Science grad wins fellowship, will embark on teaching career

Jessica Scheimer, a UC Davis graduate, is one of five prospective teachers in the state and 36 in the nation to win a $150,000 Knowles Science Teaching Fellowship this year. Scheimer, who graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in physics, plans to teach science at Jesuit High School in Carmichael this fall. She’s finishing […]

Wineaux: Big bargains coming from Portugal

Alcohol heats. Good news:  On a cold winter day, a glass of hearty red wine will warm you right up. Bad news:  On a hot summer day, a glass of hearty red wine will warm you right up and up and up. Which explains why, as the thermometer edges toward triple digits, I — not […]

Davis man competes in world’s highest endurance race

Check it out What: Honza Rejmanek’s third bid to win the X-Alps race When and where: Starting at 11:30 a.m. Sunday, July 17, in Salzburg, Austria, and ending 10 to 12 days later in Monaco Watch it: Follow the race in real time at You can help: To support Rejmanek’s efforts, donations can be made […]

Cipperly heads to Japan after graduating from UC Berkeley

Ian Blaise Cipperly graduated with honors from UC Berkeley on May 14 with a bachelor’s degree in Asian studies. His honors thesis was “The Demon’s Gift: The use of tengu and mountain asceticism by the warriors of Japan.” Cipperly will live in Japan for one year before continuing his studies in graduate school. Cipperly, the […]

From field to fork: As produce costs rise, buy smart

Produce prices are on the rise, in case you haven’t noticed. In response, people buy less produce, according to the United Fresh Produce Association. You might intuitively think that in particular, shoppers are buying less organic produce, since it usually costs more. Not so, the merry fellows and gals at the association are reporting. (I wonder what they did […]

Grow the tallest sunflower for NAMI contest

Have you planted sunflowers this year? NAMI-Yolo, a local education, advocacy and support organization working to improve the lives of people with psychiatric disorders, is looking for the tallest sunflower in Yolo County. To enter: * Take a photograph of you, your family or friend beside your sunflower; * Measure and record its height in […]

The healing power of horses

In a large corral in horse country off of County Road 96 west of Davis, a 25-year-old white Arabian horse named Cairo is munching on grass. The pastoral quiet of the area is punctured occasionally by bursts from the nearby firing range and planes taking off and landing at the county airport. But mostly the horses and […]

Magnum is top dog, literally

One of the most decorated dogs in America lives here in Davis. Magnum, a 6-year-old Canaan dog, already has many show achievements under his belt. His latest, and most prestigious award, was given at the June 5 Flatirons Kennel Club Show, where he was named America’s No. 1 Canaan Dog of 2011. After winning best […]

Smiles all around as UCD grads relive ‘Expedition Impossible’

Thursday night, The Graduate was pink with excitement for the premiere episode of ABC’s “Expedition Impossible: Morocco.” Literally pink. In solidarity with “Team California Girls,” family and friends of UC Davis graduates Brittany Smith, Christina Chin and Natalie Smith donned pink T-shirts and prepared to celebrate the women’s television debut. “It’s a little surreal,” said […]

DHS grad makes good in Hollywood

If you happened to catch the pilot of the new Nickelodeon series “Supah Ninjas” earlier this year — and you’ve spent any time at Davis High School — you might have noticed something a little familiar. A certain quad, in fact. Because featured in the pilot of the live-action comedy that follows three high school […]

Japanese war veteran is ready to be ‘thrilled’

You can help Donations to support Mino Ohye’s reunion with his brother Hiroshi in Japan may be directed to Debbie Reynolds, Eskaton Wilson Manor, 2140 Evergreen Ave., West Sacramento, CA 95691; (916) 371-2060, By Tommy Stone No one is more thrilled to be alive than Minoru Ohye. Recalling his harrowing experiences during World War […]

Point of Brew: well water or river water?

Everyone knows about water and beer, because for some reason brewers once thought it clever to advertise the water rather than the beer. Most of us, I suppose, remember Hamms’ “From the land of sky-blue waters,” or Olympia’s “It’s the water!” and Coors’ “Pure Rocky Mountain spring water.” Beer is better than 90 percent water […]

Common landscape errors

Many landscape problems arise from the lack of nexus between landscape designers and landscape managers. In other words, it is the wrong plant, installed incorrectly or managed improperly. If it’s too big, someone is going to want to prune it. If it is in the lawn, they’ll want to (appropriately) keep the grass away. If […]