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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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In search of great ideas

I am interested in keeping the Yolo Crisis Nursery, a valuable service, available to our families in need. Hey, community! Let’s do something about this. There has to be someone out there with a great idea to save this. I am willing to help, but starting nonprofits is not my life skill. Karen Mo Davis

April 15, 2014 | Posted in Letters | 1 Reply

Please keep the nursery open

My name is Almony and I have been in Yolo County for less than a year. I am a single mother of a 10-month-old baby girl. I am low-income and have been in situations where I needed the Yolo Crisis Nursery, whether it was for clothes or respite care for a few hours. The crisis […]

Early help is a great investment

It is with great frustration that I hear the Yolo Crisis Nursery may be closing. Are there any more vulnerable among us than babies and young children? How can a community as caring (and affluent) as Davis justify allowing this travesty to occur? Anyone who has taken a cursory peek at social science research on […]

Have they really learned?

I know there have been calls to “get over it” and to “move on” from the Crawfordgate scandal. But, in view of upcoming elections for the Davis school board and the imminence of new blood, perhaps it would be valuable to revisit the experience. The following is the Davis Joint Unified School District’s four essential […]

A great community effort

I would like to give a shout-out to my Old East Davis neighborhood for their enthusiastic support and hard work in making the Fourth and K streets intersection mandala project a beautiful reality! Well over 70 adults and kids showed up to help. We were surprised by Margo’s fresh-baked pastries and Mark and his piano […]

Don’t miss a Trokanski dance

On Saturday evening, we were mesmerized by a performance at the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre. What a gem we have in Davis ! Pamela has successfully established her own dance theater and teaches to young and old alike. The performance we saw, “The Value of 1,” was choreographed brilliantly by Pamela, incorporating company members’ personal […]

Public Health Heroes honored

I am writing as we wrap up National Public Health Week activities at the Yolo County Health Department. One of those activities was recognition of our 2014 Public Health Heroes. The Master Gardeners were honored for enabling residents to grow their own produce and for their contributions to our new community garden. Davis and UC […]

Drought care for our trees

As you may know, the city of Davis has had the pleasure of being known as a Tree City USA for the past 36 years! Our beautiful urban forest provides a multitude of community and economic benefits, including improved water and air quality, reduced violence, increased health, reduced storm water infrastructure costs, pavement and road […]

Law applies to police, too

I greatly appreciated your well-written article on the California Highway Patrol’s distracted drivers course and how dangerous it is to text while driving. I was also pleased to discover the information that it is illegal to text while stopped at a light (I can only assume that applies to stop signs, as well). The reason […]

No on the $15 wage plan

Historically, I have been philosophically committed to the cause of labor. Thus, on a visceral level, I would have been disposed — on a “knee-jerk” liberal basis — to support the $15 minimum-wage initiative now proposed for Davis. However, practical considerations impel me to not support it. As a society, we have been subjected to […]

Many thanks for wine-tasting

The St. James Wine Tasting Committee is grateful for the lovely evening that our parishioners and community friends shared on Saturday, March 1, at our St. James 11th annual Wine Tasting Festival. We are most grateful for the wineries that continue to join us each year. This year, guests enjoyed tasting fine wines from the […]

It was an ‘electrifying’ concert

On Sunday, March 30, Davis High School joined Distinguished Concerts International New York for “Defying Gravity: The Music of Stephen Schwartz and Eric Whitacre” at New York City’s Lincoln Center. The wildly popular annual presentation with groundbreaking choral composer and Grammy winner Eric Whitacre featured a first-time collaboration with Academy Award- and Grammy-winning composer Stephen […]

Pete Seeger would have been proud

The Music Committee of the Davis Odd Fellows would like to thank all those who attended the last Thursday Live!Pete Seeger Tribute at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall. The musicians (Steve Kahn, Dick and Carol Holdstock, David Hafter, David Campos, Camila Ortiz, Barry Melton, Biscuits and Honey, Five Three Oh!, Clarence Van Hook, Bill Fairfield […]

Result: a transportation problem

In my engineering studies at UC Davis, I don’t recall learning the term “road diet” or “undoing a fix” in the transportation realm. Unbelievable. If the city of Davis is not sure the Fifth Street redesign will help, hold off! Repair the roads first in this city. Like water, if you constrict the flow and […]

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