Authors’ event goes to the dogs

* Editor’s note: Marion is taking the day off. This column first ran in February 2008. I’ve attended a number of book-signings in my day, mostly in bookstores, but never one where the author passed out tasteless biscuits before talking, never one where almost half the audience couldn’t read and never will, and never one […]

Fearful of what comes next

Dear Annie: I’ve been married to “Ned” for 25 years, and each year it seems to get worse. When we married, he told me I could do whatever I wanted with the house, but he never said I’d be the one paying. The house was barely furnished, the bedding had holes in it, the carpet […]

Forget Miss Clairol’s lies — gray is great and silver is super

Why yes, now that you ask, I am fading right before your very eyes. I’ve noticed people taking an extra few seconds, staring when they haven’t seen me in a while, and surely thinking, “Holy crap, has she gone gray!” They’re only partially right. I started going gray nearly 20 years ago. Being of the […]

Dubious legal advice drove GATE lottery decision

By Carlton Larson When the Board of Trustees of the Davis school district voted to implement a lottery for GATE admissions, it relied heavily on the legal advice provided by the board’s counsel, who contended that the current method of GATE selection exposed the district to the risk of a lawsuit. As several board members […]

Distractions increase surgeons’ potential for mistakes

By Lee Bowman Just how much attention your surgeon pays to tasks in the operating room can be affected by a number of distractions, recent research suggests. First off, operating rooms are not libraries. Equipment can be noisy, colleagues chatty and many surgeons work with music in the background. Not everyone may mute, or even […]

A sweet spot for farms and fish on a floodplain

By Richard Howitt and Josué Medellín-Azuara One of California’s greatest environmental success stories has been the partnership between Sacramento Valley rice growers and wildlife managers to support wintering waterfowl. Farmers have shown they can make good money in the off-season by flooding their harvested fields to grow ducks and geese — attracting fee-paying hunters. Now, […]

Few fire calls? Well, I’m one of them

By Glen Byrns First let me say that I’m not a firefighter, union member or follower of Davis politics. I’m an ordinary citizen who is retired and enjoys backpacking, building model airplanes and rebuilding old English cars for fun. There’s been a lot of talk about reducing staffing levels for the Fire Department. During the […]

Too much to ask: a Congress-proof recovery?

The issue: Surveys show economy is picking up steam The consensus has been that the economy will continue to recover slowly but steadily unless Congress does something stupid, always a possibility, to mess it up. BUT SURVEYS of economists by The Wall Street Journal and USA Today indicate that the recovery is strong enough to […]

All this ink on the school staff

Dear Annie: The principal of the school where I teach has some big tattoos on her neck. She says they are Chinese symbols for “good fortune.” I think they look trashy. I don’t mind tattoos, but I don’t think large markings on one’s hands and neck are appropriate for school. They don’t convey authority, and […]

What do you think? What book would you like to read but haven’t gotten around to yet?

Julie Bonnar sales, Davis: “The Bible. I’m working on it.” David Bonnar environmental toxicologist, Davis: ” ‘Dune,’ by Frank Herbert. It’s a sci-fi novel.” Kathy Wang student, Davis: ” ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’ “ Greg Cotta sports director at KDVS, Davis: ” ‘Catch-22.’ “ Melinda Ozel FACS coder, Davis: ” ‘On the Road.’ “ […]

We’re outraged over Gitmo

St. James Gospel Justice recently discussed the article “Viewpoints: The Gitmo the U.S. Never Sees,” which appeared in The New York Times and The Sacramento Bee on April 16. Force feeding of inmates on a hunger strike has been occurring daily since February and continues to this day. Samir Naji is one of many inmates on a hunger […]

Farm to school goes countywide

By Dorothy Peterson The Yolo Farm to Fork Foundation has attracted four major supporters over the past year to bolster efforts to expand the farm-to-school message from Davis into schools throughout Yolo County. Yolo County Agriculture Commissioner John Young has encouraged the Yolo Farm to Fork Foundation to take the garden, recycle and nutrition programs […]