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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Author Archive: Jennifer Borenstein

College corner: California community college CliffsNotes

For many students, heading to college after high school has become a rite of passage. The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center reports that about 20 million students enrolled in American colleges and universities this past fall. Yet the path to a four-year school is not the right fit for every student. Financial concerns, family requirements […]

College corner: More flavors than just chocolate and vanilla

Over and over again I hear how discouraged people are by the competitive and costly aspects of getting into, and paying for, college. While this is certainly a valid concern, I like to point out that these issues are usually the case with a select subset of colleges that are very popular and well-known (whether […]

College Corner: What GPA does a student need to get into college?

“Is my GPA good enough?” is a common refrain in my line of work. I wish it were easier to answer this question conclusively, but it depends. College selectivity, intended major, rigor of high school course load — for example, did the student move up to higher levels such as calculus and AP physics — […]

College Corner: What are the pros and cons of public universities vs. private colleges?

There are many instances in life where people have to choose between two similar yet distinct options that can play an elemental role in self-development — dog or cat? Giants or A’s? iPhone or Galaxy? One of the more crucial is public university or private college? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula or computer algorithm […]

College Corner: What you need to know about college admission deadlines

Timing is everything, as the saying goes. And, that is even more true in the world of college admissions. There are only so many things within a student’s control — grades, test scores, involvement in activities, to name a few. Many critical factors are out of a student’s control — how many applicants there are […]

College corner: Why college is worth it

After a summer break, I wanted to start the college corner column with a broad topic: Is college worth it? Parents and students are facing more pressure than ever when it comes to college, which has led many to ask this question. Rising tuition and large student debt loads — an average of $24,803 for […]

College corner: Avoid a major bummer, complete college essays in the summer

We are approaching a defining moment in certain high school students’ lives, a well-known rite of passage. No, I don’t mean graduation; I’m referring to college application essay writing. These days most college-bound students will have to write several essays as part of their applications, with deadlines usually ranging from mid-November to mid-March. Although this […]

Have learning differences? Applying to college requires the right stuff

A significant development in the world of college admissions is the increasing number of students with learning differences or disabilities who are attending college. For families and students, managing the transition to college is often a bewildering and arduous task. But it doesn’t have to be. This column will give you the basic knowledge to […]

College Corner: Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime

No, it’s not really summertime yet, but it is time to start making plans for summer. Why? Because how you — and here I am targeting high schoolers, but in particular rising seniors — spend your time over the summer provides meaningful information to colleges about your skills, interests and level of commitment. And, deadlines […]

College corner: Roadmap to a successful college visit

With all the craziness of holiday plans and travel behind us, probably the last thing on everyone’s mind is planning another trip. But, in the world of college admissions, this is actually just the right time to be making more travel plans. The college tour bonanza is spring break of a student’s junior year. Visiting […]

College Corner: What’s a good recipe for paying for college?

As if getting into college wasn’t complicated and stressful enough, many families and students feel even more bewildered and demoralized when figuring out how to pay for college. In this column, I will provide you with a recipe for how to “make” financial aid. My goal is to give you the information to navigate the […]

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