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Friday, April 18, 2014
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At the Pond: Harrier roost offers a window into nature

Sometimes, adventures that make you feel alive, awaken your senses and restore your soul are just minutes away. The trick is to try new things, shake up your usual routine and look at something anew. I subscribe to a listserv, Central Valley Birds, where birders write in to tell of birds seen, their location, debate […]

At the pond: A marvelous meeting

A marvelous meeting happened one rainy day this month. We had a first meeting of Friends of North Davis Ponds — the Julie Partansky Pond and the Northstar Park Pond. And people showed up with incredible gifts to share. Chris Dunford, recently retired president of Davis-based Freedom from Hunger, brought a list of 175 birds […]

At the Pond: Autumn, a time of change

Happy first day of autumn. With the autumnal equinox, the sun crosses the equator. In four days, given our Davis location, the days start to get shorter than the nights. Weather is cueing the birds and the great migration is happening, in yards, at the ponds, in the fields. And the fall color has begun. […]

At the Pond: Friends of the West Pond are inspiring

Friends of West Pond are at it again — improving habitat, creating beauty, sharing knowledge and having a good time doing it. They are a great model for neighborhood groups. The latest big deal: Tall rocket-style bat roosting boxes are now at the north end of the greenbelt. This is a personal project of Eagle […]

At the Pond: Sunflowers in bloom throughout region

Have you noticed? Our watershed is awash in sunflowers. Go in any direction and you’ll see them. On your way to Sacramento, Winters, Woodland, driving out Pole Line Road or heading west on Covell Boulevard. Since I’m often on a bicycle, I have a chance to notice them close up and wonder. Why so many […]

At the Pond: A getaway to the Big Pond

Do you want a one-day, magical, lush green, shaded hike that all ages enjoy and includes a stop at the ocean? I can recommend one. I have done it dozens of times with babies, non-hikers, toddlers, seniors and teenagers. Our family, including grandchildren, revisits this trip repeatedly. It’s good at all times of the year […]

At the Pond: Davis as beachfront property?

For 10 years with this column, I have sung of the glories of nature opportunities in Davis and the region. There’s so much to delight in and explore in our pleasant, Mediterranean climate that features four distinctly beautiful seasons. So please bear with me today as I take a different tack: a call for grassroots […]

At the pond: Delicious Davis outdoor adventures

One of my easy nature experiences and delights of summer happens in my large cotton-rope hammock hung in the shade of a tree with dappled sunlight. Two pillows — one for under my head and one for under my knees plus a wooden walking stick for pushing and I’m ready for bliss. I turn on […]

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