What I’ve learned as a Neighborhood Court facilitator

By Judith MacBrine On June 6, I facilitated my first Neighborhood Court session. I am one of seven trained facilitators. I was drawn to Neighborhood Court because it uses restorative justice principles to resolve crimes — i.e., identify and repair the harms — as compared to our current punitive justice — i.e., identify the broken […]

Health coverage glitches need NSA’s attention

The issue: Agency could make itself useful by fixing computer issues To hear the critics tell it, only a handful of Americans have signed up — or tried to — for health coverage under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Advocates, including those in the administration, say it’s more than 20 million Americans, based on […]

Sleep essential in right amount, loss can be recouped

By Lee Bowman The return to standard time for most of the country won’t come for a few more weeks, leaving many looking forward to the Nov. 3 “fall back” that rewards us the option of an extra hour’s sleep. But even as shorter days make us want to hibernate, sleep scientists have been churning […]

How do they take communion?

Dear Annie: There is a young couple in our church who spend the entire mass making out. They kiss, tickle, rub and caress each other every minute of the service. It’s very distracting. It is also distracting to see other people in church snickering and rolling their eyes at them. I am praying that these […]

What do you think? Which moment from your life would you choose to relive if you could?

Brittany Thomas nurse, Davis: “My graduation from Davis. It was a big accomplishment.” Juan Flores student, Lompoc: “I wouldn’t change anything because all those moments made me who I am today.” David Kyle professor, Davis: “The moments my children were born.” Han-ah Sumner student, Davis: “The day I met Rachel Baek.” Elise Chu student, Davis: […]

Crisis looms at nuclear plant

Whether you are pro- or anti-nuclear power, the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is very critical, especially Unit 4. Unit 4, which is very unstable, especially the water-saturated ground it stands upon, needs to have its heavily toxic spent fuel rods (sitting in a protective pool 100 feet high) immediately removed to prevent them […]

Please restripe lanes, now

Clearly visible striping is essential both day and night for the safety of everyone on our roadways. It makes possible the smooth flow of traffic on heavily traveled roads and safely guides visitors and newcomers to town who don’t yet know all the “twists and turns” and alignments of local streets and intersections. Lane lines […]

How to manage extra trash

In the Oct. 9 issue, a writer asks what to do with extra trash on one or two holidays, when a smaller container isn’t enough. We have just kept it aside until we could add extra, a bit at a time, until it was all gone. Also, compressing or compacting the items makes better use […]

Let’s teach our kids by example

By David N. Hafter Kids seem to notice everything. They may not always know how to interpret what they see and hear, but little gets by them. As they get older, they are quick to point out even a hint of hypocrisy. Since all of us adults have our flaws, leading by example can be a […]

Nobel gives housing-market studies a strong appraisal

The issue: Three top economists’ work recognized We all know the old joke: If we placed all of the world’s economists end to end, they still wouldn’t agree. The Nobel Prize Committee has marvelously proved that witticism with this year’s selection of three remarkable Americans for the top prize for economics. ECONOMIST Robert J. Shiller […]

Reunion brings up old feelings

Dear Annie: I’m 76 years old, and my 55th college reunion is coming up soon. I’m not sure I should attend. At every reunion, “he” is always there. We had a beautiful senior year and were very much in love. I expected a ring for graduation, but it never happened. After graduation, we moved apart […]

Debt limit? Take another look

I noted a letter in The Enterprise on Oct. 11, “Debt Limit? Read the Constitution.” I referred to the Constitution of the United States to make sure that I remembered what it says and that what I am reading in a letter or article is a correct representation. I am not sure that the term […]