A note to destructive vandals

Dearest vandals, whomever you may be; I don’t know what you were looking for when you attempted to break into my car on Sept 3. I don’t understand why. Perhaps you were feeling the strain of the economy, perhaps you needed to pay child support, perhaps you were supporting your drug habit … maybe it […]

Minimize emotional emphasis, please

Recently, I wrote a scathing letter to the editor about what I saw as unnecessarily graphic and inappropriate pictorial coverage of a local crime story. Today, I am happy to be able to compliment the choices made with regard to the coverage of the alleged murder of a 5-year-old in our community. What you provided […]

The more we learn, the better

I can’t get over how some people misconstrue the purpose of NEWSpapers! Thank you, Bob Dunning, for supporting The Enterprise’s longtime crime reporter Lauren Keene. It must be pointed out that Daniel Marsh ideated killing from the age of 10, so it seems peculiar to me that the woman Bob cites wants to shield the […]

This move lacks common sense

This decision on garbage can rates is very short-sighted and will have unintended consequences as residents and landlords switch from often half-empty larger cans to sometimes overflowing smaller cans. Three unintended consequences are: * Lower revenue than expected as people switch to smaller cans; * Increased costs of cleaning-up spilled and orphaned garbage: and * Increased conflict […]

Questions remain about trash cans

Re: Tom Sakash’s earlier story on increased trash collection rates, there are some questions which to my knowledge remain unanswered: * Will the city replace my 95-gallon trash container with a smaller one at no charge to me? * If yes, what will they do with the discarded trash containers? That seems like a potential for a […]

Iran says it’s open to dealing with the West

The issue: We’ll believe it when we see it There is an old saying: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Then quit. No sense making a fool of yourself. This maxim should govern our dealings with Iran (and even more so North Korea, although Pyongyang deserves only one “try”). We tend to […]

Fracking: great for wind and solar power?

“Nobody disputes that cheap natural gas would be a good thing for the economy. The question is, is this a sustainable new development that can be counted on for decades to come, or simply a bubble brought on by a land grab and drilling frenzy?” — Jeff Goodell, author of “Big Coal: The Dirty Secret […]

The bloom is definitely off the rose

Dear Annie: I am a 57-year-old woman, and my husband is 61. We met online and spent weekends together for seven months before getting married. I was deeply in love with him for the first six months. Lately, my attitude and feelings have changed dramatically. This man drives me crazy and grosses me out. He […]

Family commitments tug in opposite directions

Dear Annie: For many years, my husband and I hosted all the family holidays. Last year, my husband’s aunt invited us to stay with her for Thanksgiving and celebrate with her family. We gratefully accepted. She invited my in-laws, as well, although they opted not to go because my father-in-law wasn’t well. The aunt has […]

Please stand for pure water

I became aware that competent people disagree on fluoride when my physician suggested I stop giving pediatrician-prescribed fluoride to my then-young son.  As the question arose in Davis this year, I investigated medical literature and scholarly publications. Brian Martin’s nonpartisan assessment is compelling: Scientific evidence supports both sides, so science has no answer to this controversy. It is […]

Cities moving away from fluoride

The overwhelming praise for fluoridation raises concerns that receive scant attention in this debate. While many readers seem to embrace its use, most developed nations and much of Western Europe would disagree. Moreover, there are numerous cities in the United States that are moving away from fluoridation. I quote the New York Times: “For decades, […]

Many reasons not to fluoridate

At last word, the City Council is still considering fluoridating the water supply, despite the recommendation of its own staff to postpone that decision. The one-time cost reported in The Enterprise is estimated to be up to $2.4 million, and there are operating costs, currently estimated at almost $250,000 per year, forever. The fluoridation would […]

Is ‘snitching’ worse than murder?

By Robert Northup My father would be among the first to remind us that Daniel Marsh should be considered innocent until proven guilty. On the other hand, the available evidence already appears to be overwhelming. The double homicide of my father (Chip Northup) and Claudia Maupin has caught national attention because of the sensationally horrific […]