The self(ie) generation

  A fascinating new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that millennials (defined by Pew as Americans ages 18 to 33) are drifting away from traditional institutions — political, religious and cultural. Before we make a value judgment about these changes, let’s lay them out and understand how fundamentally they will transform the structure […]

Will Manson Family killer ever walk?

If it seemed like déjà vu all over again the other day when the state’s parole board issued a decision that could free a leading disciple of perhaps the most vicious killer California has ever seen, that’s because it was. The order marked the third time in the last five years that the Board of […]

Gotta know when to fold ‘em

Dear Annie: I have played in a local poker league for 10 years and have built solid friendships with these people. Three years ago, a new crew joined our crowd. At first, they were friendly, but in the past two years, one of them began having home poker parties. I was completely caught off guard […]

Rethinking town’s energy future

What an interesting story! We will own a battery-powered car that gets us where we want to go, yet still serves to store solar energy for our evening use. Does this assume that the electric car is left at home to charge all day? What is the expected life of these batteries? There are so […]

Thank you Novozymes

On behalf of the science teachers at Willett Elementary School, I would like to thank Novozymes for its generous grant in support of the science program at Willett. Novozymes’s donation will enable the science program to purchase a class set (eight) of triple beam balances, which will be used by all of our fourth, fifth […]

Don’t lose sight of the children

Hurray for Davis parents. They care about their schools. While some are involved only for their own children, most are not. Parents are responsible for starting, funding, and maintaining programs to expand opportunities for all students. I do not know any of the parties involved in this volleyball fiasco. My children graduated long ago. I […]

Unwanted reminder from the past

Dear Annie: Thirty-two years ago, my ex left me for another woman. He was verbally abusive and denigrated the children and me every chance he had. People did not realize what I went through during my marriage. I remarried 23 years ago, and the children are now grown adults. I have no contact with my […]

It’s a solution, not part of the problem

By Michael Bisch and Kemble Pope We read Robin Weiner’s letter in the March 21 edition of The Davis Enterprise with interest. To begin with, the Davis Chamber of Commerce and Davis Downtown very much share Robin’s concerns regarding how the city of Davis goes about allocating its limited financial resources in the face of […]

Speak out against fracking

If you are concerned with the rush to frack California please write in favor of SB 1132, which will place a moratorium on fracking. Feel free to use the following letter as a template. This bill is set for hearing on April 8 by the Committee on Natural Resources and Water. Senator Fran Pavley, Chair […]

Who’s laughing now?

During a debate in the recent presidential election campaign candidate Mitt Romney stated that Russia was the top geopolitical foe of the United States. President Obama ridiculed this statement. All over the country Democrats joined him in laughing at candidate Romney. After all, central to the president’s Democratic Party foreign policy position was the concept […]

Water meter readings don’t add up

Here’s an explanation for everyone wanting to conserve water who is bewildered by the fickle gallons per day (GPD) reporting. Math teachers could offer this to students as a real-world example of misinterpreting numbers. Davis meter reading accuracy stops at the digit that represents 100 cubic feet. If the last three digits advance in a […]

Just you and me, and the ex makes three

Dear Annie: Four years ago, my wife, “Joann,” was the executor of her mother’s will. Per instructions, she divided the estate equally with her three siblings. However, a few months later, the estate received an award of $200,000 for a lawsuit her mother had filed 30 years ago. Joann and one of her siblings split […]

Adults need to learn teamwork

I am not directly involved with the current conflagration between the (former) school board member and the volleyball coach; however, I have spent hundreds of hours in the bleachers, watching both the Davis High boys and girls teams. I am appalled by this ongoing dispute. My bleacher-sitting colleagues and I did not always agree with […]