Math tournament was lots of fun

My family attended the recent All-City Math Tournament sponsored by Mu Alpha Theta. We had a great time. It was impressive how well-organized it was. It is run by a group of young people at Davis High School who love math. They even had a math professor who gave an interesting lecture. The participants all […]

Relationship off to a painful start

Dear Annie: I am in my 20s and am engaged to a beautiful girl. Our religion prohibits sex before marriage. But when “Donna” tells me to stop kissing her, I persist. I don’t see why not. It’s just kissing. Donna says she has not been firm enough with me and when she says no, she […]

We back immigration reform

The West Yolo Democratic Club issued the following position on immigration practices in the United States. This position will be sent to President Obama, congressional representatives and U.S. senators. The West Yolo Democratic Club, representing primarily Winters residents, takes a strong stand to keep Mexican immigrants with their families here in the United States, to […]

We all were electrified

On May 18, I attended the wonderful music program at the Richard Brunelle Performance Hall. “Electrifying Your Strings” was a rock orchestra experience with guest artist Mark Wood. The Davis All-City Elementary Orchestra, Holmes Junior High Advanced Orchestra and Davis High Chamber Orchestra were absolutely outstanding and their teachers, Kim Cole and Angelo Moreno, are […]

Tree policies are bargaining chips

Tom Sakash’s article, “Tree Commissioners Upset Over Kidd’s Fine” (May 21), provides a disturbing glimpse of how city policies to protect our trees are being undermined by deal-making behind closed doors. A local developer was fined $12,000 for illegally cutting down several city street trees on Olive Drive more than 13 months ago. When I […]

Scrutinize gifted ID process

By Karen Hamilton A recent Enterprise opinion piece criticizing the district’s adoption of a lottery process to fill seats in its self-contained elementary gifted classes makes a large issue out of a small or nonexistent problem. Under the lottery process, the 15-student wait list is about the same length as it was under the rank-ordered […]

Immigration bill a promising sign

The issue: Full Senate action would show that our legislative system works as intended if given the chance “Miracle” is perhaps too strong a word, but it is a major marvel that in the current poisonous, take-no-prisoners atmosphere of Washington, the Senate Judiciary Committee produced a complicated — 800-plus pages — and comprehensive overhaul of […]

She has other things to do

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 34 years. I changed jobs so I could have better hours and pay and more time with my wife and son. Eighteen months ago, I went on disability due to severe arthritis. A few years back, I noticed that my wife was coming up with […]

Bimonthly billing is just fine

Re: City Council wants water users to get timely data, May 23 We do appreciate the thought of our City Council to keep our water usage on our minds on a monthly basis, but not at an additional cost of nearly $200,000 a year ($84,000 for adding monthly meter reading services and approximately $102,000 a […]

Thank you, Cathy Farman

On May 1, Cathy Farman presided over her last PTA meeting at Davis High School as president and will be moving on, as will her youngest child. Although I clapped at the end of the meeting, I feel I should have said some words. Cathy has been a PTA office holder and active Davis parent […]

End secret campaign spending

Please join many Californians in support of the California Disclose Act Senate Bill 52. The Disclose Act would enable us to know who is really paying for political campaign ads. We would see the top three funders in readable font at the front of each TV ad. It would be displayed for six seconds. It […]