Sheila Allen’s the real deal

I am writing in support of Sheila Allen, candidate for City Council. If you are like me, you are trying to figure out the various candidates in terms of who they really are — not just what they say they are. Having been Sheila’s neighbor for 20 years, I can attest to the fact that […]

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Rochelle studies and listens

Rochelle Swanson is an effective City Council member and is capably representing our interests, so I’m voting to re-elect her. New to city government four years ago, Rochelle has worked, studied and listened to us. Her mastery of important issues combines with a bone-deep integrity, so she knows what she can deliver and doesn’t promise […]

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My choices for local offices

I support Rochelle Swanson for City Council, for her commitment to our community and our environment, and her experience and hard work on economic development over her four years on City Council. Rochelle is a natural problem-solver with the experience and knowledge to help Davis through the difficult times before us. Rochelle works tirelessly for […]

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High praise for Joe Krovoza

I would like to provide insight about why I strongly support Joe Krovoza for Assembly. In August 2013, Joe wrote an incisive paper on issues pertaining to the Yolo County Latino community. Topics included education, health care, immigration reform, Latino voting, affordable housing and how we can move forward. Joe mentioned that while more than […]

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Our view: Elect Swanson, Davis to City Council

A strong field of candidates for the Davis City Council gives voters an opportunity to return a hard-working veteran to the dais and welcome a political newcomer who has been called a “gifted thinker.” We are pleased to recommend that you give Rochelle Swanson and Robb Davis your votes. Our choices: Davis City Council: Rochelle Swanson, […]

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Vote no: Measure P presents big risks to joint water project

By Stephen Souza, Helen M. Thomson, Elaine Roberts Musser and Jane Rundquist April 10 of this year was an exciting and satisfying day for many people in the Davis community. That was the day that construction officially began on the new Davis-Woodland surface water treatment facility. This is a project whose history extends back to […]

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Measures O and P have direct ties to Davis’ economic vitality

By Rob White Davis voters will decide two measures on Tuesday’s ballot that will play a pivotal role in our economic sustainability. Measures O and P will impact the economic, social and community development efforts for our city. As I recently reported, our economic development staff is spearheading the Innovation and Economic Vitality Work Program […]

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Today I write in praise of pausing

This is a column in praise of the pause. I’ve been pausing for things all my life, but I recently realized that some pauses ― not the traffic-signal type ― contain hidden wealth. The other day I was trying to remember who sang “If You Could Read My Mind.” I pictured the singer’s face and […]

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What do you think? How will you vote on Measure P?

Rohan Mohapatra student, Davis: “No, because water rates should be allocated fairly based on how much you’re using.” Will Colburn student, Davis: “Yes, because then the rates would be lower.” Enrique Arechiga student, Davis: “Yes, because the rates are cheaper.” Jennifer Kim student, Davis: “Yes, because repealing the rates and making them lower would be […]

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Simple tips for healthy eyes

By Michael Vovakes, MD Your eyes are an important part of your health. There are many things you can do to keep them healthy and make sure you are seeing your best. Follow these simple steps for healthy eyes. * Have a complete eye exam — visit your eye care professional and have a full […]

No home, no car, no more backing down

Dear Annie: When my husband died, my daughter, “Emma,” insisted that I move in with her to take over the child care, cooking, cleaning, etc. One of my requirements was bringing my dog. Emma knows “Maisie” is a barker, but promised it wouldn’t be a problem. Emma began seeing a fine young man, who moved […]