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Friday, April 18, 2014

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Davis Media Access: Mother Falcon, mariachi and elections, oh my!

Last month, I wrote about the Washington, D.C., Circuit Court’s ruling on net neutrality, placing it in context of a landscape in which media consolidation has diminished relevant content for consumers while driving up prices. Soon after, news of Comcast’s bid to buy out Time-Warner surfaced, and this week, Netflix paid Comcast an undisclosed sum […]

Davis Media Access: How did we get here?

Questions last week about the Washington, D.C., Circuit Court’s ruling on net neutrality led me down a rabbit hole as people asked me, “How did things get to this point?” I wrote a blog post about that ruling, which you can read at, but this month I’ll take a look back at some of […]

Davis Media Access: Holiday fare available at KDRT, DCTV and online

Like most people, I’m working to put the wrap on 2013 and scurrying to get all my holiday preparations made. As I write this, it’s still well within the “festive season,” so I thought I’d share some of the holiday-themed media recently produced by community volunteers and Davis Media Access. Programs are archived at, […]

Davis Media Access: Tales of teens, Dracula, UCD students and music

Last month I wrote about some of the big-picture accomplishments of Davis Media Access and the 25-year history of community media in Davis. At its core, community media is about telling the stories of those who live in a given community, using media tools to help them give voice to their concerns, visions, hopes and […]

Davis Media Access: 25 years of creating community through media

The day on which I’m writing this (Sept. 24) happens to be the ninth anniversary of intrepid noncommercial radio station KDRT-LP, 95.7 FM on the radio dial in Davis, and worldwide. Reflecting on KDRT’s origins and Davis Media Access’ upcoming 25th anniversary leaves me with a sense of wonder and pride at what we’ve […]

Davis Media Access fits our town well

I have an old Nancy Griffith song playing in my head, one about turning around, metaphorically, to see a young girl growing to a woman, but I’m applying it to the grand arc of this year. It was January the last time I turned around, wasn’t it? It wasn’t, of course, and now here we […]

Davis Media Access ends year on high notes

June is the busiest month of the year — at least until September arrives. But really, in the life of Davis Media Access, the nonprofit community media center serving Davis and Yolo County, June has shaped up to knock all other months out of the park. Here’s a look at what’s been happening in the […]

Davis Media Access: Strength in localism

I’m pleased to share with you Davis Media Access’ annual report and financials for 2011-12, available at The report helps us tell the big-picture story of where DMA fits in, both locally and in the larger community media movement. It illustrates how we leverage limited resources in support of a really big mission — […]

Davis Media Access: Meet the candidates and see the forums

Special to The Enterprise Seems just yesterday it was June and I was writing about election coverage. Though the importance of Nov. 6 is known nationally, I’m focused closer to home. I’ve just finished fielding several comments regarding a post I made recently on a national listserv, wherein I talked about the connection between local […]

Davis Media Access: Connecting people, changing lives

Special to The Enterprise Late summer finds us putting the wrap on several projects and relationships here at Davis Media Access, as well as planning for the future. In no particular order, here’s a quick look at events at your community media center: * Patrick Shearer has been interning this summer as host for “In […]

Board members represent the heart of Davis Media Access

Special to The Enterprise It’s the end of the year, and in the reflective state currently upon me, I find myself thinking about the role of nonprofit board members, and specifically, those I get to work with at Davis Media Access. Recently, I attended on the same day the 90th birthday celebration for one former […]

Backlot and beyond — much ado at DMA

Special to The Enterprise I’m not sure if it was the crowd of kids running around with flip cameras or making artist trading cards in the kids’ space, or the fact that local singer-songwriter Dave Nachmanoff took the stage to sit in with Hardwater during their set, or the fire dancers who showed up to […]

Bringing it home via regional collaboration

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow (and we encountered all three on the drive up) stopped my co-workers and me from getting to Eureka last week. Our destination was a meeting of the community media regional collaborative in which Davis Media Access is participating this year. The collaborative was kicked off last July here in […]

DAVIS MEDIA ACCESS: Growing up in a wireless world

Special to The Enterprise \n What\’s it like to be part of a generation that cannot recall what life was like before computers? I\’m talking about kids who cannot fathom daily life without texting, Facebook, YouTube and online shopping — and who, I might add, feel rather sorry for those of us who can. (And […]

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