More on distilling saltwater

A weird coincidence occurred with Francis Resta’s comment Feb. 27 on my letter of Feb. 21, as Marvin Goldman, a professor emeritus at UC Davis, wrote a commentary on Feb. 27 stating some of what I had written in my letter. The possible toxic effect that Resta seems concerned about is just the salt that […]

Posturing and politics

Our daughter is both a Davis High and Chico State student-athlete graduate. She teaches physical education and coaches two sports for a high school in the Bay Area. She loves her students and credits her student-athletes as being smart, responsible and good problem-solvers. It has always been her mantra that they come with baggage — […]

Paul Krugman: The inflation obsession

Recently, the Federal Reserve released transcripts of its monetary policy meetings during the fateful year of 2008. And boy, are they discouraging reading. Partly that’s because Fed officials come across as essentially clueless about the gathering economic storm. But we knew that already. What’s really striking is the extent to which they were obsessed with […]

Cheers and Jeers: Art for all ages on the horizon

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the excitement building at UC Davis for the new Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art. Ground was broken Saturday on the facility, which will complete the South Entry Quad that now features the Mondavi […]

The soundtrack to their marriage

Dear Annie: I have been married to a special man for 23 years. The problem is, he has too close of a relationship with his mother. It doesn’t allow the two of us to have any adult space. We didn’t entirely get along under one roof because he would say critical and hurtful things to […]

Form eases the way for false myths on childhood vaccinations

For almost two months, parents of California public school pupils have been able to claim with no proof that their religion precludes getting their children vaccinated against once dreaded and disabling diseases like polio, rubella, mumps, pertussis and smallpox. This enables parents who believe in false myths to exempt their children easily, even if they […]

Timothy Egan: Arizona did us all a favor

You’re a fundamentalist Mormon — that is, the breakaway sect, not recognized by the main church, with a scary compound in northern Arizona. Women wear long prairie dresses, men rule with an iron fist. You believe in a host of things that violate civil and even criminal law. But your beliefs are “sincerely held.” They […]

Per Capita Davis: Now’s the time for energy upgrades

Financing solar or energy efficiency: There’s a new program available to Yolo County residents who would like to install energy-efficiency measures or put solar on the roof but hesitate to lay out the cash to do so. The program is called Clean Energy Yolo and was adopted by the Board of Supervisors and all four of […]

Somewhere, a line was crossed

Dear Annie: You printed a letter from “Concerned in Galesburg, Ill.,” about photographing naked babies. I have a slightly different problem, but it’s in a similar vein. I have a toddler grandson. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but our daughter-in-law has close to 500 pictures of the boy naked, from birth to his second birthday. She […]

Special thanks to St. James Parish

I continue to be in awe of the kindness and generosity of our community. In particular, I am grateful to St. James Parish for hosting our Soup’s On benefits in its Memorial Center in 2013 and 2014. These events supported critical needs of vulnerable populations in Yolo County. In 2013, this event supported the Yolo […]

Let’s all go to the park!

Kids of Davis, unite! Do you like to go to a park with lots of kids playing at the playground? Let’s choose a different park to go to each day of the week, so we can increase the changes we will find lots of kids at that park that day. Mondays: Slide Hill Park; Tuesdays: […]