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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Author Archive: Debra DeAngelo

The Red-Headed Stranger came a-callin’ and y’all just sat there

Davis, we need to have a little chat. It’s time to loosen up. Clearly, you fear your bodies, and what they might do, as if one tapping toe might lead to uncontrollably twerking the person next to you. It’s like you you’re doing Irish step-dancing arms from the waist down, too. Case in point: Willie Nelson’s […]

Bring back my pink bike and no one gets hurt

Somewhere out there, someone’s riding a bike that doesn’t belong to her. It’s a ratty old faded flamingo-pink ladies’ Schwinn beach cruiser, with tattered pink and white streamers at the ends of the handlebars. One side was down to stubble and a few streamers dangling down. On the chain guard, it says “Cruiser,” and sort […]

In my head, I am the all-time champ on ‘The Voice’

It’s my dirty little secret, and yeah, I know you’ll respect me a little less when we’re done. I love “The Voice.” I don’t mean random, casual love, like “I love these shoes” or “I love tacos” — I mean I love “The Voice.” Pure, crazy infatuation “love.” The last time I was loved something […]

Celebrating our own women of Character, Courage and Commitment

It’s National Women’s History Month, and I must say, Winters is having a great showing for the theme, “Women of Character, Courage & Commitment.” On Thursday, Winters Mayor Cecilia Aguiar-Curry was amongst the honorees at the Yolo County Women’s History Month luncheon. Noted for her loyal and relentless service to the Winters community, Cecilia chose […]

I will cough and type, and those who love me will stay

Heads up: This will not be the best column I’ve ever written. Not even close. If you want to bail now, I won’t hold it against you. Only those who really love me will stick around. Still here? Oh, you. You’re the best! I won’t even attempt to excel this week, given the double whammy […]

Some proactive steps to take when Mercury goes retrograde

Gotten in any great arguments lately? Sent a scathing email? Unfriended people on Facebook like flicking off fleas? Or maybe your computer crashed, or your cell phone got glitchy, or a little computer gizmo in your car just went belly up and will cost $500 to replace? Blame Mercury. Well, some of us do. Meanwhile, […]

More than 30 years later and I’m still pondering Davis vs. Winters

Did you catch my nice little chat with Bill Buchanan on KDRT last week? No? No worries — it’s still on the website, if you’re interested about my thoughts on community newspapers and their survival. I was actually somewhat coherent, if I do say so myself, far exceeding my own expectations. I was having a […]

Taste of Hope: Wine-tasting fundraiser will benefit Philippine typhoon victims

You can help What: “Taste of Hope” wine-tasting and silent auction to help typhoon-ravaged villages in the Philippines rebuild When: 5-8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8 Where: International House, 10 College Park Tickets: $55 per person, available at Konditorei Austrian Pastry Café, De Luna Jewelers and Watermelon Music, or by contacting, Ruth Asmundson at 530-753-7884 or Rich Naval at […]

I still like Obama, I just stopped listening to him

Lots of yap-yap-yapping on the news circuit after the President’s State of the Union speech last week, and much of the yap focused on how few Americans watched it. Which, of course means, that we all think Barack Obama is a schmuck and we don’t care what he has to say. Wrong, yappity-yappers. I didn’t […]

Oh, Uncle Sugar — please save me from my raging libido!

With the recent implosion of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential chances, the last thing the Republican party needed was a sucker punch from ironically cuddly Presidential has-been Mike Huckabee, at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting last week: “If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they […]

But wait, there’s more! That face on TV may be familiar

I have a dirty little secret: I buy infomercial products. Why? Because some of them really are as awesome as they sound on TV. I discovered Tae Bo and Turbo Jam via infomercials, and although I don’t have that “beach body” (more like beached body), the workouts are fun. I may not be skinny, but […]

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