What do you think? What book would you like to read but haven’t gotten around to yet?

Julie Bonnar sales, Davis: “The Bible. I’m working on it.” David Bonnar environmental toxicologist, Davis: ” ‘Dune,’ by Frank Herbert. It’s a sci-fi novel.” Kathy Wang student, Davis: ” ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’ “ Greg Cotta sports director at KDVS, Davis: ” ‘Catch-22.’ “ Melinda Ozel FACS coder, Davis: ” ‘On the Road.’ “ […]

We’re outraged over Gitmo

St. James Gospel Justice recently discussed the article “Viewpoints: The Gitmo the U.S. Never Sees,” which appeared in The New York Times and The Sacramento Bee on April 16. Force feeding of inmates on a hunger strike has been occurring daily since February and continues to this day. Samir Naji is one of many inmates on a hunger […]

Farm to school goes countywide

By Dorothy Peterson The Yolo Farm to Fork Foundation has attracted four major supporters over the past year to bolster efforts to expand the farm-to-school message from Davis into schools throughout Yolo County. Yolo County Agriculture Commissioner John Young has encouraged the Yolo Farm to Fork Foundation to take the garden, recycle and nutrition programs […]

Obama makes Bush look like model of restraint

The issue: AP phone taps, IRS targets, Benghazi debacle cast a dark shadow on the White House To a person, probably, most of Barack Obama’s supporters believed that, if elected, he would rein in the worst excesses of President George W. Bush’s national-security strategy. The opposite has happened. PRESIDENT BUSH fought the eternal White House battle […]

It’s a dog-eat-dog park

Dear Annie: I have an 8-month-old puppy, and I take her to a local dog park so she can run off leash and play with the other dogs, which she loves. In the three months I have been taking her, “Phoebe” has never been attacked or fought with another dog. That was until last night, […]

Concerned about racial profiling

When I read in The Davis Enterprise the story of Eli Davis, a 68-year-old black man, mowing his lawn and being questioned by an officer about whether or not he lived in his home, I was disheartened and concerned. I was disheartened because the police were not looking for a “tall, slim, 68-year-old black male,” […]

Golf carts instead of Priuses

Thank you for The Enterprise article dated May 7 reporting on our city budget challenges. As you know, our solution(s) to our budget deficit will derive both from maximizing city revenues and reducing city operating costs. Regarding reducing city operating costs, it is my opinion that serious potential savings are available by better scrutinizing city purchases and […]

Please support families

On May 8, I exercised my First Amendment right to petition my government by participating in Resolve’s Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. This event inspires men and women from across the country, affected by infertility, to talk to their members of Congress about issues important to our community. We talked about two bills currently before […]

Make good school choices

I’m a big believer in Montessori education. Both of my kids attended Montessori preschool and my youngest son is on the waitlist for the Montessori program at Birch Lane. I’m also a big believer in neighborhood schools. I want my children to walk to school each day with their friends and to develop connections to […]

Chinese turn to Obama with petitions

The issue: A traditional form of appeal in China takes on new meaning in the U.S. Police officers in foreign countries are no longer nonplussed when people they’ve arrested demand to be read their Miranda rights — the result, perhaps, of overexposure to U.S. cop shows in foreign syndication. Something like that is happening now […]

I welcome restorative justice

By Mark Rollins The Davis Enterprise article on April 26 titled “Neighborhood Court Brings Restorative Justice Idea to Davis” jumped out at me. Helping victims and offenders of crimes heal by sitting down face to face and discussing their feelings about being wronged or about why they committed an offense can be healthy for our […]

The new girl is making trouble

Dear Annie: I am finally divorced. My ex and I have a minor child together. He has met my new partner, and they get along great while at our son’s sporting events. I thought it would be healthy for our son to see us as friends. I also thought it would be nice to meet […]