The Cannery isn’t a great fit

I just knew that The Cannery would get the OK. The developers of The Cannery have the time and the patience. They have the lawyers on call. They have the planners who make small changes They have the public relations agencies. And they keep scratching until they get what they want. All of a sudden, […]

Mace curve should be preserved

The following is a copy of a letter to Mayor Joe Krovoza: I am writing you regarding the decision on the Mace curve conservation easement grant. I read with great concern that you, and the rest of the City Council, are considering allowing development of a business park on the land set aside to be […]

VA buildings are legacies of war; they need help

The issue: These buildings, where so many have been healed, are reminders that the wages of war must still be paid long after the last shot is fired One of the legacies of America’s wars is the institutions, the Veterans Affairs hospitals and convalescent centers, where in Lincoln’s words we strive “to care for him […]

Our students need the basics

By Daniel Burnett One hundred and fifty years ago today, President Abraham Lincoln stood on a battlefield in Gettysburg, Pa., and delivered what many consider the greatest speech in the history of our nation. The two-minute speech, punctuated five times by applause, was the climax of a six-hour ceremony honoring those who had died at […]

Looking to resolve complex situation

Dear Annie: I have been married to Sarah for nine years. We have two young sons, both with developmental issues. When I met Sarah, she had an older son, “Del,” who was in the temporary custody of her father’s cousins. The cousins have raised the boy since he was 6 months old. He is now […]

Give special thanks to WWII vets

The issue: On Monday, we pay tribute to all who have served Veterans Day has greater meaning this year to the staff of The Davis Enterprise, thanks to our work on our just-concluded World War II series. Examining the war era through a very narrow lens — life in Davis and Yolo County — revealed […]

A stately old companion faces a tough future

Recently I got bad news about a loved one. It came from our tree man, Jim, who told me he had brought an arborist over to our cabin near Coloma. “My arborist never says this,” Jim began. “But he said it this time. He said that if his family lived under that tree, he’d take […]

The gap between your ears is more important than the one between your thighs

What is a Lululemon, you ask? A refreshing citrus-y rum cooler, maybe, or a girlie-girl super-hero who hurls lemon grenades at the bad guys? Maybe it was just a finger-stutter while texting “lemon”? All good answers, all wrong. Lululemon is a very trendy, very pricey line of yoga wear. There’s a point at which “pricey” […]

When the kids ran wild

Dear Annie: Last weekend, my husband and I invited a few relatives over for a cookout. There were three children under the age of 4. When it began to rain, we moved the party indoors. The parents let their kids run amok, and in a few short hours, the children completely trashed the first floor […]

Cannery site right for business

I noticed the recent controversy over ConAgra making a contingent donation to a developer/organization that is interested in developing land on the edge of Davis for a technology park. Pam Marrone mentioned in the paper recently that biotech firms that might locate in that technology park need adjacent agricultural land for greenhouses with lights that […]

No more ice cream and cake

At its October meeting, the Vanguard Court Council invited representatives from a federally funded program, Yolo County’s Juvenile Probation Minority Disproportionate Contact Project, to speak. This is a juvenile justice program whose mission is to reduce disproportionate contact in Yolo County between youths of color and police. The guest speaker, Saleem Shakir, an expert digital […]

What do you think? What is your lifelong dream?

Mehran Moblsaz school district worker, Davis: “I just want to retire fast and not work.” Kaeli Mccarther waitress, Woodland: “To have a prosperous life.” Heather Thiel  student, Santa Rosa: “I want to be known for loving other people.” Andrew Kim student, Davis: “I want to be a stay-at-home husband and play golf.” Charlene Deasis car […]