Cowboy Cliven and Hopalong Hannity at the not-OK Corral

That hissing sound you hear is Fox “News” anchor Sean Hannity’s credibility evaporating into thin air. It’s not a long hiss. Credibility? Hah! Fox “News” is a bottomless pool of ignorance and calculated misinformation, and Sarah Palin is their Lady of the Lake. There’s no “news” presented on Fox. They merely cherry-pick sparkly Red things […]

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Encourage personal responsibility

I enjoyed Michelle Millet’s column on Sunday, April 20, titled “Striving for Zero Waste: Beyond the bring-your-own-bag habit.” I support bring-your-own bag, coffee mug, water and utensils. I bring my own as often as I can or ask for a for-here cup, as Millet suggests. I agree with and support the message in her commentary. […]

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Please support this magical camp

Our community has recently been impacted greatly by diagnoses of cancer and cancer deaths; in our neighborhoods, schools, fitness centers and workplaces. When it’s a parent who has been diagnosed and is going through treatment, their children are affected immensely; they don’t understand all of the doctor appointments and the side-effects of the treatments. The […]

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Fernandes is right for board

I’m writing to support the appointment of Alan Fernandes to the Davis school board. He was the runner-up in the 2012 election and has professional experience working as an attorney in the field of education. He is also a dad of two young boys in a Davis school. But more importantly, I believe Alan will […]

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Future is bright with Sunder

It is my pleasure to write this letter of support for Madhavi Sunder for school board. The first day I heard about Madhavi’s campaign for school board I was ready to join her team. Madhavi has the right mix of characteristics that I feel our school board needs as it moves into the future — […]

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There are other things in life

Dear Annie: I read the letter from “Saddened,” whose wife has cut off sex. I want to knock some sense into people like you. Life has different stages. We’ve done the sex thing. Why should women look for help? Where are the medications that reduce libido in males? Why doesn’t he get counseling and learn […]

Vote no on P: Davis’ water rates are fair, set through open process

By Matt Williams, Bob Schneider, Jerry Adler and Stephen McCord Measure P is the latest chapter in an open and exhaustive process about the way we deliver and pay for water to Davis ratepayers. The bottom line of that process is that Measure P doesn’t make sense for Davis. Please vote “no” on Measure P. […]

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Wherefore that comma?

Daniel Burnett’s eloquent plea on behalf of the humanities (“A Plea on the Bard’s birthday,” April 23) gets off to an odd start: “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? Sorry, Juliet. He’s hard to find on many college campuses.” Burnett reproduces two common errors: adding a comma after “thou” to Juliet’s second speech in Act […]

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Beronio is a fair judge

I have not met Yolo Superior Court Commissioner Janene Beronio in person. So, my endorsement for her is based only on my experience in her courtroom. I had a driving citation contested before Beronio a long time ago. Regardless of an exhaustively long list of cases before my turn, she was very fair, pleasant and […]

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Bravo to Parkview Place

As our community conversation about growth evolves, it is important that we celebrate new projects that capture many of our shared community values. Our General Plan calls for infill redevelopment as a preferred method of building new homes for our residents, but too often, conflicting “design guidelines” and other documents inhibit good infill from actually being […]

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Managing Northstar Pond: Aerators are unnecessary

By Andy Bale Warm weather is coming and algae mats have begun to grow on Northstar Pond again. Parks management and experienced staff know that the industrial-style aerators in place the pond do nothing to improve the pond’s overall water quality or control algae. They have told me so. However, the Parks Department will be […]

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Transparency, set in stone

The issue: No more loopholes, no more questions; local government must be accountable California voters will have an opportunity in June to strengthen laws requiring local governments and agencies to provide access to documents and meetings. THOUGHT THE laws were strong enough? The Public Records Act and the Ralph M. Brown Act on open meetings […]

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Yes on P: Davis water rates need a do-over

By Sue Greenwald and Mark Siegler Homeowners and tenants of single-family homes soon will be paying 40 percent more for each gallon of water than other residential users under the new water rates adopted by the City Council. Not only is this unfair, it ultimately will result in higher costs for most ratepayers and lead to adverse […]

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