The bright and dark sides of Camelot

The 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination has spawned a flood of material — books, documentaries, articles and memorabilia related to Kennedy’s presidency as well as to his untimely death. They seem to fall into two categories — looping replays of the assassination and its immediate aftermath, including the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, the […]

The real JFK conspiracy

The issue: President’s poor health was shielded from the public The presidency of John F. Kennedy, and especially its abrupt and brutal ending 50 years ago Friday, seems an inexhaustible source of conspiracy theories — the grassy knoll, the mob, Cuban assassins, a second shooter, a cabal of right-wing Texas oilmen. As soon as one […]

Sister sensitive about memory issues

Dear Annie: Over the past 10 years, I have noticed that my sister’s memory has become very confused. She often has false memories, believing something that happened to a friend or celebrity actually happened to her. She also says hurtful things and doesn’t remember saying them. My husband and I decided it was best just […]

Ratify Disability Treaty now

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has for a second time taken up the United Nations Disability Treaty in support of equality for all people with disabilities around the world. This treaty is consistent with our nation’s interests and values and the Senate should ratify it immediately. We will not get a third chance. The Disability […]

Volunteers forge Davis-Zambia bond

By Joy and Ken Hoffman As Thanksgiving approaches, we feel sad that we cannot be home with family and friends. Instead, we’re in a country that does not have a Thanksgiving holiday to celebrate. Then, we reflect on the past year here in Zambia and at RHO Appleseed School, which has been open since 2011. […]

Yellen should be approved quickly

The issue: Highly qualified nominee is the right choice to head the Fed The head of the Federal Reserve board is one of the most powerful and, outside of financial circles, least known officials in the U.S. government. THE FED, an independent agency that jealously guards that independence, has $3.8 trillion in assets, sets interest […]

Can’t take care of her anymore

Dear Annie: When I married my husband, he was divorced with a college- aged daughter. For some reason or other, she did not complete her degree.After college, “Connie” got a job and her own apartment. She became pregnant by a co-worker and had a son. Her dad and I were very disappointed. Later, Connie moved […]

Our leaders have little military know-how

The issue: Lawmakers taking over from the World War II and Vietnam generations soon will be tested Congress is facing a worrisome deficit of military expertise in its ranks. The long-standing cadre of legislative and military veterans who ran the congressional armed services committees are dying off or retiring, leaving their places to be filled […]

Put The Cannery to a vote

Transparency, the ability to see and understand what is happening, is obviously an important goal that we all appear to support when it comes to decisions in our community. Many office seekers include transparency as an important goal in their campaigns. I believe it should be. However, do we all feel the same about transparency […]

Obamacare may take us down

Looking at the voting demographic data from the 2012 presidential election, it is clear that Barack Obama easily won the vote of the under-30 group. Indeed, the young were pivotal in his election victory. Now, the financial soundness of the Obamacare design relies on getting enough young, healthy people to enroll in the exchanges to […]

Serving those who have served us

On Nov. 11, we took time as a nation to celebrate Veterans Day and honor our nation’s current and past service members. We owe a great debt of gratitude to these men and women who give their country the utmost in personal sacrifices and serve so that we may all enjoy freedom. Despite these significant […]

More UCD history during WWII

I enjoyed the articles on local history during World War II. One piece of history that has almost been forgotten is the contribution UC Davis made to ending the war. As part of the Manhattan Project, the Tennessee Eastman Company was hired to manage the production of enriched uranium for atomic bombs. Ernest Lawrence at UC Berkeley discovered […]