Parking in downtown Davis: supply, policy or pricing issue?

Why is it so hard to park in downtown Davis at selected times? I sat through a year of meetings on a task force that was asked to look into the downtown parking situation. The recommendations of that task force were made public at a City Council meeting in December. On Tuesday, March 25, the […]

The scourge of child abuse

By Connie Valentine Did you know April is both National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month? Child abuse is something nobody wants to talk about. Child sexual abuse is something absolutely nobody wants to talk about. But child sexual abuse is happening all over the place. It happens to at least a quarter of […]

Need an investigation? Ask a nearby district

By Phil Coleman In a recent editorial, The Enterprise criticized the Davis school district’s decision to spend in excess of $22,000 to fund an independent investigation of a citizen complaint. The editorial followed numerous published public comments and columns that likewise deplored the investigation’s substantial cost. An outside investigator was judged necessary due to one […]

Still smoking after all these years

Dear Annie: From a young age, I understood the harmful effects of smoking, because my grandfather died of lung cancer just months before I was born. He began smoking in his teens, which is when most adults who smoke started. Getting kids hooked early is how tobacco companies ensure that a future generation buys their […]

I’m ready to redesign the redesigned SAT

After 10 years, the College Board is once again changing the SAT. It’s all about fitting questions to the real world, they say. I guess they have their ideas about the real world and I have mine. According to the College Board, “The redesigned SAT (to be released in 2016) will be more focused on […]

In my head, I am the all-time champ on ‘The Voice’

It’s my dirty little secret, and yeah, I know you’ll respect me a little less when we’re done. I love “The Voice.” I don’t mean random, casual love, like “I love these shoes” or “I love tacos” — I mean I love “The Voice.” Pure, crazy infatuation “love.” The last time I was loved something […]

Speak, Fido, speak!

Dear Annie: You printed an essay about a year ago regarding the loss of a pet from the pet’s point of view. I’m sorry, but that’s all I remember. I recall the way that poem made me feel. I hope you can help me dig it up. — A.S. Dear A.S.: That poem is one […]

UCD opens doors for kids

I am writing to thank the UC Davis department of wildlife, fish and conservation biology for its excellent outreach program. On Friday, March 7, Tuleyome Home Place Adventures brought a group of elementary school students to the Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology to learn about the wild birds in our back yard. We started […]

Thanks for going hog-wild!

So many Davis people and organizations made March 1 our biggest and best Pig Day ever! It wouldn’t be Pig Day without a half-dozen baby pigs to steal the show. Thanks to Woodland farmer Jim Neilson for bringing baby pigs to Pig Day for the past 20 years. A heartfelt thanks to Eva Dopico, Chris […]

Michelle Millet: Family discovers that less is more

Recently, my family has taken on the challenge of reducing the amount of waste we are responsible for generating. We decided to undertake this challenge in small, incremental steps, in an attempt to make the seemingly monumental task of living a zero-waste lifestyle a little less daunting and little more feasible. A common theme I […]

Tax rebates are a bad idea

If there’s a state budget surplus, let’s return it to the people we took it from. That’s the demand these days from conservative Republicans led by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who now represents a lot of barren desert and would like to be governor of California. It’s quite a siren song and one we’ve heard before, […]

Vaccinate your kids and keep all of us safe

By Constance Caldwell, M.D. It is almost time for kindergarten enrollment, and a number of vaccines are required for entry. The same goes for child care. For some, it begs the question: Why do we bother to vaccinate our children against a variety of illnesses, and why is it required? The near-elimination of many previously […]