Smoke from wildfires puts Americans at risk

The issue: Larger fires mean larger smoke plumes traveling farther Wildfires in this country have generally been considered the price one pays for living in the rugged and scenic reaches of the Far West and Southwest. If the fires were health hazards, they were dismissed as local ones. RECENT RESEARCH has shown that wildfires are […]

Remember Bauer through his words

When you live a life as long and full as Herb Bauer, inevitably your obit will omit some important contributions you made to your community. Jeff Hudson’s front-page story on May 26 — “Herbert Bauer, the ‘conscience of Davis,’ dies at age 103” — explains why Dr. Bauer first came to Davis 58 years ago: […]

Grandmother cut off by accusations

Dear Annie: My bullheaded 50-year-old daughter has taken gossip from 32 years ago to make my life a living hell. I have four grown children. My older daughter called everyone she could think of and told them I molested my son when he was 5. My daughter never checked to see whether it was true. […]

Oops, Frerichs, Lee left out

My letter thanking participants in Bike to School Day activities omitted Davis City Council members Lucas Frerichs and Brett Lee, who welcomed students at North Davis Elementary School. The omission was entirely my fault and I do appreciate their efforts. Lucas said he had a great time and would do it again. Thank you, Lucas […]

Memorial Day thoughts

Dear Readers: Many of you will be enjoying your Memorial Day weekend with barbecues and picnics, but we hope you will also remember the purpose behind the observance. Please consider taking the time to visit a veterans hospital or military cemetery and pay your respects. And if you have a flag, it is appropriate to […]

‘The Brady Bunch,’ this isn’t

Dear Annie: I’m from a big blended family, and we’re the type who believe that family is everything. I recently moved an hour away from my dad, his wife and their kids. I love my dad with all my heart, but I can’t stand his wife. She is constantly talking down to my siblings and […]

It’s hard to decide how much to watch

A couple of weeks ago I found myself alone in front of the TV with my hand hovering over the remote. To click or not to click? I clicked, terminating the movie I was watching at the one-hour mark. “The Killing Fields” is a 1984 Oscar-winning fictionalized account of real events during the Cambodian genocide. […]

Do it now without regret, and don’t bite, lest the maggots eat you alive

Friday of Memorial Day weekend, you’re a harsh teacher. Although Monday of Memorial Day Weekend gets all the glory, it’s Friday that historically has jumped up and given me a crescent kick in the teeth. Memorial Day itself is fairly predictable: At some point, I’ll be staring down at my father’s grave, adorned with a […]

Caregiving arrangement causes friction

Dear Annie: I am one of five middle-aged sisters. My father died four years ago, and shortly after, my mother moved to an apartment near me. As her health has declined, I’ve gradually become a partial caregiver. I am with her every day, sometimes for six hours or more. Mom insists on paying me. She […]

Just Us in Davis: Walk like a man

I can only imagine the huge sigh of relief from gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and others considered outside of the hetero-norm in response to the news that the alleged assailant in Mikey Partida’s beating was not motivated by gay-hatred but was only a challenge to Partida’s “masculinity.” Drawing on the testimony of a linguistics professor […]

What do you think? What summer blockbuster are you looking forward to seeing?

Suzanne Kimmel real estate, Davis: ” ‘Iron Man 3.’ “ Chris Strelioff researcher, Oakland: ” ‘Star Trek.’ “ Karolina Vasquez student, Davis: ” ‘Star Trek.’ “ Anne Leady student, Davis: ” ‘The Great Gatsby.’ “ Kevin Elmore student, Davis: ” ‘The Great Gatsby.’ “ Dana Marsh student, Davis: ” ‘The Great Gatsby.’ “ Asked in […]

At the Pond: Davis as beachfront property?

For 10 years with this column, I have sung of the glories of nature opportunities in Davis and the region. There’s so much to delight in and explore in our pleasant, Mediterranean climate that features four distinctly beautiful seasons. So please bear with me today as I take a different tack: a call for grassroots […]

On Memorial Day, it’s remembrance that counts

The issue: This holiday may be a little lighter on the parades, pageantry and flyovers, but it should be no less inspiring Cutbacks in the military budget and the still-recovering economy mean this Memorial Day weekend will go down as a relatively subdued affair — relative, that is, to our usual end-of-school, official-start-of-summer blowout. THE […]

Schoolyard rules in the teacher’s lounge

Dear Annie: My daughter has a master’s degree in education and spent three years as a nanny when she was an undergraduate. She recently began her first teaching job with second-grade children. The principal is terrific. However, there is an older teacher who has been at this school for years, and she is making my […]