Independent, responsible leadership

Our City Council has taken some significant steps to turn around its financial problems, and Joe Krovoza has provided mature and responsible leadership during this time. There’s much more work to be done to fix the difficulties that are bankrupting our cities: Joe has been willing to take a realistic look at solutions and I […]

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Dodd: experience, attitude, values

I have known Bill Dodd for many years and I offer Davis voters these three important reasons to join me in voting for Bill Dodd for the Assembly: his experience, his attitude and his values. * Experience. Bill Dodd has more experience as an elected official than all of his opponents combined. Nothing beats listening […]

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A demonstrated track record

The upcoming election of  a new person to represent the citizens of the 4th Assembly District, which includes Davis, is an opportunity to select a very qualified person for this important position. Joe Krovoza is a person who had demonstrated that he perceives, understands and is willing to take the tough decisions to address difficult […]

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Widespread support is telling

It is about as rare for the local criminal defense lawyers to agree with the district attorney as it is for Republicans and Democrats in Congress to agree about anything. That’s why the widespread agreement to back Janene Beronio is so notable. The fact that all current and retired Yolo County Superior Court judges have endorsed […]

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Judges’ endorsements criticized

This is the second election cycle in which I have received a campaign piece featuring a picture of all of our Yolo County judges in their judicial robes endorsing a political candidate. While this may not be specifically prohibited, it certainly violates the notion that judges should be impartial. Were these judges to choose to […]

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She’s exceptionally qualified

I have been a Yolo County prosecutor for 25 years and I know that Janene Beronio is the best candidate for judge. She is smart, fair and has the right temperament for a judge. She has served Yolo County well as a court commissioner. She is exceptionally qualified to be a Superior Court judge. Pattie […]

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She’s an inactive member of Bar

Yolo Superior Court Commissioner Janene D. Beronio is a member of the State Bar of California, but she is officially listed as “inactive” since Jan. 1, 1990. The only time that a member is not subject to the mandatory continuing legal education educational and reporting requirements is during the period of time that he or […]

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Beronio was patient and fair

When it comes time to vote for judgeships, I often don’t know the candidates, and it is enough for me to choose a local candidate with the most experience, who has significant endorsements from other judges. Based on those criteria alone, I would vote for Janene Beronio, who has been a local judicial officer for […]

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It feels like we’re buying justice

“Unseemly” and “unsavory” are the words associated with the practice of electing judges. It feels like buying justice. Let me be clear: I am not calling into question the integrity of the judges. I am calling into question the integrity of the system that elects judges. I just received a phone call from a solicitor […]

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Fiscal hawk, frugal person

Davis’ fiscal problems are the result of a lot of bad decisions over many years. Unfortunately, the current council has not done better than its predecessors. How does one decide to borrow a million dollars from the water fund to study a private utility project when the city has a $5 million deficit and is […]

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Clever ideas sought for invention/upcycling contest

By Sally Parker Five stores, the Davis Chamber of Commerce, Sierra Club Yolano Group and Cool Davis are joining the Square Tomatoes Crafts Fair in sponsoring an Invention and Upcycling Contest. It will be held Sunday, June 1, in Central Park for a $50 prize. All of the sponsoring stores — Aggie Reuse, Hibbert Lumber, […]

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By the numbers: CBFR does provide fair water billing

Math anxiety, fear of rising water costs are no reason to vote for Measure P By John Whitehead A Davis Enterprise editorial on May 6 suggested that the Davis community doesn’t trust our future water billing formula known as CBFR (consumption-based fixed rate). CBFR has not been explained very well because words alone fall short, […]

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Keep Davis running; vote yes on Measure O

By Lucas Frerichs, Brett Lee, Elaine Roberts Musser, Dan Carson and Ken Wagstaff On Election Day, June 3, Davis voters will face many important decisions that will affect the quality of life in our community for years to come. We strongly urge you to cast your vote in favor of Measure O. Measure O proposes […]

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Our view: Vote no on Measure P

The issue: Initiative imperils our water project, but we urge a move away from CBFR There’s a very real possibility that Measure P, which asks the city to toss out its current water rates, will pass. Voters are worried about the rising cost of water, and they’re confused about the consumption-based fixed rate that will […]

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