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Debra DeAngelo

Bring Black Friday home or boycott it entirely

Two months into the Occupy Wall Street movement and if it doesn’t unravel because of the chaos and violence, it will when the cold winter weather sets in. But that doesn’t mean the energy behind it has to chill too. It’s great timing, actually, because like anything else, if the Occupy movement is to survive, […]

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The downside of having a pet is dreading ‘that day’

If there’s one thing that’ll make you forget all about your own troubles, it’s when someone you love gets sick. Even when that someone is covered with fur. If you’ve been visiting this space long enough, you’ve heard many stories about my little fur people, Angelo and Milo. Just like their owner, they’re getting on […]

November 13, 2011 | Posted in Columns | Tagged ,

We have the collective weaponry to fight the big-bank dragon

Holy moly, the people stared into the eye of the dragon … and the dragon blinked. Following Bank of America’s recent announcement to start charging a $5 fee when customers use their debit card, customers retaliated with the only weapon they have: their money. In the wake of customer uproar as other large banks like […]

November 06, 2011 | Posted in Columns | Tagged ,

The dark, wee hours are when you connect the dots of disaster

When that internal switch flips inside my brain promptly at 3 a.m. most every morning, and all my cerebral circuits come roaring online, I’m jolted wide awake and falling back asleep is just silliness. So, I make use of the quiet, dark hours to think (some would call it obsess) about things I just don’t […]

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Until I get through menopause, just call me ‘Burger’

What I expected after 11 years of perimenopause: My cycle would just stop cycling, the hot flashes and night sweats would simply end, I’d dab a nostalgic tear from my eye, and with a bittersweet wave goodbye to fertility, I’d toss my tampons in the trash, and start taking tai chi and watercolor classes, and […]

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Occupy Wall Street by occupying Main Street — with your money

So last week, we established that we’re angry. Well, 99 percent of us are, anyway. Angry at Wall Street, angry at Capitol Hill (redundancy mine) and I’d like to say we’re not going to take it anymore, but clearly we’re face down over the financial barrel and can’t do much but yell. But, at least […]

October 16, 2011 | Posted in Columns | Tagged ,

I am the 99 percent, and you probably are, too

Even the corporate-owned mass media can only willfully ignore things for so long (flag-draped coffins returning from Iraq and Afghanistan notwithstanding). Little by little, the “Occupy Wall Street” protests have forced their way into the news reports. Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, even our own Sacramento have been occupied this month, with people gathering together to […]

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It’s nothing that a good neutering job won’t fix

Cats, cats and more cats. Clearly we’ve got a problem with feral cats here in Winters. They’re everywhere. There’s a right way and a wrong way to address this problem. Let me tell you about the wrong way. It was the day of our Earthquake Street Festival, close to 5 p.m., just before everything begins. […]

Don’t bother me with your problems, it’s quittin’ time

Death and taxes. No one escapes. Here’s one more: colonoscopies. Once you hit 50, your doc will dog you like Columbo until you relent. Mine nagged me for two years, and I grumbled about the hassle, the ick, the fuss and bother, and griff graff gruff. Don’t wanna. At our last visit, she nodded and […]

Wondering how Winters’ shotgun wedding with Davis will turn out

I attended my very first “Day in the Country” event last Sunday at Park Winters, and wow doesn’t even begin to cover it. The event is the annual fundraiser for the Yolo Land Trust, which seeks to preserve ag land in the county by purchasing easements from farmers to keep their land for agricultural uses […]

Memorize, memorize, memorize, and never forget … just in case

My husband gets on airplanes the way the rest of us get on buses or into our cars — no biggie, just part of the daily routine, just another random business trip, just another random Tuesday morning. I kiss him goodbye when he heads out the door, and try not to worry while he’s in the […]

It’s a felony to record police back, back, back in the USSA

So, while the police are watching the public, who’s watching the police? Years ago, the answer to that was, “Good question.” But the invention of the camcorder changed all that. Now the answer is “The public.” The flashpoint was a 1991 bystander’s videotape that caught four Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King after he […]

All the fun and revelry of the Middle Ages, minus the plague

Some people dream of white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and pink sunsets for their vacations, others of dancing and fine dining on a posh cruise ship. Me, I dream of slogging through sticky, stinky mud in layers of heavy, unwieldy and frequently uncomfortable clothing in the crushing summer Pennsylvania heat, the air so thick […]

When we returned, Mercury Retrograde was right where we left it

Being served column leftovers in August can mean only one thing: Vacation! Yes, I was off to the East Coast for a couple weeks, in a different time zone in more ways than one. The Cutest Man In The World and I made our annual trek to Pennsic — a medieval reenactment encampment with 12,000 […]

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