In college admissions, testing the essay approach

By Bill Maxwell Freshman admission to elite colleges and universities has been based on meritocracy, individual ability and achievement of the so-called “best and brightest.” The primary measuring tool has been the standardized test, and the SAT and ACT are the most-used. Of course, a lucrative industry charges would-be applicants a lot of money to […]

USDA builds the American Dream

* Editor’s note: The follow is excerpted from a speech given Oct. 24 at the 46th annual Farm-City Harvest Awards Luncheon sponsored by the Woodland Chamber of Commerce. I frequently tell people that I’ve got the best job in California. Most days, my “office” is one of the many thousands of farms in our great […]

Portraits of the Past: Water for Davis

* Editor’s note: This article first appeared in The Davis Enterprise on Aug. 13, 1970. Joann Leach Larkey is a noted local historian and the author of “Davisville ‘68,” which she recently revised for a new edition. Copies of the book may be purchased at The Avid Reader, City Hall and the Hattie Weber Museum […]

Better data needed on youth concussions

By Lee Bowman For all the recent attention focused on the hundreds of thousands of hits to the head teens and children take each year, the amount of solid scientific information about concussion and recovery remains surprisingly sketchy. A new report from the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council released Wednesday found that […]

Brother has family exasperated

Dear Annie: I am one of six boys. We are all very different. My oldest brother, “Tanner,” just turned 20. He is more of an introvert, and we realize this, but he has done nothing with his life and shows no interest in doing so. He doesn’t have a job and refuses to look for […]

Link The Cannery to the west, too

Guest Opinion on Bicycle and Pedestrian Access on the West side of the Cannery Development By Rachel Aptekar The city of Davis should require that The Cannery development include a bicycle and pedestrian overpass (or underpass) to F Street north of Covell Boulevard, across the railroad tracks and the drainage channel. Such a connection, while […]

Ladies, start your engines!

The issue: Risking beatings, Saudi women take to the road Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are not allowed to drive. The enforcers of this ban — all men — say it is for the women’s own good, a touching concern for which the women are profoundly ungrateful. They want […]

More like maid of … horror

Dear Annie: My fiancé is amazing, sensitive and wonderful. The only problem is his sister. When we became engaged, “Jessie” was so jealous, her mother begged us to make her my maid of honor. I did, to keep the peace. I’ve spoken with Jessie a handful of times and don’t particularly like her. She’s 29, […]

Vikings’ historic site revealed

Having enjoyed recent letters to the editor concerning Columbus Day, I feel obliged to bring your correspondents up to date regarding the Viking landing in North America. The “possible” Viking landing circa 1000 A.D. is no longer at issue. The archeological remains of their small, multi-year settlement on the northern tip of Newfoundland have been […]

Remembering Thelma Kido

Recently, our neighborhood on Drummond Avenue South celebrated Davis’ Neighbors Night Out with our annual potluck/barbecue. This year we held our gathering in memory of our beautiful neighbor Thelma Kido, who passed away in July. Our guest of honor was Thelma’s husband Hiroshi. Thelma and Hiroshi lived in their house alongside the Putah Creek bike […]

Boys’, men’s issues need attention

The Davis Community Men’s Talk Circle project is celebrating its third year of service, offering all men of our community a safe place to explore all that holds meaning. We are delighted to have a new home at the Davis International House, meeting the second Wednesday of each month. Many men realize that their important […]

Community supports Mynamar school

The Davis-based Myanmar Children’s Foundation thanks the community for its support at our fundraising event on Oct. 6, “From Yolo to Myanmar with Love.” Thanks to Davis City Council member Lucas Frerichs, and Stacie Frerichs, who opened their home to more than 250 guests who enjoyed a fabulous evening of food, drink, musical merriment and […]

We celebrate each other

The international Festival sponsored by International House, Davis, with the help of The Culture Co-op, community volunteers and incredible interns from UC Davis, took place Oct. 12 and something amazing happened. Several thousand people — including UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, Mayor Joe Krovoza, Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor and City Council […]