Kids suffer in a bad marriage

Dear Annie: My wife and I are caught up in our son’s dysfunctional marriage. “Martin” and his wife have three children together, and he has an older child from a previous marriage. All of the children are wonderful. They do well in school. But their mom and dad hate each other, drink too much and […]

Immigration change vital for GOP

Last fall’s overwhelming, more than 3-1 Latino vote for President Obama has at last gotten leading Republican politicians to realize they can’t permanently treat all 11 million undocumented immigrants like criminals. Gradually, too, from possible president candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to former presidential candidate and Arizona Sen. John McCain, they are coming […]

Senate struggles to play by the rules

The issue: ‘Regular order’ may be an unreachable goal For years, Senate Republicans taunted their Democratic counterparts for their inability to pass a budget for the coming fiscal year. According to what is known in Washington as “regular order,” early each year the House and Senate pass separate versions of the budget and the president […]

Not giving her much reason to stick around

Dear Annie: I feel betrayed by my husband, and he doesn’t seem to see the problem. We have been married for 40 years. “Victor” always had a wandering eye and a problem being faithful. For whatever reason, I was never enough for him. He has no idea how much he has hurt me over the […]

Carnival raised $16K for Emerson

We would like to thank the community for support of the Emerson Junior High PTA Carnival! We are pleased to report that our carnival fundraiser was a success, raising more than $16,000 that will be used for classroom technology upgrades in the 2013-14 school year. The carnival couldn’t have happened without the support of individuals […]

SADVC, Soroptimists say thanks

On behalf of the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center and Soroptimist International of Woodland, we would like to thank everyone who attended Groovin’ in the Grove — making it a huge success! A special thank you to our event sponsors: Comstock Mortgage; Anna Del Castillo of Bella Bartending; Andrew Dowling, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Real […]

Support was key to conference

We want to thank Christine Rivard, Dennis Hubbard and the city of Davis Community Services Department for waiving the fee on the Veterans’ Memorial Center facilities that we used on April 27 for the 19th annual Northern California Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference: “National Scandal: Family Courts Placing Children with Identified Sex Abusers.” We also […]

Travis Brass earns kudos

Monday, April 29, was the first “Day of Art Giving” in the region, and as part of our celebration for this, the six-piece ensemble brass group of the United States Air Force Band, Travis Brass, played their music at Heritage Plaza in downtown Woodland. YoloArts would like to extend sincere thanks to the six Travis […]

Public pensions have run amok

The fact that any public employee can get a $265,000 per year as a pension is reason No. 1 why the public pensions should go away. At the very least, pensions should max out at $100,000 per year. Ideally, the pension would turn into a high-percentage 403(b) match. Did University of California President Mark Yudof […]

Frugal spending has value, too

Thank you to Glen Byrns for sharing his Davis firefighter story; please hear mine. I was in a single-vehicle wreck on the freeway near Richards Boulevard about two years ago. No one else, just me and my truck. I phoned 911, just so CHP could write me up and call a tow truck. I explained […]

Ron Broward: a true inspiration

Last week, Davis lost one of the pillars of the community, Ron Broward. Unknown to many, Ron stayed under the publicity radar. He performed his good deeds as part of his everyday life. He did not seek out accolades; in fact, he often shied away from them. Back in the late 70s, he developed and […]

Blue Devils have spirit

I loved Brett Johnson’s write-up of Wednesday night’s lacrosse playoff game. I only wish he had spent a sentence or two about the student support of the team, in particular the Pep Band and the Cheer Squad. Especially since this is a newer sport, it is newsworthy that the student community is helping support it. […]

We’re headed back in time

The revelation that the earth’s CO2 levels are now as high as they were 3 million years ago made me wonder what Australopithecus was doing back then to have such an impact on the environment. Max Zeigler Davis

Fluoridation’s not without risk

In anticipation of our town’s coming debate over water fluoridation, I’ve been reading far and wide. Perhaps many of us have assumed that fluoridating water supplies is a no-brainer, a sound public health measure. I’ve come away from my reading, however, rethinking this common assumption. Recent research suggests that ingested fluoride is not at all […]