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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Yolo Hospice: New support groups designed to meet grief needs

The death of a loved one causes grief, but the depth and effects of grief are different for everyone. Understanding that the way your grief manifests itself is uniquely yours and providing a caring, supportive and informative environment is the goal of Yolo Hospice’s Bereavement support groups. The loss of significant people in your life, […]

Yolo Hospice provides another set of helping hands

Howard and Sheri Evans dated nearly 10 years before marrying in 2003. They had only been married six years when his declining health changed their lives. Howard’s illness was not a surprise; he says he was diagnosed with COPD in the mid-1990s. Howard continued to be active after his diagnosis. He’d golf regularly with a […]

Yolo Hospice: Volunteers reap rich rewards

You can help What: Yolo Hospice patient care volunteer training When: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, July 12-13 and 19-20 Info: Anne-Marie Flynn, Yolo Hospice volunteer service manager,, 530-601-5754 Sign up: Visit the volunteer page at The DavisWiki lists approximately 126 volunteer opportunities in and around Davis. With so many choices, why do […]

Yolo Hospice: Listening is at the core of grieving

Yolo Hospice bereavement staff particularly, but also the nurses, social workers and spiritual care counselors, are considered experts on coping with grief because of their training and through their personal experience in hospice. Every year, Yolo Hospice cares for about 540 patients with life-limiting illness. The Yolo Hospice staff grows close to, works with and […]

Yolo Hospice: Group helps participants move forward from grief

In December, The Enterprise printed a column in which Beverley Radford shared her methods of coping with grief during the holidays. This month, we are following up with Beverley to get an update on her story of living with loss. “When my husband of 32 years, Michael, died 3 1/2 years ago, I felt life […]

Yolo Hospice: Bereavement services offered to adults, youths

Frank Marrero and his family know about coping with loss. Eight years ago, his 19-year-old son died by suicide related to steroid use. Five months ago, his 49-year-old wife, the mother of his three children and the love of his life, died of cancer. Frank is doing his best to be strong for his 25-year-old […]

Yolo Hospice: Support is there for you

Support a caregiver As community member, boss or friend, there are many things you can do to help: * Bring pre-cooked, freezable meals * Call when you are going to the store to see if you can pick something up and deliver it * Arrange to help chauffeur children to school or extracurricular activities * […]

Yolo Hospice: Working through grief during the holiday season

* Editor’s note: This column originally was published in December 2011. Times and dates have been updated for 2012. This is the fourth holiday season since the death of Beverley Radford’s beloved husband. Often, people mark the time by how many holidays have passed since their loss. The loss and grief can be intensified during […]

Yolo Hospice: Care honors America’s heroes

Nelson De Rego is an American hero. He will not tell you that. He will say he wanted to see the world. He can remember as a boy he would climb atop a garage, sit there, look at the sky and know there was more to the world than he could see. “I wanted to […]

Yolo Hospice: A fairytale ending for Princess Marissa

By Mary Odbert Michael and Jamie Velasquez instinctively knew something wasn’t quite right with their daughter, Marissa. The pretty, brown-haired, green-eyed, princess-loving 6-year old always had trouble gaining weight and sometimes a little trouble walking. Then one year ago, the seizures began. The seizures led to tests, three medically induced comas and two hospitals searching […]

Yolo Hospice: Comfort, care and support for both patient and family

“At end of life, we’re in a worrisome place, we know the end is in sight,” said Ardeen Wallace, daughter of a Yolo Hospice patient. “You (Yolo Hospice) help us on that journey.” Calling Yolo Hospice is a positive thing to do for those like Wallace. Hospice focuses on living. Life is precious and, when […]

Yolo Hospice: Roles reverse toward the end

Upon arriving in Woodland at the home of Manuel and Maria Chavarria, you immediately notice a neon green sign on their front door. The sign’s black, hand-lettering specifies, “No smoking, wash and sanitize your hands, visit between 12 and 7 p.m., supervise your children — keep the noise level at a minimum, minimize ins and […]

Hospice patients, families build relationships with volunteers

In 2010, Judy Ortiz was diagnosed with a potentially cancerous brain tumor. Ortiz required four months of treatment to improve her health prior to surgery. She had four months to worry, contemplate her mortality and prioritize her end-of-life goals. “You find out what’s important in life at a time like that,” Ortiz said. “For me […]

Working through grief during the holiday season

Special to The Enterprise This is the third holiday season since the death of Beverley Radford’s beloved husband. Often, people mark the time by how many holiday seasons have passed since their loss. The loss and grief can be intensified during the holidays. Radford has an additional hurdle. Christmas Day was her husband’s birthday. “The […]

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