Thanks for making science fun

On behalf of Girl Scout Troop 510, we’d like to extend a huge thank-you to Valerie Onuoha for a most excellent “Girls Night Out” last week at UC Davis’ Kemper Hall/School of Engineering. Our troop members enjoyed all of the booths (especially the slime-making table), a talk with rocket scientist, a pizza dinner and a […]

Grants help Yolo foster children

Foster care recruitment and retention efforts in Yolo County have been given a tremendous boost for the second year with a much-appreciated $50,000 grant from Yocha Dehe Wintun Community Foundation. With this funding, Woodland Community College’s Foster & Kinship Care Education program now offers new, higher levels of support for foster children ages 6 to […]

Air quality concerns for Nishi site

In the planning for the Nishi property, I strongly hold that no residences be built in the Nishi property, and that all businesses use advanced air cleaning equipment. We have published papers and are currently participating in a study on Interstate 5 showing that being downwind of an elevated freeway projects dangerous pollutants much farther […]

Climate change needs long-term fix

By Elisabeth Robbins My friends in Iowa are digging cars and mailboxes out from under yet another snowstorm, so I don’t get much sympathy when I report yet another dry day of sunshine and high 60s. But President Obama, recognizing the relationship of California’s agricultural health to the nation’s food prices, brought some welcome attention […]

The eternal lament of the nice guy

Dear Annie: I am a young man looking for a girlfriend. I have liked this young lady for seven years — since high school. Our relationship has been on the friend side, although I have shown her that I like her. Recently, she started to talk to another young man who has quite a history […]

Senate bill is a call to action

Last week I learned that the California Senate had approved SCA 5, a bill that would repeal provisions of Proposition 209, once again allowing the state of California to deny an individual or group’s rights to public education on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. SCA 5 would result in mandated […]

Pig out on porcine fun …

“Now in its 23rd year at the market, Pig Day is part of the Davis culture. It celebrates the pig’s rightful place as one of man’s most intelligent and useful domesticated animals …” So come on down, folks. Let’s eat ‘em! Shirley Harned Kelley Davis

Is ocean water too toxic?

James Singmaster III’s letter in Friday’s Enterprise brings up a subject direly needed for discussion. Desalinization of ocean water to meet the world’s need for water isn’t talked about much, probably because no one wants to bring up the disaster of human pollution of the oceans. I understand that sea water is so toxic that there […]

What’s the Co-op’s ‘new direction’?

By Andrew Newman At this point, I believe I have used all (or any) political capital I have in Davis voicing my distress over the apparent surprise firing of Eric Stromberg, general manager of the Davis Food Co-op, because they are “moving in a new strategic direction.” I say “surprise” because at the board meeting […]

Top-two aftershock has dramatic effect

One in every eight or nine earthquakes is followed by an even more powerful aftershock, officially making the first quake into a foreshock. And the farther we get into this year’s political season, the more it seems that the stunning 2012 effects of the “top two” primary election system voters approved two years earlier were […]

When in Rome, ditch the hubby

Dear Annie: My wife of nearly 30 years and I are having some difficulties. Recently, she asked whether I wanted to go to Rome for a business conference. She thought we could see the sights afterward. I said yes, as I’m recently retired and have plenty of time. However, a few weeks later, I was […]

Spaghetti feed helps kids

I would like to publicly acknowledge the efforts of Jesse Ortiz, and his partners, for coordinating a countywide fundraising event to help support the activities of our homeless and foster youth. Ortiz’s spaghetti feed efforts raised several thousand dollars so our disadvantaged youth could participate in a variety of school activities that a typical family […]