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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Hub webpage is seeing traffic increasing

The number of views to The Hub’s website,, already has risen, increasing on average from 43 daily views in 2010 to 315 in 2014. The Hub staff also is on the rise, with record-breaking enrollment of 43 students in The Hub class, and 55 in Journalism 1.

Our Sunday Best — A Hub of activity: DHS newspaper evolves with technology

Some say that journalism is a dying art, but The Hub newspaper at Davis High School has found a way to keep up with ever-changing trends through its website, “Both products (the newspaper and website) have equal status and distinct missions,” said DHS teacher Kelly Wilkerson, The Hub’s adviser. “The mission of the website […]

What do you think? What’s the best thing you’ve found in a plastic egg?

Anthony Plascenaa firefighter, Vacaville: “Candy. I love candy.” Jacob Bishop bus boy, Winchester, Va.: “Money. A couple of dollars.” Doris Wong student, Davis: “Candy, little brown chocolates.” Cassie Slack student, Davis: “Probably candy, that’s pretty good.” Molly Aikawa student, Davis: “Probably candy.” Nicholas Pasquale teacher, Davis: “Another Easter egg.” Asked in downtown Davis Compiled by […]

What do you think? If you got a tattoo, what would it be?

Gregory Shilling student, Davis: “It would be on the shoulder blade area and I would design it myself. It would have meaning but not be too cheesy. No bright colors, probably just black outlines.” Charles Knofler electrician, Sacramento: “It would go on my right arm and I think it would be a Viking holding a […]

Yolo County real estate sales

Davis (95616) 1707 Olympic Dr. 15     $234,000 2005 Alta Loma St.     270,000 429 K St.     360,000 2827 Danube Ave.     427,000 427 Ninth St.     545,000 641 Amherst Dr.     605,000 39372 Spyglass Pl.     1,130,000 Davis (95618) 2816 Pole Line Rd. 2     […]

What do you think? What’s your favorite Picnic Day activity?

Kelsey Brewer student, Davis: “House shows, because there are lots of bands from outside the area that come to play.” Bryan Rodriguez retail, Davis: “Wiener dog races. They’re pretty funny.” John Arnold retired, Davis: “People-watching. That’s the most fun.” Sam Del Gobbo student, San Rafael “The wiener dog races.” Audrey Dufresne student, Davis: “I like […]

What do you think? What makes Davis the best cycling town?

Kyle Clancy student, Davis: “We were one of the first cities to have bike lanes.” Anson Li student, San Francisco: “Because it’s a flat city.” Trung Thien student, San Jose: “It’s very close together so you can go anywhere on a bike.” Ferris Chu student, Sacramento: “They provide a lot of parking everywhere.” Michelle Bacigalupi […]

What do you think? What do you do for spring cleaning?

Alex Ardans retired, Davis: “I just listen to my roommate (my wife).” Dick McCapes retired, Davis: “I worry about it a lot.” Baylee Wiechecki student, Davis: “I don’t spring clean.” Rachel Schwartz massage therapist, Davis: “I get rid of old clothes and get new clothes.” Jason McAlister reporter, Davis: “I sweep and throw away things […]

What do you think? What fear would you like to conquer?

Oscar Sepulveda Chipotle worker, Davis: “I’ve always been scared of heights.” Annalisa Ching student, Woodland: “The fear of sometimes doubting myself. I want to be more confident, especially in school.” Andi Banks student, Davis: “Fear itself, because it’s limiting.” Gabi Wilson student, Vacaville: “Being afraid to be happy.” Audrey Phillips student, Davis: “Inadequacy is a […]

Yolo County real estate sales

Davis (95616) 1578 Drake Dr.     $255,000 2048 Alta Loma St.     259,500 3114 Woods Cir.     290,000 531 Hudson Ct.     327,000 631 E St.     450,000 1308 B St.     479,000 611 Lessley Pl.     500,000 1504 Portola St.     632,000 602 C St.   […]

What do you think? What celebrity would you like to sit next to on a cross-country flight??

Karisa Chapa student, Davis: “Amy Poehler. She’s such a great comedian.” Griffin Quick student, Davis: “Louis C.K. because I’d be laughing the whole time and I’d probably get kicked off the plane.” Richard Urbino musician/teacher, Davis: “Jeff Beck because he’s currently the world’s best guitar player.” Eli Smith student, Davis: “Ellen DeGeneres so we could […]

What do you think? What will win best picture at the Oscars?

Darwin Cole meat cutter, Davis: ” ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ because it was funny and really entertaining.” Jessica Park student, Davis: ” ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ It was good and Leo (DiCaprio) was a really good actor.” Crystal Baik student, Davis: ” ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ because Leonardo DiCaprio is in it. […]

Yolo County real estate sales

Davis (95616) 3142 Woods Cir.     $205,000 24570 County Rd. 95     415,000 933 Acacia Ln.     415,000 1831 Rushmore Ln.     622,000 751 Elmwood Dr.     642,500 26710 County Rd. 98     1,075,000 Woodland (95695) 50 W Elliot St. 46.     $140,000 629 4th St.     […]

Student winners celebrate 17th annual Design an Ad competition

The Veterans’ Memorial Center was buzzing with excitement at the 17th annual Design an Ad competition awards party held on Feb. 18. The contest is a community project that called on nearly 1,000 students from nine different schools to put their creativity to work coming up with advertisements for various Davis businesses. Forty-nine winners were […]

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