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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Author Archive: Bob Dunning

Bob Dunning: Utility-bill mailer was a campaign piece

It’s no surprise that city officials want us to vote “yes” in June on the proposed half-percent sales tax increase that is mistakenly being billed as a half-cent sales tax increase. As such, members of the Davis City Council are free to write op-eds or letters to the editor or one-sided ballot arguments or offer […]

Bob Dunning: Other cities are handing over big bucks

ONE STEP BEHIND COWTOWN … Cindy at is worried that our town is falling behind — you’d better sit down — Vacaville when it comes to water conservation … writes Cindy: “I have a friend who lives in Vacaville who tells us that the city of Vacaville is doling out a whopping $1,000 per […]

Bob Dunning: Board could use a no-nonsense approach

INCLINED TOWARD KLINE … now that the field of eight candidates willing to serve the first six months of the remaining 2½ years of Nancy Peterson’s school board term has been established, we learn that only one candidate says he’s not interested in running for something more permanent in November … yes, B.J. Kline, the […]

Bob Dunning: I guess the newsroom’s the peanut gallery

It’s not often I receive a personal invitation to have lunch with the publisher and president of The Sacramento Bee, but unless I’m reading things wrong, that’s exactly what arrived in my in box earlier this week. It came from “The Office of Cheryl Dell,” who was kind enough to include a full-color photo of […]

Bob Dunning: Campus may want to totally own Picnic Day

PICNIC PERSPECTIVE … as UC Davis continues to knock itself dead to produce a family-friendly, educational and, above all, fun experience on campus, it may be time for the university to completely sever its relationship with downtown Davis on this once-magical day … while the experience on campus was superb for just about anyone who […]

Bob Dunning: Looking for a seat at the table

So, you’re willing to give back to the community by offering to volunteer to fill just under six months of the 2½ years remaining on Nancy Peterson’s School Board term, figuring it’s the least you can do for the city you love. Well, you’d better take a number and get in line, for the list […]

Bob Dunning: Picnic Day tarnished by bad reputation

HAPPY BIRTHDAY … as that hallowed UC Davis tradition known as Picnic Day prepares to celebrate its 100th birthday, it was disheartening to see several news organizations wondering out loud how well our city is prepared to handle the drunken and disorderly conduct that has dominated this day in recent years … sadly, as far […]

Bob Dunning: It only APPEARS like you’re saving

OUR PLUMMETING WATER BILLS … a holier-than-thou acquaintance stopped me in Nugget the other day to brag that apparently due to her diligent conservation efforts, she had managed to cut her city services bill nearly in half … I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the city recently went to monthly billing instead […]

Bob Dunning: School board in for a wild ride

“Process to fill board vacancy outlined,” said the Page 1, above-the-fold headline over Jeff Hudson’s story in Tuesday’s Davis Enterprise. “Applications due April 15; appointment set May 8,” said the sub-headline, meaning the Davis school board is on the fast track to find a fifth member to break those awkward 2-2 tie votes. The seat […]

Bob Dunning: Businesses step up to help family

THE LOSS OF A FRIEND … longtime North Davis Elementary School teacher Paulene Bitners, who was the subject of many prayers in this town over the past few months, died Sunday after a long battle with cancer … several fundraisers to aid Paulene’s family are planned for Tuesday, April 15 … Teach Your Children, an […]

Bob Dunning: Never too early to handicap the big race

Any time there’s a horse race, dedicated gamblers come out of the woodwork to demand a piece of the action. So it is with the five-horse race for a seat in the California Legislature representing the 4th Assembly District. As we’ve seen from recent financial reporting, some candidates are willing to spend far in excess […]

Bob Dunning: Council wants to educate us again

THE TEACHER IS IN … grab a notebook and sharpen your pencils, fellow Davisites, for it appears our beloved City Council is about to go on another teaching mission with the citizens of this town playing the role of bright-eyed pupils … yes, given that the public reception to the proposed Davis Utility District (DUD) […]

60 Picnic Days and counting

I attended my first Picnic Day in 1953. Haven’t missed one since. Many things have changed, but much of the spirit of the day has remained the same. The parade used to be a very big deal, with elaborate floats entered by various living groups (we had fraternities back then, but no sororities) and campus […]

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