The problem’s in the testing

In the Sunday forum article “Dubious legal advice drove lottery,” Carlton Larson lamented the use of a lottery to select GATE-qualified students for the limited seats available in self-contained GATE classes. Larson, a law school professor, contended the district could and should select students based solely on merit, i.e., test scores. Larson compared admission to […]

Vote no on fluoride in water

I am glad to read more comments about the negative effects of fluoride in drinking tap water. It was added to the water we had in Wilmette, Ill. How do I not know that it didn’t contribute to cancer? I choose to avoid tempting having cancer by not having it. What other organs would it harm? We don’t […]

Food closet kept stocked

It takes an unbelievable amount of support from the community of Davis for STEAC to feed the homeless and low-income elderly and low-income families who live here in Davis each year. Without the large and small food drives that are held every year it would not be possible. We would like to thank two of […]

You can’t invent your own facts

I was stunned by the unintentional irony of your recent editorial excoriating the Obama administration’s apparent overreach while investigating national security leaks. Hyperbole is certainly not unusual in editorials, and the government since Sept. 11, 2001, has indeed been much too lax in protecting civil liberties in the face of potential terrorist threats. It does […]

Marsy’s Law is working well

On a sunny California day in 1983, a woman loading bags into her car trunk in a supermarket parking lot was suddenly confronted by a gunman who forced her into the car, tied her up and drove her away. Minutes later, in another parking lot, he blocked another car’s attempted exit from a space and, […]

Tornado brings grief and hard-won knowledge

The issue: Even a few minutes’ warning saved lives in Oklahoma By lunchtime Monday, storm spotters knew something terrible could happen. Heartache would be in this storm’s path. There would be no way around it. THE DEPTH OF GRIEF and the breath of destruction would be determined later, for agonizing days and weeks later. Make […]

Daddy’s girl all grown up

Dear Annie: I have three wonderful young adult children. The oldest two girls both recently graduated from college and are living at home, working and saving money. The girls were not particularly interested in dating until recently. Our oldest met a guy at work and has fallen hard. She’s always been family oriented, but for […]

Viva velo! is Davis’ refrain

The fourth annual Davis Bike Loopalooza on May 5 was again a resounding success thanks to the many volunteers, participants and supporters of this community event sponsored by Davis Bicycles! Kids and adults alike spent hours exploring the Davis Bike Loop, and finding their way around town in this eco-friendly manner. In fact, we topped […]

Bike to School Day a success

Davis Street Smarts and Davis Bicycles! would like to thank city and Davis school district officials who greeted students on our second annual Bike to School Day, May 8. It was another big success; we counted 2,263 bikes in racks, which averages about 36 percent student-bicycling that day at Davis public schools. Thanks to Joe […]

Words are our gateways

As I sat in the Yolo Superior Courtroom this week and listened at length to the expert in linguistics speak about the nuances of language, I thought about the nuances of being beaten within an inch of your life while having your stigmatizing identity hurled at you in the most hateful form possible. I thought […]

Regulations have gone amok

By Jay Ambrose A guy’s walking across a college campus, sees a young woman, grins, winks and, even though he doesn’t know her, says he’d sure like to take someone so beautiful out on a date. She’s offended. She accuses this fellow student of sexual harassment, and, because of new federal rules, she does not […]