City needs more funding for trees

The last downturn in economic conditions caused a large reduction in staff and funding for maintenance of trees and landscaping along streets, greenbelts and in parks. This resulted in limited pruning of trees, overgrown or dead landscaping and reduction in the quality of these areas. Within the past few months, the city of Davis has […]

Volunteers are key to initiatives

There is little doubt about the historical veracity of one statement in the text of a recently vetoed California law that would have required at least some signatures for ballot initiatives to be gathered by volunteers instead of paid workers: “The voters amended the California Constitution to reserve for themselves the power of the initiative […]

Portraits of the Past: Christmastime in Davisville, 1898

* Editor’s note: This article first appeared in The Davis Enterprise on Dec. 24, 1969. It was part of a series by distinguished local historian Joann Leach Larkey. The Hattie Weber Museum of Davis recollects the 1898 Christmas with a tree decorated with “candles” and sacks of goodies (an apple, an orange, nuts and candy) […]

Please help us feed hungry seniors

You can help * Send donations to Elderly Nutrition Program/Meals on Wheels of Yolo County, 40 N. East St., Suite C, Woodland, CA, 95776 * Mark your calendars for Thursday, Jan. 30, for the 10th annual Soup’s On with Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor; all proceeds will go to the Elderly Nutrition Program * Volunteer! […]

From 30,000 feet up, can you hear me now?

The issue: Airlines are deciding whether to allow in-flight cell phone use Earlier this month, federal regulators began the process of removing the 22-year-old prohibition on in-flight cell phone calls now that all the technical objections have been satisfied. THE FEDERAL Communications Commission chairman said the current ban is “outdated and restrictive” even though he […]

Double standard for saving birds

The issue: Why is the wind energy industry getting off scot-free? When the bird rescue people rescue birds, they don’t just tend to their wounds, hand-feed and shelter them. They name them. For example, there’s Norman, an eastern screech owl rescued by the Second Chances Wildlife Rehabilitation Program at the Texas State Aquarium. BIRDS ALSO […]

What happens when the body dies?

Scientists are stretching the boundaries of understanding what happens as the body dies — and learning more about ways to perhaps interrupt the process, which takes longer than we might suppose. Death is the final outcome for 100 percent of patients. But there’s growing evidence that revival is possible for at least some patients whose […]

Chew on this: How to quit

Dear Annie: After many years of using smokeless tobacco, I’d like to quit. Are there any effective measures one can take to beat this highly addictive habit? I use the kind of tobacco that comes in a can, and it goes wherever I go. It wakes me up in the morning demanding attention. I believe […]

What do you think? What is the best gift you have ever given or received?

Maito Okamoto student, Davis: “A really nice white shirt from my dad.” Kelly Chuck student, Davis: “A trip to Disneyland from my parents.” Jacob Muller student, Davis: “My first child was born during the holidays.” Travis Zane student, Davis: “I made my mom a photo book before I left for college.” Jonathan Abshire tile and […]

Plenty of data for ACA repeal

In Dave Hart’s Dec.12 “commentary” on my letter of Dec. 4 calling for the repeal of Obamacare, he said that I “provided no other information” other than the $480-per-month premium of my old policy versus the $1,150-per-month premium of a Covered California policy. He goes on to say that “the fine print in a policy […]

Breakfast was a big success

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge has just completed another successful Breakfast with Santa. This was our eighth year organizing, sponsoring and hosting this event at the lodge. We want to thank all the volunteers and sponsors who made this a great success. More than 40 Odd Fellows volunteered and assisted in various aspects of the […]