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Friday, April 25, 2014
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Personal Shopper: Tap Sudwerk’s Dock Store for a real hop

“Comings & Goings” columnist Wendy Weitzel has more than 1,000 Facebook likes. That’s at least 1,000 more than I have. My envy is unrestrained. What’s worse is the solid following she enjoys on her personal page. It’s not uncommon to see a news feed full of Wendy enjoying her double life as a beer enthusiast, […]

Personal Shopper: Let me eat more cake!

Whether anyone ever uttered the phrase, “Let them eat cake” (attributed to insensitive French nobility regarding poverty and the unattainable price of bread) is disputed. But many experts believe: It was not Marie Antoinette. If, on the other hand, the queen ever visited Let Them Eat Cake in Davis, she would have attained Princess Diana […]

Personal Shopper: Caffé Italia: ‘We’re still cooking!’

There’s a sold sign on my street. The news is about as warm as a polar vortex, but if you believe this story is only about my little pocket of town, think again. Our neighbors are Kevin and Shar Katz, owners of Caffé Italia. Their cornerstone restaurant has operated in Davis for 32 years— no […]

Personal Shopper: Heidy’s favorite things

Understandably, a recent national news source article — “How Not to Pay Full Price for Anything” — caught my eye. After all, who wants to spend top dollar, especially over the holidays? The lengthy piece covered a professional bargain hunter’s advice about avoiding large retailers’ traps intended to separate you from your money. It held […]

Personal Shopper: Crème de la Crème is magnifique

Crème de la Crème? Oui! Oui! Before my first visit to France, a Parisian friend patched a quarrel between my husband and me by describing “faire de leche-vitrines.” The dispute? Peter wanted to see the sights, eat the food and drink the wine. I, on the other hand, dreamt of intense Paris shopping and only […]

Personal Shopper: The braces are off!

He was nearly two feet shorter and weighed just enough to be blown down the street by a light north wind when we first ducked into 635 Anderson Road. Now, towering above me, my son, Chase, is about to be liberated from the orthodontist. A modern-day rite of passage, the braces are finally off. And […]

Personal Shopper: Positive about pawsitive

From a dog’s perspective, a sandy beach with bird poop and daily arrivals of “fresh” ocean decay is tantamount to a kid’s personal candy store. A summer full of these delicacies, however, takes the idiom, “It’s a dogs life,” to new heights. Without a doubt, there is no more thrilling moment than for the pooch […]

Philanthropy is their cup of tea

To incoming Davis High School seniors Emma Agruss, Anna Hodgson, Lillian Whithaus, Emma Robinson and her sister, soon-to-be sophomore Meg Robinson, a charitable tea was a simple way to do something fun together. Four years later, the team has raised more than $2,000 for local charities in what has become an annual affair. “I love […]

Personal Shopper: Gift ideas from the graduates

With a high school freshman in the house, I’m accustomed to biting my tongue. Recently, during a routine family dinner, I nearly drew blood as the teenaged eye-roller to my right admonished my grammar. The offense? A single word used to describe a musician’s style. I might have been talking about Bruno Mars, Usher or […]

Personal Shopper: Un cuento de una margarita

The meaning of Cinco de Mayo eludes me every year. Even though I’ve googled the topic in the past, I never remember what we’re celebrating, exactly, other than Mexican food and margaritas. The same goes for St. Patrick’s Day, which I’ve interpreted as an excuse to consume green alcoholic beverages in excess. In the latter […]

Personal Shopper: Must-haves for spring

No, it’s not your imagination; I’m back. Actually, I never left. Seems my play on words last month confused more than a few readers. Even loved ones asked why they weren’t informed of my resignation, as if I’d callously de-friended them. Venturing a guess about my clarity mishap, I must’ve tweaked on the same communication […]

Personal Shopper: Upon the fifth year of my column, I resign

It’s been five years since I proposed this column to Debbie Davis, which makes this the right time to announce my resignation. It’s true: I’ve finally resigned myself to the fact that I will never, ever be able to write a column worthy of the heart and sole of our downtown, Fleet Feet Sports. Admittedly, […]

Personal Shopper: Heidy’s favorite things

Despite an abundance of worthy stories, I’m disappointed by what prevails in many news sources. Most recently, there’s been no shortage of coverage about two subjects: Black Friday and Twinkies. I’ve nothing against Twinkies — practically grew up on them as a kid — but I have a lot to say about Black Friday. Doing […]

Personal Shopper: Peace begins with Stodden Parker

Ah, the holidays. Time to gather ’round the table for memorable feasts with the family—accompanied by the serenity of sacred traditions, a cozy fire and treasured recipes. Without a doubt, these annual Norman Rockwell moments inspire. Accordingly, there’s no better time to recommend the services of Laura Stodden Parker, a Davis attorney specializing in estate […]

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