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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Explorit: Science and sunshine at Explorit’s Summer Camps

Registration for Explorit’s popular Summer Science Camps is off to a roaring start. Camps are filling up, so register now to secure a spot in your first choice. For 10 weeks this summer, Explorit’s facility in Mace Ranch Park, 3141 Fifth St., will be home base for a variety of inquiry-based, hands-on science explorations by […]

Explorit: Egg-speriment highlights buoyancy

Does an egg float in water? If you think so, why? If not, can you make it float? What do you think it would take? Let’s try an experiment to find out. You will need: a raw egg, two glasses of water, a measuring cup, a spoon, salt and a food scale. Start by filling […]

Explorit: Try this experiment to hear astounding sounds

You hear a sound in the distance and turn your head. Where did it come from? And how did it get from its source to your ears? It’s invisible, after all. Here’s an activity to try at home that just might help you figure it out. You will need a pair of scissors, some string, […]

Explorit: Science for Girl Scouts and more

If you’ve got a Brownie Girl Scout at home, you won’t want to miss Explorit’s Home Scientist Brownie Badge Day on Sunday, March 2, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. While exploring science, participating girls will fulfill all requirements to earn the Home Scientist badge and will begin the Brownie Quest Journey. Science is all […]

Explorit: Science and romance of the full moon

The full moon anticipated for Friday night coinciding with Valentine’s Day will have those of a romantic bent swooning, but could there be an underlying scientific cause for our association of a full moon with romance? We know that the moon exerts some influence over the natural world by the way its gravitational pull regulates […]

Birthday parties are back at Explorit

It’ll be a whole year of happy birthdays and un-birthdays for everyone as Explorit brings back its popular birthday party programs. Celebrate your special day by spending a delightful weekend morning with your best buddies at Explorit this year! Whether you’re looking for a fun space to host your own party or a dynamic presentation […]

Explorit: Visualize the weather with a vortex in a bottle

We’ve been hearing a lot about the polar vortex that’s freezing most of the country right now, but what is a vortex? It has to do with the way the air and the moisture in it are moving. To make your own vortex at home and see for yourself what’s happening, you’ll need two 2-liter […]

Explorit Science Center: What a year it was for science

The year 2013 saw a number of discoveries, innovations and developments from all over the realm of science. For example, after nearly 35 years of travel, Voyager 1 was confirmed as the first man-made object to leave our solar system, and the sun’s magnetic field flipped upside down. Researchers in the United Kingdom discovered the […]

Explorit: Donors, volunteers make for a great 2013

As the year draws to a close, Explorit Science Center would like to thank all the donors and volunteers who helped bring hands-on science fun to our community in 2013. The generosity of the Health Plan of San Joaquin has allowed us to prepare to offer some health education Family Science Nights in San Joaquin […]

Explorit: Science selfies commemorate 2013

Oxford Dictionaries has chosen “selfie” as its 2013 word of the year. Each year the folks at Oxford Dictionaries select a word to add to the lexicon that rose to prominence in common parlance in the previous 12 months. It doesn’t need to be a new word; “selfie,” in fact, has been in use for […]

Explorit: Lots of ways to give to science center this season

Calling all talented craftspeople, scientists and artists! Have you been looking for a way to share your special skill with the public? Then look no further; Explorit Science Center would like to invite you to consider sharing that talent to inspire future generations of scientists, musicians and artists. We’d like to host public mini weekend workshops, […]

Explorit: Rainy-day science fun

The prospect of wet weather may drive many young scientists indoors, but it doesn’t have to. You can harness the power of the rain for many science experiments. Start by trying your hand at rain painting. You will need paper, powdered paint and hairspray. If you have dried-out watercolors, you can break them up and […]

Explorit: Sign up now for Winter Science Explorations

When school’s out for winter break, think Explorit for hands-on science fun! This year, Explorit will be offering Winter Science Explorations, half-day camps for children in kindergarten to fifth grade. Choose from six exciting topics, or come to each one. Sign up for three or more days for a $15 discount, or receive a $5 sibling […]

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