Teens, you are who you are

I am a student in a Race and Social Justice in U.S. History class at Davis High School. I am in a research group called body image, where my group members and I search for our peers’ views of their body image. The overall question we were answering was “How does your body image affect […]

Reality TV affects us differently

Every year at Davis High, students in Race and Social Justice in U.S. History classes are put into groups of seven or eight peers to research a cause they see at a national level that they could connect with their school. This year was no different. A group including Harman Bhandal, Micaela Everitt, Daryl Leung, […]

Gender stereotypes begin young

Dear parents of the Davis community, We are a group of 11th-graders from Davis High School. In our Race and Social Justice in U.S. History class, we have been working on a research project concerning issues in our community. We decided to focus on gender stereotypes, especially in the younger grades in Davis. Thus, our […]

Brown’s looking at a 2014 cakewalk

Like flowers blooming in the spring, Republican candidates for governor have begun to pop up during the past few weeks. But there’s a key difference between the folks jumping up this time and many who ran in gubernatorial primaries of the past two decades: There are no billionaires among the early entrants. There is no […]

Workers should not die for your T-shirt

The issue: The immense purchasing power of the American consumer can force beneficial changes in the marketplace Workers thought they had reached the heartbreaking end of the rescue phase of the collapsed Bangladeshi factory building more than two weeks ago when the last known survivor died of smoke inhalation from a rescue attempt gone wrong. BUT […]

Eli Davis deserves more from us

I am grateful to the Davis police for a variety of good things they do for me and the community. That does not excuse the harassment of Mr. Eli Davis by one officer. “Community members called in a … burglary … officers … set up a perimeter … the police misidentified a solicitor who was […]

Father putting son in danger

Dear Annie: I am a single mom of a 4-year-old boy who is being abused by my ex-husband and his wife. After a visit, he comes home bruised and scratched with black eyes. He has had scabies more than a dozen times. The worst thing is that my son was just diagnosed with PTSD. I […]

And then, there’s this one …

Dear Readers: Happy Mother’s Day. Please phone your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, stepmother or foster mother and wish them the best. And our special good wishes to all the new mommies who are celebrating their very first Mother’s Day. Also, please don’t forget those for whom this day, for whatever reason, is filled with sadness. Give […]

On Mother’s Day, hats off to Great-Grandma

I learned to be good grandma from a person I never met, whose voice I never heard, whose friends I never knew, a person who died before I was born. She was my Sicilian great-grandmother, called Mamma Pepina, and I recently found a photograph of her taken when she was very old, perhaps in her […]

Gratitude from the heart

Dear Annie: I am writing a long overdue thank-you note to my parents. They are faithful readers of your column. Mom and Dad, I am thankful that: You stood your ground and did not give in to me, even when I threw fits and demanded my way. You supported me in school and gave me […]

Access to transportation is a must as we age

By Elaine Roberts Musser At some point in life, as individuals age, the time may come to consider giving up the keys to their automobile. As people enter their senior years, their response times can decline and their dexterity may greatly diminish. With certain health problems like dementia, a doctor is required to report it to […]

From the pen of Herbert Bauer: warmth, wisdom and wit

* Editor’s note: Herbert Bauer, dubbed the “conscience of Davis,” died Tuesday at age 103. Among his many accomplishments, he was famous for his letters to the editor, which tackled major issues, sometimes fiercely, sometimes cheekily, but always heartfelt. Among his regular themes were public health issues, the death penalty, war and peace, national politics […]

How not to get a job

The issue: Young people still unemployed must learn how to interview, work hard The unemployment rate for would-be workers ages 20 to 24 is just about double the 7.6 percent for the workforce as a whole. This is the age when young adults are eager, or should be, to launch a career and employers should […]