Gone, but still around

Dear Annie: I’m dating a divorced man with five children, two of whom still live with their parents in a shared-custody arrangement. The divorce was very bitter, and she put him into bankruptcy. She is a spendaholic and not a pleasant person to be around, always making herself the wronged party. We put up with […]

Unnecessary yellow journalism

I am writing in protest of what I see as an unnecessary piece of yellow journalism. I am appalled at not only some of the explicit description used in Sunday’s story about the double homicide case, but especially by the choice to place under extremely large letters the picture of a dazed-appearing, shackled teenager juxtaposed with the […]

Did you consider the impact?

I am deeply disturbed and saddened that the article regarding the homicide was published in this past Sunday’s newspaper. The horrific and graphic details are sure to have an enormous impact on our community. It lacked sensitivity to the victim’s family, the Marsh family and the community at large. Davis is still a smaller-than-most town […]

The Fourth Amendment is so yesterday

The issue: It’s time for Congress to provide clarity on search and seizure powers of Homeland Security The Founding Fathers valued privacy enough to specify that the people had the right to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures unless a warrant was issued. Among other items, they specified “papers.” In a rare moment of […]

A year abroad offers contrasts

By Gabriel Bick Have you ever thought about how the U.S. Constitution affects your life? Many people never think about how the Constitution affects their lives. Before last year, I had never thought about how it affected my life, either. However, moving to a new country last year for a year made me think about […]

I value my freedoms, safety

By Nicole Woolley My life would be very different without the Constitution. With the Constitution, I do not have to worry about my safety when I go places. I can share my thoughts with other people and other people can share their thoughts with me. I can choose what I want to do with my […]

Mother-in-law off to a rocky start

Dear Annie: My son recently married a young woman from an affluent family. When he was first engaged, we began to see less of him. We invited him and his fiancee to dinners, vacations, etc., but were usually turned down. They do, however, spend a great deal of time with her family, so we have […]

Why vilify paper bags?

OK, I get why it is politically correct to ban plastic bags. The only reason there was a switch from paper to plastic bags is because they are a little cheaper to manufacture. But plastic bags have serious side-effects: Many people use them only once, they pollute the environment, use valuable resources to manufacture and […]

Next up: Ban leaf blowers

Now that we’ve banned plastic bags, let’s move on to leaf blowers; all of them, not just noisy ones. I’ve been commuting across Davis for 24 years on my bike. The amount of air pollution due to these devices is tremendous. With our long, dry, hot summers, with more allergens in our Central Valley air […]

We need a mix of parking spaces

I read with interest Sunday’s op-ed piece concerning downtown parking. I wouldn’t mind paying for long-term (more than one hour) parking downtown, if it will avail parking for people who need less time downtown. It would have to work better than the ludicrous E Street lot that has the only paid parking within the borders […]

Parking rules should meet our needs

I hope that the City Council listens to all the negative opinion on the idea of extending parking limits to 8 p.m. and shortening parking time to 90 minutes. These ideas will keep more patrons from downtown restaurants and retailers. You cannot enjoy a movie or a dinner with friends in that time. I am […]

My vote goes to young kids

On the pending question of fluoridating our forthcoming river water, I had pretty firmly concluded that using toothpaste with fluoride was enough. Well, it still is, for me and other adults: topical application onto the tooth surface. And my lawn doesn’t need it. Recently, however, a couple of dental professionals quietly pointed out to me […]