Some humor in street names

It’s been fun following the commentary about Davis street names lately and I thought I would add a few observations of my own. Most of us recognize the made-up place name of “El Macero” as deriving from the Mace family. But did you know that the main east-west thoroughfare we all refer to with an […]

Why there is so much anti-Israel bias

When I was researching my last column — regarding the boycott of Israeli scholars by the American Studies Association — one question I wanted to get at was the anti-Israel bias of the far left, here and abroad. I was not probing the issue of anti-Semitism in the Muslim world. My interest was knowing why leftists, […]

Still there, but long gone

Dear Annie: I am in a loveless marriage. My husband and I barely speak to each other. I mostly stay in my room because it’s easier than dealing with my life when I’m not by myself. Do people really hold hands and kiss goodnight? This has never happened to me. I have panic attacks, and […]

Help clean up Little League complex

I am writing to let the Davis community know about a very important upcoming event. Davis Little League is having its first Community Volunteer Cleanup Day at the Little League fields (corner of F street and Covell Boulevard) on Saturday, Jan. 25, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is a great opportunity to help […]

Hurray for yard waste bins!

I applaud the city for finally considering yard waste bins. We have lived in several cities that used them and they keep the streets looking much cleaner and neater versus the current neglected, dumpy look many Davis streets now sport. My mother lives in San Jose, which has the same practice as Davis and it, […]

Drone tests? Anywhere but California

It turns out that understanding the federal government’s late-December decision on where to site the testing of unmanned aircraft in U.S. skies is as simple as ABC: Anywhere but California. Other rationales will be offered for the fact that California, the state with more manufacturers of drone aircraft than any other and more experience testing […]

Joe Nocera: Unto the breach

By Joe Nocera Last Wednesday, a letter landed in my email inbox from Gregg Steinhafel, the chief executive of Target. He wanted me to know that there was a decent likelihood that some of my personal information had been stolen by criminals who had “forced their way into our systems,” as Steinhafel put it, and […]

Hanging on to her bitterness

Dear Annie: My 39-year-old son-in-law died two years ago, quite suddenly and unexpectedly. My daughter is still grieving, which I fully understand, but her grief has turned her into an angry and jealous person. My husband and I are the only family she has. When she married, she moved close to her husband’s friends, but […]

What is the truth worth?

Dear Annie: More than 30 years ago, my brother “Zach” was married for several years to “Ruth,” who had an affair with an older man and left him to marry the new guy. She became pregnant during their last year of marriage, but when she left, she told Zach that she’d had a miscarriage. After […]

What does ‘code blue’ mean in the Antarctic?

“Did you ever feel in danger?” friends asked after my trip to Antarctica. “Not really,” I said, but my anxiety did go up when I heard a term I didn’t understand over the PA system (code blue) and a couple of other times as well. From the beginning, I was trying to size up just […]

But wait, there’s more! That face on TV may be familiar

I have a dirty little secret: I buy infomercial products. Why? Because some of them really are as awesome as they sound on TV. I discovered Tae Bo and Turbo Jam via infomercials, and although I don’t have that “beach body” (more like beached body), the workouts are fun. I may not be skinny, but […]

So, who won?

Dear Annie: My brother, “William,” recently passed away in his sleep. His passing came as a shock to everyone. He wasn’t ill or showing any indication that something was wrong. We suspect it was a heart attack. However, the real tragedy of his passing is that William and his two children had been estranged for […]