Let’s not forget the teachers

As the Davis school district’s financial picture gradually improves and the Davis community embarks on a school strategic planning process, it is important to recognize the critical role that good teachers play in the education of our children. While there is considerable debate about how to improve primary education in the United States, one irrefutable […]

Default antics are like playing with dynamite

The issue: Most economists say a major default would be catastrophic Surrounded by oceans and two friendly neighbors and self-sufficient in just about everything that counts, the United States generally doesn’t spent much time worrying about the rest of the world. However, the rest of the world tends to worry about us — especially now […]

Davis is stuck in RDA limbo

It seemed like a good idea at the time. But then again, so did Captain Cook’s third visit to Hawaii. On the night of Feb. 22, 2011, a unanimous Davis City Council voted to issue $18 million in new bonds for the Davis Redevelopment Agency. The idea was to keep millions of dollars in tax […]

We need wood smoke regulation

I read Robb Davis’ commentary on wood smoke with interest, as I am one of those who have health issues exacerbated by smoke. I am a migraineur. I love my neighborhood and wonderful neighbors, with the exception of one. Unfortunately, this neighbor burns wood and other stuff on a regular basis and has two fireplaces. […]

City Council must hold the line on employee compensation

By Gregg Herrington and Michael Bisch The Davis community has been through an exceedingly difficult period of economic adjustment these past six years. Unfortunately, we are still not out of the woods. The city of Davis remains confronted with significant structural budget deficits. Our local governments — city of Davis, Yolo County and Davis Joint […]

World’s weirdest custody dispute

Dear Annie: My soon-to-be ex-wife and I live on the West Coast, while my 92-year-old mother lives in a senior facility in New York. She is happy there. She is still mentally sharp, but her body is starting to become frail. My wife has become the primary caregiver for Mom. She visits a few times […]

Don’t miss this film

More than three years ago, I, along with a team of extraordinary women, brought the film “Race to Nowhere” to a sold-out Davis crowd. Three years ago, 550 people considered the real and present danger of the stress and anxiety in their children’s lives serious enough to give up a Friday evening to seek information […]

Give us a chance to vote

As your congressman, I want to give your readers an update on the government shutdown and the impact for Yolo. The shutdown has been very disruptive in this region. The USDA headquarters at Davis is shuttered, harming farmers. Critical research is being delayed. Our ability to monitor contagious diseases is limited. The processing of cases […]

Lincoln must be bewildered

From his place in the heavens, President Lincoln must be watching the partial government shutdown with bewilderment. The first Republican president and our greatest president did everything within his power to defend and protect the federal government. Now a group of congressional members acting under the color of the Republican Party, but not its heritage, […]

No paycheck for Congress? It’s a hollow gesture

The issue: Our rich representatives won’t even feel the loss There’s a lot of grandstanding going on during the government shutdown, but perhaps none worse than the hypocritical display by members of Congress offering to forgo their paychecks. MOST MEMBERS make $174,000 a year, so a loss of one two-week pay period, and not counting […]

It’s only good for the gander

Dear Annie: I have been in a relationship with “John” for more than 12 years. We have separate homes. He has never been married and has no children. I have been married twice and have five grown kids. John still has his ex-girlfriends in his life. He used to have them clean his house, which […]

Get your nice, shiny new Red, White and Blue jersey right here

Quiet, quiet, quiet! Don’t move, don’t speak, don’t even breathe! It’s too fragile! Ssshhhhh! People, a phenomenal thing has happened. We The People are in agreement. We, who are stuck in the eye of the dysfunctional storm that has become our Congress, are, for one precious, incredible moment in time, united. Let’s not screw it […]

Sexual conflict is a driver

Gloria Partida’s searching and poignant essay in last Sunday’s paper poses the crucial question of compassionate justice. Is it possible, after the attacker brutally beat up her son Mikey within an inch of his life? The main thing to remember about attackers of gay people is that they are severely sexually conflicted. They have an […]