An outrageous generalization

I read Steve Gray’s “He’s a typical white Southerner” letter published Tuesday on the Forum page. I also have spent a great deal of time in the South and have found the people there to be just like people everywhere. They can’t be categorized based on what part of the country they live in, the […]

Helping ensure justice

The issue: False confession is part of a growing case for videotaped interrogations Terrence “T.J.” Johnson, 17, is back in the relative safety of his Memphis home, but thinking about his 64 nights in jail should give pause to opponents of mandatory videotaping of police interrogations. JOHNSON’S CASE is the latest entry in a catalog […]

State GOP turns to referenda

There was a time, and not so long ago, when politicians who flouted deeply held public feelings often faced survival threats the next time they ran for re-election. Those days may not be totally over in California, but for the most part they are now confined to intra-party disputes during primary elections. The times appear […]

A new role for old college towns?

By John L. Gann Jr. Have you heard about the high school kid who was so adept at playing video games that he won an athletic scholarship to an online university? Beneath the laugh at today’s virtual world is a less exaggerated but more sober reality. The growth of distance learning with for-credit courses and […]

Community-college experiment in California stirs debate

By Timm Herdt California’s community colleges are the most egalitarian institutions of higher education in America. There are no admissions tests. A student need not even have a high school diploma to enroll. They are the premier gateway to opportunity for low-income students. It is a point of pride in California that higher education is […]

Worse than catch-scratch fever

Dear Annie: One of my sisters has a lovely cat, but when we go somewhere with her, the kitty litter odor is overwhelming. It clings to her clothing and follows her everywhere. My sister is highly sensitive to criticism, so we haven’t approached her about this. She probably doesn’t notice the smell because she lives […]

What do you think? What is your New Year’s resolution?

Della Woods student, Davis: “Run a marathon.” Josh Connolly sales executive, Davis: “Travel throughout Europe.” Thomas Hart student, Davis: “Stay alive.” Steve Kelleher teacher, Davis: “Exercise and losing weight.” James Raybould student, Davis: “To make a New Year’s resolution.” Hailey Levien student, Davis: “To laugh a lot.” Asked in downtown Davis Compiled by photographed by […]

Baha’i persecution in Iran

When I was a teenager, I helped my parents and other people in my home city, Sanandaj, Iran, build a cemetery for the Baha’is of that community. It is against the law for Baha’is to be buried in a Muslim cemetery. A young Baha’i man had died, and because there was no Baha’i cemetery close […]

B-Rock O’Beezy and the O-word

As a kid, I tried to imagine how Rip Van Winkle felt when he awoke after 20 years of sleep to find a world that had so completely changed. How disturbing and disorienting it must have been. Recent developments surrounding Obamacare created a Rip Van Winkle awakening for me. First was the assertion by MSNBC […]

Apologize for the stereotype

In referring to “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson as a “typical white Southerner,” Steve Gray unwittingly illustrates the ugliness of the stereotype, a blunt instrument used too commonly to dehumanize and denigrate those different from ourselves. Regardless of what label follows the word “typical,” the damage can be great. Steve, I am awaiting your public apology. […]

Stop whitewashing anti-Semitism

Less than two years ago, Palestinian students and sympathizers on the University of California’s flagship Berkeley campus dressed up in combat fatigues, “armed” themselves with genuine-looking mock firearms and set up “checkpoints” where they demanded that students attempting to pass tell them if they were Jewish. There was no immediate outcry on campus, nor any […]

Mental health court offers a chance to heal

The issue: System holds defendants accountable and helps them get well at the same time It’s a sad truth of the criminal justice system that a substantial number of the people we lock up for crimes need meds more than jail beds. Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has said in all seriousness that the […]