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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Author Archive: Georgeanne Brennan

From the ground up: Farm-fresh ice cream from the Eatwell Icebox

Nigel Walker, the brain behind Dixon-based Eatwell Farm, is continually thinking of ways to increase the consumption of healthy, organic foods. He has hundreds of Community Supported Agriculture members from San Francisco to Sacramento, and he offers days at the farm, where his CSA members can not only pick organic tomatoes or strawberries but also […]

From the Ground Up: What’s new in specialty foods

Are you interested in new flavors of jams? Mustards? Popcorn? Lemonades? You could taste them all — and much more, from caviar to barbecue sauce — at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show, held Jan. 19-21 at the Moscone Center, which featured more than 1,350 producers of all sorts of specialty foods, including several from Yolo […]

From the ground up: Look for the lamb

Yolo, Solano, Napa and Sonoma counties have long been known for their lamb. Most any time you make a drive heading west through Winters, over the hills on Highway 128 and on through the Wine Country, you’ll see grazing sheep and lambs as part of the landscape. What is more recent is the appearance of […]

From the ground up: Spaghetti Hill and artichokes

“You see, in the old days, everyone called this Spaghetti Hill because all the Italian fisherman lived here — they needed to be close to their boats and the wharf was right there,” Mary Guerra said, waving in the direction of the harbor. “It was good for their wives too. They could walk to the […]

From the ground up: Let’s talk charcuterie

If you want to talk charcuterie and all things meat and butchering, speak with Taylor Boetticher and Toponia Miller, owners of Fatted Calf Charcuterie in Napa and San Francisco. We’ve both taken butchering classes from Boetticher, most recently a lamb butchering class in which we, along with 10 other eager would-be butchers, broke down a […]

From the Ground Up: La Superior SuperMercados in Woodland is the real deal

Bright piñatas hang over mounds of watermelons, pineapples, limes and mangos in open bins as we walk through the front doors of La Superior SuperMercados in Woodland. The 12-year-old Sacramento-based chain of Mexican grocery stores, with seven locations in the Sacramento area, is owned by Uriel Barajas. It caters to Spanish-speaking people for the most […]

From the Ground Up: A Taste of Ireland

By Georgeanne Brennan I come by my Irish associations through marriage, not blood, so I was surprised during a recent visit to discover a deep affinity for the Irish landscape, history and food. I’d read a lot about Ireland, and heard the stories handed down through generations of the potato famines, the differences of social […]

Bastille Day Feast carries on Wolfskill legacy

Once again, the historic Wolfskill Ranch in Winters will be opened up on the occasion of the Bastille Day Feast, July 13. The event is a fundraiser for the Winters Farm to School program, which provides funding to the Winters School Food and Nutrition Services, under the leadership of Food Service Director Cathy Olsen, for […]

From the ground up: Chickpeas – the workhorse of the food world

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are one of the workhorses of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Latin American cooking. They aren’t true beans at all, but still are a member of the legume family. The chickpea origins are thought to go back 7,500 years to the Middle East, spreading to India, perhaps carried by nomads […]

From the Ground Up: Little fish in the sea for summer

Choosing the freshest fish * All fresh fish should have shiny, slippery skins that glisten * The eyes of whole fish, no matter the size, should be bright and clear. Avoid fish with cloudy eyes * Fish should never smell “fishy,” but fresh and clean, sometimes even like fresh sea air Sardines and anchovies * […]

From the ground up: To barbecue or to grill?

Last month, Ann took me on my first tour of the Southeast — brief, but we covered territory from the border state of Kentucky to the deep Southern state of Alabama. Prior to the trip, she had told me about the region’s devotion to barbecue and that, unfortunately, I wouldn’t get to taste the best, […]

From the ground up: The condiment cupboard

We’ve been eating a lot of crunchy piccalilli lately that we made in the fall with the last of Georgeanne’s green tomatoes. This quintessential English condiment consists of onions, green beans, cauliflower and green tomatoes in mustard sauce. The classic way to serve it is with cold meat — a Plowman’s Lunch. This time of year, […]

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