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Name droppers: Davisite’s book about Guaraldi honored

A book by Davis resident Derrick Bang, film critic for The Davis Enterprise and a former Enterprise arts/entertainment editor, has been named a finalist for the 2013 Association for Recorded Sound Collections awards for excellence in historical recorded sound research. Bang’s book, “Vince Guaraldi at the Piano,” published in 2012, was selected in the category of best […]

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From the Ground Up: A Taste of Ireland

By Georgeanne Brennan I come by my Irish associations through marriage, not blood, so I was surprised during a recent visit to discover a deep affinity for the Irish landscape, history and food. I’d read a lot about Ireland, and heard the stories handed down through generations of the potato famines, the differences of social […]

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Scattered families run out of room for heirlooms

By Kim Palmer Minneapolis Star-Tribune It’s the doll collection that weighs heaviest on Denise Rostad’s mind. After her mother died, Rostad and her brothers inherited a house full of stuff, including 150 antique dolls. Rostad thinks her mother would have wanted her precious collection to stay in the family, but relatives “don’t have the room […]

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Bastille Day Feast carries on Wolfskill legacy

Once again, the historic Wolfskill Ranch in Winters will be opened up on the occasion of the Bastille Day Feast, July 13. The event is a fundraiser for the Winters Farm to School program, which provides funding to the Winters School Food and Nutrition Services, under the leadership of Food Service Director Cathy Olsen, for […]

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Dan Kennedy: Buying Stone Fruit: A Hard Choice

Surely you’ve bought peaches, apricots or nectarines that were supposed to ripen after sitting for a few days on your kitchen counter, but they never did. It can make a person disgruntled. You feel like you’re out $3 a pound or more. Admittedly, this is what is called a First World problem. We actually have […]

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Ryan Hodges of Davis and Dorothy Cockroft of San Carlos are engaged to be married Nov. 9, 2013. Hodges proposed while the couple were searching for a geocache clue on a bluff in San Carlos overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunt using a smartphone or a GPS to locate hidden […]

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Summer HG: Many choices available for countertops

By Rosemary Sadez Friedmann When selecting a countertop for the kitchen, it seems there are countless choices available. Let’s see what some of those choices are. Technological advances have made just about any material possible for use as a countertop. Perhaps that is why the choices seem overwhelming. Glass, concrete, stainless steel, wood, natural stone […]

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Summer HG: Area rugs add ambiance

By Mary Carol Garrity I love all the hardwood floors in my historic home. But without area rugs to break up the great expanses of wood, the rooms would feel cold and empty. And it would give our dog one more reason to avoid sleeping on the floor, where she is supposed to sleep, and […]

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Summer HG: Summer can inspire decor all year

By Melissa Rayworth The sun-drenched colors and inviting textures of summer provide plenty of decorating ideas. The trick is doing it right: A summer-inspired interior can become a tacky, tropical disaster if it’s done with too heavy a hand. But with a light touch and strategic choices, your home can be brightened all year long […]

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Summer HG: Staking tomatoes brings benefits, responsibilities

By Lee Riech A month from now, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Tomato seedlings that were planted neatly near garden stakes are already beginning to take matters into their own hands, and if allowed to grow willy nilly will turn into a tangled mass of vines with tomato fruits — many of them rotting […]

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Evan Purtill and Caroline Caton, both of Sacramento, were married on April 21, 2013, at Vizcaya Pavilion in Sacramento. The groom is the son of Mark and Clare Purtill. He went to Davis High and currently co-owns the Davis-based TYR Construction, specializing in kitchen and bath remodels. The bride is the daughter of Robert and Nancy Caton. She received a […]

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Name droppers: Local residents initiated into honor society

The following local residents recently were initiated into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation’s oldest and most selective collegiate honor society for all academic disciplines: Davis residents Susan Monticello, Stephanie Hartfield, Brett Coder and Duff Harrold, all initiated at Sacramento State, and Teresa Ludwig, initiated at San Jose State; and Woodland residents Tandy Burton, Shakita Caldwell and Kelly Fisher, all initated at […]

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Great camping food starts with good planning, packing

We had our first camping trip of the year over Mother’s Day weekend, when, perhaps unsurprisingly, the campgrounds all had mad availability. It makes perfect sense: Not all moms think that crouching over a smoky fire scorching pancakes in an ancient battered pan is the height of luxury. Or perhaps they do not like the […]

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Galen William Miller and Laila Genevieve Haghsheno-Sabet, both of Davis, were married on June 6, 2013, at Dodasa Ranch in Burson, Calif. The bride is the daughter of Masoud Haghsheno-Sabet and Elizabeth Jane Sabet. She studied biology and currently runs a day care. The groom is the son of Jeffory and Cristine Miller. He received […]

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