How to get him the help that he needs?

Dear Annie: My 95-year-old father, “Fred,” lives on his own, far away from his three children. Until now, Dad has been in good health, even still driving. My siblings and I have been trying to convince Dad to move near one of us so we can care for him, but he refuses. Dad has a […]

Who’s winning the lawn sign war?

For just one more week, lawns all over Davis will be cluttered with advertisements advocating candidates and causes. A few weeks ago, I asked a veteran politician in Davis what he thought the purpose of campaign lawn signs is. He told me, “More than anything, it’s to get your name better known. You want to […]

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Don’t blame it on the council

I didn’t expect Michael Bisch to like my op-ed since it reported on his and Robb Davis’ mischievous surprise vote at the Parking Task Force meeting to exclude me and erase my testimony. Despite opposition from store owners who invited me, they had the votes to do it by joining a group seeking to milk […]

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Yolo County beckons tourists at Sunset show

By Alan Humason and Tiffany Dozier For the first time in many years, the Yolo County Visitors Bureau will be part of Sunset Magazine’s Celebration Weekend. This is a huge show, open to the public this coming weekend. It draws more than 20,000 people to Sunset’s extensive campus in Menlo Park, and the YCVB will […]

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Choose this social progressive

Davisites, we should support Dan Wolk for Assembly. My fear is that this election is turning out to be more of a popularity contest than one based on important social issues. This is much greater than a race between Joe Krovoza and Dan Wolk. This is much bigger than relations with UC Davis and environmental […]

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Law clinic is a great example

Dan Wolk is a doer and visionary. I worked with him for many years at the Legal Clinic of Yolo County, a free clinic he created and led to serve the legal needs of the poor and elderly in Yolo County. Dan chose the location of the clinic, a senior center in West Sacramento, to […]

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Wolk’s ready for the next step

We hear a lot about reaching across the aisle and consensus-building being the most effective way to make real change in government. Dan Wolk has been endorsed by all three of his fellow City Council members. This says a lot about how he manages relationships, governance and conflict on complex issues. Clearly, his council colleagues […]

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Krovoza is a creative leader

My vote goes to Joe Krovoza for Assembly based upon his extraordinary track record — beginning as a youthful volunteer in public service and his continuing dedicated leadership in our city and region. Joe brings us a mountain of experience as an innovative and co-creative leader. He has clearly performed with integrity and eagerness to […]

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Look who’s funding the mailers

One has to wonder when you see the flurry of campaign mailers for our Assembly race, what interests are at stake? Where is the money coming from? The mailers attacking Dan Wolk are funded by “FairPAC” with money from big oil, big pharma and the insurance industry. The mailers supporting Dan Wolk are funded by […]

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Elect Krovoza to the Assembly

Upon moving to Davis in 2004, we took a while to get our bearings, conducted a little post-retirement, values-clarifying self-assessment, then did what Davisites do. We got to work contributing where we could to issues that matter to us. With our values as our guide, it is no surprise that we believe electing Joe Krovoza […]

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Dan has all the right stuff

I enthusiastically support Dan Wolk for state Assembly. Dan has all the right stuff to represent our interests in the Assembly. He is smart, well-educated at Stanford and UC Berkeley Law School and experienced as a volunteer on several Davis commissions, as a Davis City Council member and as a Solano County attorney. He follows […]

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Fight back with your vote

How I miss Herb Bauer when we most need his wit and insight during this campaign. It is a shame that he isn’t here to put pen to paper to express how many of us are disgusted in the unsupported attacks that are being aimed at Dan Wolk. Dan has shown an infinite amount of […]

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Dan Wolk for Assembly

I wanted to write you a letter to express my steadfast support for Dan Wolk for Assembly. All of my life I have worked for environmental causes from clean air and water to protecting our wild places. I believe Dan is the best candidate in the race to work for meaningful progress on these issues. […]

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Little Oedipus won’t budge

Dear Annie: You’ve printed letters about grandchildren sleeping with the grandparents. What do you think about a 7-year-old boy who sleeps with his mother in her queen-sized bed, displacing his father? Dad sleeps in his daughter’s room (in twin beds). This young boy is very strong-willed, as is his mother. She’s quite proud of this […]