Frugality stops at military bases’ edge

The issue: Congress does whatever it can to protect spending at home Through sheer repetition, Washington lobbyists, reporters and political junkies have come to keep a straight face when a member of the House or Senate takes to the floor to announce, with feigned shock and horror, that federal spending is out of control. (The […]

Colonel Pookie stays stoically silent

Dear Annie: My husband is a high-ranking officer in the military. He has worked hard to achieve his current position and is highly respected. The problem is, his family treats him like a child. In a few months, there will be a formal ceremony to mark his change of command. My in-laws will be in […]

We’re making a difference

Many thanks to the hundreds of people who attended the premiere event of our movie, “Sahaya Going Beyond,” on May 25 and made it such a success by their presence and contributions. A very special thanks to International House, Davis, for hosting the event; to Preethi Indian Cuisine for providing a variety of Indian foods […]

A great day for a garden tour

The annual Pence Gallery Garden Tour on May 5 was greeted with a beautiful, windless day. Garden owners Carolee and Lynn Pomeroy, Kathy and Henry Thornhill, Claudia and Roger Salquist, Kristen and Kevin Wong, Ginni and Mark Davis, Matt Williams and Landon Scarlett, and Lorraine and Michael Lindeman were so generous in sharing their gardens. […]

Robotics team says ‘thanks!’

Nearly every week for the past year, Team 1678 Citrus Circuits was out at the Davis Farmers Market to promote the fun and experience of designing, building and running robots. It is amazing to see the reaction from the public to our team and the robots we built. We plan to be at the Farmers […]

Analyze our true GDP growth

Newspapers and websites are awash in headlines touting economic growth and recovery. Whether it is the new housing boom, consumer confidence, job creation or the ever-elusive potential for domestic energy production, most media outlets make it sound like things could not be better. Stock markets have seen a bull run that is among the strongest […]

A backstage peek at Jean Stapleton

By Andy Jones Edith Bunker is a feminist icon, even though she’s known primarily as the somewhat batty wife of an amiably bigoted husband, Archie Bunker. Sometimes in the early 1980s and thereafter I would seek out reruns of “All in The Family,” Norman Lear’s groundbreaking drama, a show that was recognized with 22 Emmys […]

No spring swoon for the economy this year

The issue: Housing market looks like it’s officially on the rise Along with wildfires, floods and tornadoes, the past six years have brought us another spring tradition — the spring slowdown, slump or swoon. Choose your own noun. What seemed to be a healthy late-winter recovery suddenly ground to a near-halt. ANALYSTS WERE expecting a […]

‘My friend, I come to you in confidence’

Dear Annie: I have worked for many years at a small family-owned company. I believe my boss has been the victim of a scam, but I can’t tell her. For several years, my boss has been communicating with a gentleman who claims to be Nigerian. He keeps telling her he is supposed to come to […]

Carwash support Holmes band

The students and members of the Holmes Junior High School Band wish to thank the Nugget Market and Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt, at Oak Tree Plaza, for supporting the carwash on May 18. We also thank the community members, friends and families who brought their cars to be washed, and generously donated to the fundraising […]

From weeds to wonderful!

I would like to thank all of the families who participated in our spring cleanup on Saturday, May 25, at Patwin Elementary School. Our school grounds went from “weeds to wonderful,” funded by a grant from the Rotary Club of Davis. Participants were the Campos family, the Dejong and Baugh families, the Hickerson family, the Kimmell family, […]

Sad changes in Community Park

Sadly, it no longer appears to be safe to walk in Community Park near the swimming pool at night — unless perhaps one stays close to the lighted tennis courts. Sadly, a certain subset of homeless folks appears to have occupied the area under the defunct solar panels on a more permanent basis. This last […]

AIM: focus on real issues

Reflecting on the article regarding the lottery for placement in the AIM program, I would suggest that placement determined by ranking of 8- and 9-year-olds on a 30- to 40-minute test also lacks validity. For several reasons, a few percentage points are insignificant. In my teaching experience in third and fourth grades, I have seen […]

Kudos for a job well done

I would like commend The Davis Enterprise’s layout department for the nice job it does with the obituaries. Probably most people take it for granted, but as an amateur genealogist who sees a lot of obituaries, they are very well formatted. The placement of the photo and keeping the columns together and not all strung […]