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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Paws for Thought: Dogs truly do make us healthier

Remember all those cautions about dirty dogs? Well scientific evidence offers a more positive view. For starters, research shows that not only do people have 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells, but that our canine companion’s microbes add to that mix, and that’s good. Scientists are finding that a diverse microbiome plays a […]

Paws for Thought: Some pet expenses may be tax-deductible

With April 15 fast approaching, have you considered tax rebates for pets? Although you can’t write off general pet expenses, there are tax deductions for many animal-related expenses. Food and care for animals that serve a purpose, such as barn cats that keep your premises vermin-free or a dog that guards gated property, may qualify […]

Paws for Thought: What will happen to your pets when you die?

Americans love their pets, so is it surprising that we spend $61 billion-plus every year on pets? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend an average of $500 per household on their pets. Topping the list are married people without children at home who spend an average of $698. Much as we love […]

Paws for thought: Curb pet overpopulation by adopting from a shelter

Puppies and kittens are cute, right? But what happens when they grow up? Every year, shelters across our country take in millions of stray and unwanted animals but nearly half of them are euthanized because they are not adopted. Sadly, shelter euthanasia is the leading cause of death for dogs and cats in the United […]

Paws for Thought: Be smart in choosing gifts for your animals

It’s the holiday season, when animal lovers love to give pets gifts. But what’s appropriate and safe for our furry friends? First and foremost, keep eating and exercise habits as normal as possible and watch out for unhealthy treats, toxic plants and dangerous decorations. Costumes: Who can resist a pet costume for the holidays? Although many […]

Paws for Thought: Beware the holidays!

Halloween monsters at your door, Turkey bones on the floor, Holiday gifts, chocolates too, New Year’s fireworks and jolly brew. These things may scare or sicken pets, And cause a visit to the vet’s. So, keep your critters safe and calm, A quiet room, soft music on. Halloween marks the beginning of our holiday season. […]

Paws for Thought: Race on out to adopt a retired greyhound

Greyhounds, a dog breed whose lineage dates back to 2900 B.C., have been prized over the centuries for their keen eyesight, speed and elegance. Sadly, today’s greyhounds are bred primarily for racing — an inhumane and exploitive industry. Among the abuses are over-breeding to produce a few winning dogs, kenneling in warehouses without heat or […]

Paws for Thought: Protect your pets on vacation

Although it’s natural to include pets in our outdoor activities, it’s important to remember that we are responsible for their safety as well as fun. Be sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations, and heartworm, flea, tick medications. Bring proof of rabies vaccination for park or recreational area excursions. Remember that heat and overexertion can […]

Paws for Thought: Make sure Fido’s not a hot dog

Keeping your pet cool and hydrated during hot weather is essential. Most of us know not to leave pets in a hot car — not even for a minute — but what about when they’re at home or out with you for some fun in the sun? When home, it’s best for pets to be […]

Paws for Thought: Large Marge needed some medicine and TLC

Sometimes, as the saying goes, the tail wags the dog. In the case of this column, the Happy Tail has determined the content. Magnolia, also known as Large Marge, arrived at the city of Sacramento Animal Care Services so heavy she could hardly walk. The problem? She was overweight and lethargic due to a thyroid […]

Paws for Thought: ID tags for your pet are vital

Does your pet wear a collar with an identification tag? Does your pet wear it all the time? Is it easy to read? If you said no to any of these questions, you are not alone, but you may be when your lost pet is not returned. Although 80 percent of pet owners believe it’s […]

Paws for thought: Tax return check-off will help cover shelters’ costs

Want to feel good while paying your California income taxes? Donate to the Municipal Shelter Spay-Neuter Fund and prevent pet overpopulation. Just check line 412 in the “voluntary contributions” box, and write in the amount you’d like to donate. You will have helped to reduce the euthanasia rate for thousands of California pets. According to […]

Paws for Thought: Striving for no more homeless pets

We all want to live in a community where animals as well as people are treated humanely, right? The problem is what to do about all the homeless animals. Since 1991, Best Friends Animal Society of Utah has declared a goal of “No More Homeless Pets.” At that time, 15 million cats and dogs were […]

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