Thanks for your caring support

We, the friends and family of Ben Davis, wish to thank our community. So often news comes to us about the harsh side of being human. But the caring and loving acts of so many go unspoken. We wish to thank the many of you, who throughout the year, and especially most recently, have given […]

Students hold their own in math, science

Maybe it’s time to stop the steady stream of hand-wringing over how poorly America’s schoolkids, and California’s in particular, perform in subjects like math and science and realize they are actually doing OK, even if there’s still plenty of room for improvement. That’s the takeaway from 2011 test scores in the Trends in International Math […]

‘Tis the season to drive carefully

The issue: Watch out on the roads this Friday, and through the weekend On Earth peace, good will to man … but on the highway, not so much. A STUDY BY David Brown, a University of Alabama professor who examines holiday traffic (perhaps if you’re researching the traffic, it means you’re not stuck in it), […]

It’s not you, it’s us

Dear Annie: My husband likes to watch porn. I don’t care to watch it myself, but if my husband asks me to join him in his viewing, I will. Recently, I found out that my husband was watching porn on his phone at work. When I confronted him, he claimed it was just an advertising […]

Still feeling unconfirmed

Dear Annie: I am 14 years old and facing a dilemma. My father isn’t particularly religious, but my mother is a strict Catholic, and my older sister and brother have been confirmed. I have another six months before I am expected to go through the process of confirmation. I do not want to do this. […]

And now, the secret is out

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 34 years. I love her dearly and would do anything for her. When my wife was 8 years old, she was molested by her uncle (her maternal aunt’s husband). She told me about this before we were married, and she made it clear that she […]

Here’s a story of change

The following story is from my student at Corcoran State Prison. He is on a correspondence course through the Criminon Program and wanted his statement printed somewhere so he could have a copy. This is what he said: “This course — the ‘Way to Happiness’ — has changed me to be a better person. It […]

They’ve had their chance

In the Dec. 12 issue of The Enterprise, a commentary stated that we must give the current dismantling of the health care system a real chance, as if 3 1/2 years isn’t giving it a running start. Unfortunately, the additional year the author requests is more than millions can afford or want. Countless more will […]

How not to attract rats

I wanted to respond to a letter about attracting rats to your yard and the absurd assumptions and accusations in that letter. As a member of Raptors Are The Solution, one of the things we teach is how to make your houses and yard less attractive to unwanted wildlife. It is very similar to many […]

Recycle the WPA restroom

I am writing regarding the Works Progress Administration restroom in Central Park. I was deeply disappointed to hear that this historic building might be demolished in order to build a “history plaza.” It will have nothing to do with history, but instead provide more space for Farmers Market vendors. In the new Central Park plan, […]

Rockwell’s art sets auction record

The issue: Heartwarming paintings of American life resonate many years later In his prime years as an artist, Norman Rockwell was derided by the oh-so-refined fine arts community as a corny chronicler of middlebrow American life. His realistic paintings, meticulously drawn from life, were in almost prissy contrast to the ferocious abstractionism of the time. […]

State needs cost-effective water bond

By Lois Wolk The Legislature will return to Sacramento in January and will immediately face a trio of questions about water. * Can California break the gridlock and move forward on investing in a sustainable water supply for our future? * Can legislators from every region of the state come together on an affordable plan […]

Sitting next to each other, but not together

I’m traveling alone to Sacramento, seated on the aisle in the midsection of the airplane. I arrive at my row before my seatmates, because my Delta credit card lets me board after passengers who are first class, Sky Priority or disabled, but before the huddled masses. I sit, watching the oncoming passengers, fervently hoping that […]

Things here on Far West Russell Boulevard are about to change

So, Winters really needs some good news right about now, and while I’m not ready to go full-on Happy Holidays and ho-ho-ho quite yet, I do have tidings of good cheer. What someone so aptly called “the worst kept secret in history” at a Winters Chamber of Commerce presentation on Friday is the proposed PG&E […]