycles of popularity. They come and go, like copper pots, fondue pots and mouse rings and molds. This holiday season, the conviviality of a cut-glass bowl filled with sparkling punch, a ladle and matching cups hooked onto the side of the bowl felt like a good idea […]

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From the Ground Up: More than fried green tomatoes in Birmingham

Georgeanne is in southern France where, as she says, even the simplest food is extraordinary. While she’s there, I’m taking the opportunity to write about food in the American South. Although my roots are in North Carolina, I’ve been visiting Birmingham, Ala., a city entirely a product of the post-Civil War period, the intersection of […]

From the Ground Up: Farm to school – trying something new

The Sierra Club recently issued its 2012 Coolest Schools list, and UC Davis is No. 1. Go, Aggies! UCD is part of a growing national awareness of the importance of sustainability, from the first lady to college chancellors and school superintendents. Reducing waste, increasing fresh and local produce served and using purchasing power for good […]

From the ground up: It’s tomato time in Yolo County

By Ann M. Evans and Georgeanne Brennan In Yolo County, it’s tomato time. You only have to watch the tomato trucks, flatbeds in sets of doubles with tomato tubs on them, pulling out of the fields and up and down the highway, hauling the ripe, red tomatoes to the processors in Woodland, Colusa, Dixon and […]

From the Ground Up: A lot of history in a hill of beans

By Ann M. Evans and Georgeanne Brennan Beans have historically been thought of as peasant food, something to be eaten where there is no or little meat. As a vegetarian for 10 years, including four years as an Aggie at UC Davis, I learned my way around dried beans in the kitchen in the 1970s. […]

From the ground up: Beekeeping — wings at work

Here’s what I know about honeybees: They are more complicated to care for than chickens. Inside the hive, the characters are more complex than inside the coop. A year into a dream come true, I’ve still got a lot to learn about the most important pollinators of plants, the bee. Georgeanne has many beehives on […]

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