Davis would bring balance

As a Davis resident for 33 years, I’ve found that I prefer a City Council composed of members with diverse education, experience and skills. As a social worker, I’ve prioritized that while attorneys and business owners are important members, it is critical to also have members who advocate for social service issues. That is why […]

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Munn will guard fiscal foundation

Davis is a vibrant town with a City Council full of hopes and dreams. It’s fun to look ahead, and upward, while paying little heed to the foundations supporting those aspirations. Maintaining the foundation can be boring compared to dreaming, tedious rather than exciting, and underappreciated by those gazing upward. The city’s fiscal integrity is the […]

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Robb Davis is the real deal

I have worked with City Council candidate Robb Davis in various capacities over the past 10 years. Robb is the real deal. He lives what he speaks. He doesn’t just talk about environmental stewardship; he practices it. He doesn’t just talk about homeless advocacy; he cares personally for those in need. He doesn’t just talk […]

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Robb doesn’t just talk; he does

I strongly support Robb Davis for City Council. I have known him and developed my appreciation for his leadership qualities through serving side by side with him over seven years on the Davis Bicycles! board. He realizes that in order to meet our city climate action goals we need to increase energy conservation, especially in […]

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Many reasons to support Robb

I am supporting Robb Davis’ candidacy for Davis City Council. I became familiar with Robb through his writings regarding his volunteer work with the Neighborhood Court — a program set up by the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office that seeks to address nonviolent and low-level crimes through community-based solutions. I was impressed with his collaborative […]

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Davis has skills to do the job

Please help elect Robb Davis to the City Council. Robb is a neighbor, fellow shareholder and, in the past few years, a fellow officer with me on the board of directors of Dos Pinos Housing Cooperative, the 29-year-old successful and stable limited-equity housing cooperative in town. He has proved to be thoughtful and an earnest […]

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Choose Neustadt for county office

I am delighted to support Sam Neustadt, who is running for Yolo County superintendent of schools. You may not have heard of Sam, and you may not know how crucial a role the county superintendent of schools plays in our children’s lives. The County Office of Education offers all those special services that our local school […]

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An election appeal to Dan Wolk

The following is an open letter to Dan Wolk: Clearly, there isn’t much ideological or policy light between you and Joe Krovoza in the Assembly election. Sure, the two of you have different sensibilities, different expertise, different experiences, and in some instances, different policy positions. However, the two of you are progressive Democrats who would […]

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Krovoza: a leader with principles

This is the first letter to the editor I have written and it covers an election issue of utmost importance. We are about to elect a new member to the state Assembly and electing the right person to this position will have lasting impacts for us all. I’m voting for Joe Krovoza. I first met […]

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Totally cut off financially

Dear Annie: I’m a 59-year-old non-working female who has been married for 20 years. I thought my husband was a wonderful man, but 10 years ago, he removed my name from our joint bank accounts. I worked for 30 years. I now find myself with no money and no job. I have to depend on […]

Vote yes on Measure O

There is credible evidence that the city’s financial condition is improving. In my recent analysis of the city administration’s April budget package, I was encouraged to see that city staff are now 1) recognizing that property and sales tax revenues are increasing significantly and 2) incorporating an additional $1.2 million in actions to reduce general […]

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Don’t be Chicken Little

The sky will not fall if Measure P passes, nor will the world end for the city’s river water project. Measure P requests a redo of the water rate structure, so that water rates are equitable to all and understandable. During the short interim of the “redo,” the city can easily cover the small difference […]

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See our city waste water

Anyone who passes through downtown Davis early in the morning will see exactly what residents are admonished not to do: huge water waste. The narrow grass strips between sidewalk and street (as well as the sidewalks and street) are lavishly and inefficiently watered well past the point of runoff,with water flowing along the gutters. They […]

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