Reasons to vote for Measure P

As a retired engineer who has worked on water and waste treatment projects, I am voting for Measure P because the current rates are overly complex and unfair. The current rate structure, which effectively hides your water costs until it is too late to take corrective action, hurts everyone in Davis who does not maintain […]

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Sunder for school board

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter in support of Madhavi Sunder for school board. She has all of the qualities of someone I would want advocating for my children: thoughtfulness, perseverance, creativity and accessibility. She is deeply invested in the success of the Davis school district, having two young children in […]

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Desperate for old school desk

During the chaos of a recent move, someone inadvertently donated our daughter’s old-style wooden school desk to the SPCA Thrift Store on Saturday, April 26. We realized Sunday night it was gone. I called the thrift store Monday morning, but the desk was already sold. Our daughter received the desk as a gift when she […]

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Handicapping our Assembly race

Despite the fact that I am not a fan of government by referendum, I was enthusiastically supportive of Proposition 14 in 2010. Its passage changed our primary vote from multiple partisan ballots to a single open contest where the top two finishers face each other in the general election, even if they are both from […]

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He likes things the way they are

Dear Annie: I have given the past 10 years to a man I love very much. “Cliff” wants to marry me, but I’ve turned him down. The problem is, he wants us to get married and each live in our own houses. We are both 67 years old. Right now, Cliff spends weekends at my place. […]

Doesn’t want to jingle all the way

Dear Annie: My boyfriend and I have been together for three years, although we’ve been apart a great deal of that time due to college and work. Now that we are able to relocate together, my boyfriend expects me to participate more with his family, especially over the Christmas holidays. All of his family members […]

Changing tastes mark our development

My women’s group has been meeting every week for 37 years. For a writer, this could have meant several lifetimes of things to write about, but all our discussions are private. I can, however, tell you our food story. Every group has one. First, a little background on the group. We came out of the […]

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Labels inform our purchasing decisions

By Belinda Martineau I have great respect for the science that Kent Bradford and many other plant scientists at UC Davis have dedicated their lives to, including use of the tool of genetic engineering in efforts to understand and improve crop plants. Genetic engineering is a very powerful biotechnology that is being used to further […]

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Try upcycling to trim waste

I was pleased to see Michelle Millet’s forum piece on reducing the waste stream by bringing coffee mugs, shopping bags and utensils. This requires some self-sacrifice and discipline. I’d like to add that there is another way to reduce waste, but it’s more like a treasure hunt. Consider upcycling. Most people have no idea that […]

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Cowboy Cliven and Hopalong Hannity at the not-OK Corral

That hissing sound you hear is Fox “News” anchor Sean Hannity’s credibility evaporating into thin air. It’s not a long hiss. Credibility? Hah! Fox “News” is a bottomless pool of ignorance and calculated misinformation, and Sarah Palin is their Lady of the Lake. There’s no “news” presented on Fox. They merely cherry-pick sparkly Red things […]

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Encourage personal responsibility

I enjoyed Michelle Millet’s column on Sunday, April 20, titled “Striving for Zero Waste: Beyond the bring-your-own-bag habit.” I support bring-your-own bag, coffee mug, water and utensils. I bring my own as often as I can or ask for a for-here cup, as Millet suggests. I agree with and support the message in her commentary. […]

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Please support this magical camp

Our community has recently been impacted greatly by diagnoses of cancer and cancer deaths; in our neighborhoods, schools, fitness centers and workplaces. When it’s a parent who has been diagnosed and is going through treatment, their children are affected immensely; they don’t understand all of the doctor appointments and the side-effects of the treatments. The […]

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