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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Davis Media Access: Studio buzzing with election season

The birds are singing, the bees buzzing, and the candidates, campaigning. Yes, it’s election season in Davis and for Davis Media Access that means busy times. For this election cycle, DMA will produce “Meet the Candidates” segments for contested races in our area, including: Davis City Council; Yolo County Supervisor, 1st District; Superior Court Judge […]

Davis Media Access: Looking back at a successful year

I’m currently immersed in writing the 2012-13 annual report for Davis Media Access. It’s always an interesting exercise, allowing me to tell the story of our organization. I find myself thinking about what was significant about the past year. What were our successes? What can we do differently, and better? I’ll share a link next […]

The fall season starts at Davis Media Access

I have an old Nancy Griffith song playing in my head, one about turning around, metaphorically, to see a young girl growing to a woman, but I’m applying it to the grand arc of this year. It was January the last time I turned around, wasn’t it? It wasn’t, of course, and now here we […]

Davis Media Access: Bee the Media

Livening up the dog days of summer this August, Davis Media Access and the Insect News Network bring you … bees. Specifically, DMA is pleased to team up with creator and host E. Emmet Brady for the third annual Bee-a-Thon, an adventure that Brady says “takes intelligent humans everywhere on a deep dive into the […]

DMA launches annual fundraising effort

Next week, Davis Media Access will launch its annual fundraising campaign. I’d like to share my take on why community-based, participatory media matters and what donations to DMA support. Our goal is to raise $20,000 in direct donations before June 1. This money supports a variety of services we provide to our community, including volunteer-driven […]

Davis Media Access: Empowering youths through media

Years ago, my job here was to recruit, train and manage studio production interns. I spent many nights with interns ranging from 16 to ageless, but most fell in the older teen-to-college student range. I loved that time in life because I got to experience daily the phenomenal energy and creativity of youth. I’m doing […]

Davis Media Access: Shoveling swiftly shifting sands

Years ago, our organization ran a single public access channel and used it to help individuals and organizations who didn’t have access to media. Our emphasis was on maintaining a free speech platform, with access for all. It was good work, and I look back and can’t help but think things were simpler then. Today, […]

Davis Media Access: Election coverage tops busy schedule

Special to The Enterprise It’s nearly September and as we all know, that heralds a season of intense activity in our community. Here’s a look at some of the activities and programs happening at Davis Media Access this fall: * Elections: As the only nonprofit community media center in Yolo County, DMA produces “Meet the […]

Davis Media Access: Reimagining public media

Special to The Enterprise I write extensively about media policy in this country, and read even more. Still, I was quite surprised reading a June 21 article in the Columbia Journalism Review in which Davis Media Access is held up — among a mere handful of community media centers across the country — as part […]

Davis Media Access: Election coverage in full swing

Special to The Enterprise I first came to Davis Media Access — then Davis Community Television — in late 1995. I was in charge of our college interns and with them produced hours of community-centered programming every week. I believe 1996 was my first taste of local election programming. I watched in fascination as more […]

Davis Media Access: Community media, rights are common ground

Last week, I spoke at a state Senate hearing against SB 1611, a bill that would eliminate many consumer rights afforded to our state’s most vulnerable citizens. A sizeable group of advocates opposed the bill, ranging from consumer rights agencies, labor unions, rural networks, and broadband and media advocates. Our comments emphasized the need for […]

Stay tuned to DMA to connect to the community

My mantra as I talk to folks about Davis Media Access is “DMA builds community.” The more we know about each other, the better informed and more compassionate we’ll be. It’s the touchstone I return to, and it’s what keeps me doing this work. This month I’m reporting about local election coverage; digital literacy opportunities for […]

Davis Media Access: Building a studio = building community

Special to The Enterprise Here’s the scene these days at Davis Media Access: Visitors walk into the television studio, pause, and … cue big smiles. The studio renovations I’ve been writing about for months are complete, and the smiles are the result of the studio’s visual impact. Gone are the plastic plants, the waiting-room furniture […]

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