Davis Music Festival 2

“We just surpassed 2011 wristband sales” Danny texted me the night before the festival. An awesome sign, considering last year we hardly sold any pre sale tickets. I’m happy to report, Davis Music Festival 2 was even better than the original. I was stationed at Delta of Venus from 1pm to 8pm selling wristbands at […]

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Sweet Nectar of Bass

I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my 32 years — from mainstream acts at large amphitheaters to underground basement shows and everything in between. But what I witnessed at Sacramento Memorial Auditorium last Friday night was the BEST SHOW I’ve ever seen. It may sound like hyperbole, but Bassnectar was that good. Blew […]

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Aloha Screwdriver and The Small Dinosaurs

Futuristic surf rockers Aloha Screwdriver and underwear-clad The Small Dinosaurs invaded the G Street Wunderbar last Saturday night. Alameda’s Aloha Screwdriver played aggressive, Dick Dale inspired surf rock, with a retro-futuristic vibe (jumpsuits, ray guns, bubblegum cigarettes). The hard rocking trio had myriad theatrical tricks that kept the crowd entertained. In true rock star fashion, […]

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Alive and Kickin’

No need to drive across the causeway to see a cool show, the music scene is alive and well here in Davis. Last night had something for everyone- rock, metal and electronic music- all within a few blocks. I started the night out at Luigi’s Fungarden at 213 E St. The sister location to Sacramento’s […]

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Not your Grammies Grammys

The 2012 Grammy Awards broadcast was the second highest-viewed Grammy show in its history. No doubt Whitney Houston’s recent death had an impact. It was a recurring theme throughout the night. The tributes were tastefully done. LL Cool J opened with a prayer. It was an odd sight though, seeing Lady Gaga somberly bowing her […]

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It’s the End of Music as We Know it

The music industry, as we know it, is on life support and facing extinction. I recently ran into an old friend who has been in the music industry for over a decade. I have nothing but respect for this woman- who I’ll call “Mary.” With passion, enthusiasm and a tireless work ethic, Mary built a […]

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Favorite Time of Year

It’s my favorite time of year. No, not Christmas- it’s time for top-albums-of-the-year. This year I’m going off the pop-culture grid, avoiding all music blogs, focusing on my favorites albums. This way you’re privy to lesser known albums not part of the music elite consensus. You may love these or hate ’em but at least […]

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Local Goodness

“How’s the local music scene?” you wonder? “Anything goin’ on in our sleepy little town?” “Goin’ great,” I say “Plenty is happening.” I saw Shayna and the Bulldog and The Dirt Feelin at the new G Street Wunderbar. Both played fantastic sets. Shayna recently lost its original drummer but gained a new one, who more […]

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A November to Remember

This November is a month I’ll remember for live hip-hop. First up was Curren$y and Method Man at Ace of Spades in Sacramento. As a massive Curren$y fan, I had high expectations and he did not disappoint. With a cast on his leg, Curren$y sat on a sofa the entire show. It actually made sense […]

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Somethin’ in the Water

“Keep Davis Boring” I take umbrage with that bumper sticker. I get the sentiment — don’t make Davis another strip-mall, cookie-cutter town — but Davis is far from boring. I feel blessed to have grown up here. To a greater extent, being a Californian is pretty awesome. Spent six years living in Humboldt, which feels […]

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99 Problems

Like many folks, I’m a creature of habit who found comfort in adhering to a strict routine. Frankly, I needed a kick in the butt to get me out of my comfort zone. A major plus from all this is reconnecting with a longtime friend, “Ms. Jackson.” Ms. J and I recently watched “Get Thrashed: […]

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Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

I needed a change in venue. My friend suggested we check out the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in San Francisco. It was free, we could crash at his cousin’s, why not? It was much more than just strictly bluegrass. We arrived late Saturday afternoon, in time to see Steve Earl. Cousin informed me that Steve […]

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“It’s all about the lyrics,” my brother’s roommate said in reference to Immortal Technique. This was five years ago. Roomie was a nice guy, but stereotypical rap fan — even had 2pac and Scarface posters on his wall. So, I assumed Immortal Technique was just another gangster rapper. Boy, was I wrong. A few weeks ago, […]

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Don’t Judge a Book by its Kindle

Life isn’t black and white, but it’s read all over; mostly on computer screens. E-readers rave about superior convenience — “no heavy books to lug, screen is easy on the eyes, no wasted paper.” I wasn’t sold, but couldn’t articulate why, until a talk radio host mentioned he couldn’t “connect” with his e-book. The answer […]

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