We still need the Postal Service

I usually read Debra DeAngelo’s columns for her spunk; she is the Joan Rivers of The Davis Enterprise. But her Sunday farewell to the U.S. Postal Service, and paper communication, requires a response. I agree with DeAngelo about Congress’ requirement that USPS “pre-fund” retirement (i.e., pensions) for its employees for unheard-of years ahead. Congress surely […]

Learn the rules and abide by them

Driving a motor vehicle and riding a bike have a lot in common. There are many of the same rules of the road that lots of people do not adhere to. Making a left turn is done only when it is safe to do so and if there is an accident, the left-turn person is […]

‘Reduce’ should be top priority

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is a mantra that every Davis resident is probably familiar with. We reuse our plastic bags maybe once more to hold trash or pet waste, or a handful of times to carry something around before throwing the bag away, but a truly reusable bag would be reusable at least a hundred times, […]

Don’t monopolize the tables

I read with interest that Common Grounds is about to open again. My husband and I have enjoyed going there for coffee when we have had business in South Davis. However, the last two times we were there, every table had someone with a computer working and nursing one cup of coffee. They had probably […]

Putah Creek will only get better

John Nystrom (Sept. 22) gives a visitor’s impression of Putah Creek, expressing disappointment in the way the lower creek looks and in the fishery in the interdam reach below Monticello Dam. He questions why his son, a fly fisherman, would want to attend UC Davis as a consequence. I don’t disagree with his impression of […]

Consider adopting a greyhound

My friend adopted a retired greyhound, as described in the recent “Paws for Thought” column. They make really great pets. Sadly, many retired greyhounds are put to sleep if not adopted. Kathy Glatter Davis

Please vote against a strike

The following is a copy of a letter to U.S. Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein: This email is to persuade you to vote against the president’s proposal to bomb Syria for the use of chemical weapons against innocent people. 1. Is there concrete evidence that, in fact, the Syrian government committed this atrocity? How […]

Fluoride violates my freedom

Fluoridation is not for me — and of no benefit to my health. I grew up in Wilmette, Ill., where they put fluoride in the water in the 1950s. It made no difference. I still had my share of cavities. The dentist coated my teeth with the stuff and still it made no difference. There are alternatives […]

Film examines delta plan impacts

If you want to be informed about what is being proposed for our Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta waterways, be sure to come to a free screening of the movie “Over Troubled Waters — The Fate of California is in Your Hands” next Wednesday in the Blanchard Room at the Stephens Branch Library, 315 E. 14th St. […]

March to help the elephants

Illegal demand, largely Asian, for ivory has led to the ongoing slaughter of African elephants to the point where they face extinction. In 2012 alone, 35,000 elephants were killed, a pace that could lead to their extinction in a decade. Elephants are intelligent, sentient beings and an icon of the natural world. Are we going […]

Please water your yards

I mailed a few letters the other day at the post office. I was shocked and saddened when I saw the dying redwood trees and all the once-lovely plants and flowers now dead. It all looked uncared for; even the weeds had died. I thought how lovely it had been back when I first moved […]

Getting some answers on Syria

By John Garamendi When I read Debra DeAngelo’s column (Sept. 15) about my telephone town hall meeting on Syria, I was eager to respond. We didn’t get to her questions on the call for the same reason we didn’t get to more than 250 other questions: The public interest was especially robust. Indeed, public interest […]

France could ban child beauty pageants. Merci!

The issue: Our friends in Europe get it right on youthful sexuality Fanned by fears that their sex-obsessed society is producing “hypersexual” young girls, the French Senate has voted to ban adults from entering a child under age 16 into a beauty pageant. THE MEASURE, approved in Paris last week on a 197-146 vote, would […]

She’s still hanging around

Dear Annie: I started dating “Zach” 18 months ago and have been living with him for almost a year. Things are perfect except for one thing. Before we met, Zach dated another girl for three years before me. She was horrible and hurtful toward him. When I began seeing Zach, his ex started harassing me […]