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Jarvis-Shean weds Pope

Katherine Suzanne Jarvis-Shean and Kemble Keith Pope were married on Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012, at 5:30 p.m. in an outdoor service at the historic Wood family walnut orchard along Cache Creek in the Capay Valley. The Dolanc String Quartet provided music for the ceremony, which was officiated by the Rev. Meghan Brown Saavedra, a college […]

From field to fork: The squash that’s treated unfairly

I’m trying to remember the last time someone served a winter squash when I was a dinner guest. I can’t. All the Thanksgiving tables, the small dinner parties, meals with friends, over the years. Nothing. This last T-Day, when my son roasted a turkey in a basket weave of three pounds of bacon? Nope. True, […]

What’s happening for youths

Wednesday * Local teens who participated in this year’s city of Davis Teen Photo Contest will be honored at a reception and gallery show from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Stephens Branch Library, 315 E 14th St. Winners will be acknowledged and all entries will be displayed at the show. The annual contest, “Through […]

Rec Report: Junior basketball program builds foundation for life

By Brandon Hassid The city of Davis junior basketball program has always been a fun and exciting atmosphere where young basketball players make new friends, learn basketball skills and build life skills, such as teamwork and sportsmanship. I have been a part of the city of Davis junior basketball program since I was a 7-year-old […]

College corner: Wanna play sports in college? The ball is in your court

Dreams of playing “college ball” — or swimming, or golf or any number of sports — fill many a young athlete’s head. But I regularly hear questions and confusion about how to make this dream come true. Potential student-athletes want to know, “How do I get recruited? Am I good enough to play Division I? […]

Name Droppers: Sutter scholars honored

Natalie and Claire Farver and Zack Hester, all of Davis, were this year’s scholarship recipients of the Van R. Johnson Sutter Scholars program at Sutter Davis Hospital. The scholarships are a portion of the 155 awards given to students of employees who work at Sutter Health affiliates and who are heading into the 2012-13 academic year. Twenty-two-year-old Claire is in […]

Holiday troubleshooting recipes

Basic Brine for Turkey The ingredients: 1 cup kosher salt ½ cup brown sugar about 40 sage leaves 4 quarts water Putting it together: Mix all ingredients together in a large pot. Bring to a boil and stir until everything is dissolved. Cool. Add 16 cups of cold water. Submerge turkey in brine in a […]

Thanksgiving troubleshooting: Here’s what to do if things go wrong

Thanksgiving is the most difficult holiday for cooks. There’s nothing to distract everyone from the food (unless you’re from a big football family) and the outcome of the whole holiday experience rests on your abilities. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time cooking Thanksgiving or your 31st: the pressure is on to make everyone’s […]

Let the Thanksgiving leftovers begin

By Daniel Neman “Carcass” is such an ugly word. When you are cooking — or eating — surely it is happier to think in terms of “bones.” So there you are, or there you will be, after the big meal. You have feasted and feted and eaten your fill. And yet, plenty of food remains: […]

Busier airports, full planes seen on Thanksgiving

By Samantha Bomkamp The recipe for Thanksgiving travel is likely to make travelers a little bitter this year. Americans can expect airports to be busier and planes to be fuller than ever, according to a forecast by the main trade association for U.S. airlines two weeks ahead of the holiday. And fares are already more […]

Buttoned Up: Simplifying the holiday season

By Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore getbuttonedup.com Well, it’s official: The holiday season is here. So stop stressing already! You think we didn’t see that little crinkle in your brow when you read that? It’s amazing how those long lists of things you “need” to do can suck the holiday cheer right out of you, […]

Eat smart: A look at calories in Thanksgiving dishes

By Dana Angelo White Food Network Kitchens Q: Just how many calories are there in an average Thanksgiving meal? A: It probably comes as no surprise that a Thanksgiving meal can pack in tons of extra calories. What’s really eye-opening is how much exercise you need to burn those calories. Don’t get us wrong. Thanksgiving […]

Get ready for the holidays with these easy ideas

Home & Garden Television George Washington wasn’t just the first president elected; he also started Thanksgiving by calling for a “national day of thanksgiving” in 1789. And it was President Abraham Lincoln who officially declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. Thanksgiving-specific tips: * Instead of one large centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table, which has to be […]

From field to fork: Persimmon two ways for Thanksgiving

With the spate of warm weather ending, the fall roster of fruit and vegetables is gaining appeal. Black kale, brussels sprouts, an autumn mix of radicchio and arugula for salad — these ended up in our kitchen last weekend. We already had a bag of crisp, sweet, Fuji apples from Ikeda’s, which has its own […]

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