City has the wrong priorities

An estimated $5 million for a vanity project, which probably will end up being $7 million with cost overruns, in order to create an obvious bottleneck in downtown Davis on a major thoroughfare. Hmm. And we’re being sold this project at a time when the city streets are long overdue for paving. Which, if done […]

Keep downtown parking free

Dan Wolk deserves a big thank-you for his strong leadership last week in keeping downtown Davis vibrant, prosperous and sustainable by keeping parking free. While Mayor Joe Krovoza also ultimately voted for free parking, his initial reluctance after some flirting with parking meters is troubling. Dan, however, conclusively showed his readiness to add luster to […]

Bad judgment used on parking

When I was a senior at Davis High School, I was the president of the debate team. Being a loud mouth with a lot of opinions, it was a good fit for me. Battling against kids from high schools all over the Sacramento region, my best event was one called impromptu speaking. In it, shortly […]

State Senate must do more to restore trust

Ever since San Francisco’s Leland Yee joined his colleagues Ron Calderon of Montebello and Roderick Wright of Los Angeles on the state Senate’s indicted/convicted list and then all three were suspended, other senators have recognized they must restore the public’s trust. That won’t happen if suspensions are all those other senators are willing to mete […]

Germs in the mouth? Horrors!

Dear Annie: As a registered nurse and a patient who has had many dental procedures, I cringe every time I get into a dentist’s chair. The reason is the overhead light — the one that the hygienist or dentist can adjust and lower. The hygienists and dentists wear gloves, but the gloves protect them, not […]

Many utility questions raised

Jim Skeen’s question is valid: If our article’s vision of the future is correct, “Does anyone want to own any energy services company?” Perhaps not. One thing I hope will come out of the Davis municipal utility study the City Council is considering is this: What is the value of an antiquated distribution system when […]

Good advice for board members

How does one begin to understand the whole situation involving recent Davis school board actions or inaction? I did a bit of Googling and found “12 Mistakes Board Members Make” by Nicholas D. Caruso of the Connecticut Association of School Boards. The piece provided needed comment on how school board members could/should conduct business. I […]

Hey, Yolo County is not in the Bay Area

By Matt Rexroad and Mat Ehrhardt Virtually every agency in the state considers Yolo County to be a part of the Sacramento region. Yolo County is a part of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. Yolo County residents find Sacramento affiliates on their televisions and Sacramento stations on their radios. Caltrans, the National Weather Service […]

How to build a winning water bond

By Jim Mayer Six months ago, few people seriously thought there would be talk about a 2014 water bond, except the need to remove or postpone again the controversial measure now slated for the November ballot. But last fall, public opinion polling showed that voters were starting to renew their trust in lawmakers when it […]

Hearing the wrong things there

Dear Annie: My husband and I have two children, ages 11 and 8. They enjoy spending time with my mother-in-law. The problem is, my husband’s nephew lives with Granny and brings girls home with him for sex. The latest girlfriend likes to brag about it in front of everyone, including my kids. We tried letting […]

She wants that old feeling back

Dear Annie: I am a healthy 60-year-old woman, married for 20 years. My husband has some health problems. He’s a little overweight and has diabetes and high blood pressure. He also suffers from erectile dysfunction. I don’t know how to talk to him about this and sometimes wonder whether he cares that we do not […]

Finding an old friend in a new place

About a year ago, my husband came to me full of excitement after he located two women he had known at the San Francisco Red Cross during his years as an active teen volunteer. One co-worker, whom he located through an acquaintance, still plays tennis twice a week and drives well. She’s over 90. Bob […]