But wait, there’s more! That face on TV may be familiar

I have a dirty little secret: I buy infomercial products. Why? Because some of them really are as awesome as they sound on TV. I discovered Tae Bo and Turbo Jam via infomercials, and although I don’t have that “beach body” (more like beached body), the workouts are fun. I may not be skinny, but […]

So, who won?

Dear Annie: My brother, “William,” recently passed away in his sleep. His passing came as a shock to everyone. He wasn’t ill or showing any indication that something was wrong. We suspect it was a heart attack. However, the real tragedy of his passing is that William and his two children had been estranged for […]

Paying tribute to King

The issue: From a freedom march to two planting parties, we remember slain civil rights leader In many communities across this great nation, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is just a day off from school and work. Fortunately, in Davis, it is much more. THANKS TO THE city of Davis Human Relations Commission, a local group […]

Wealth disparity and no charity

By Mark Rollins There are a lot of good arguments being made in the media about the inequities and perils of the growing disparity of wealth in this country and how it is wrong to make drastic cuts to food stamps, and fail to raise the minimum wage or extend the unemployment insurance for people […]

An ounce of nuts daily prolongs life and prevents disease

By Dr. David Lipschitz Nuts are generally considered bad choices for snacks because they’re so high in calories. It is why experts recommend avoiding cakes or desserts containing a high content of them, and why many of us keep them out of our diets. But in recent years, more and more information has been indicating […]

Our unhealthy obsession with childhood athletic achievement

Learn more Who: Author John O’Sullivan, delivering a Davis Parent University lecture on raising high-achieving athletes in a positive atmosphere When: 7-9 p.m. Friday, March 21 Where: Brunelle Performance Hall at Davis High School, 315 W. 14th St. By John O’Sullivan From the Little League World Series to “American Idol,” we have an unhealthy obsession […]

What do you think? How close are we to realizing Martin Luther King’s dream?

Ryan Kowta student, Davis: “In Davis, we’re pretty close. In other places, not close.” Bryn Goodwin student, Davis: “I think technically because the rules and laws are equal in society, but in terms of people, some are racially biased because they aren’t educated and aren’t seeing all the perspectives.” Bram Goldstein student, Davis: “We’re getting […]

Dueling dinners left no winners

Dear Annie: My husband’s family came to town for a week over the holidays. We made plans to be with them every evening except one. My parents were in the final stages of a job relocation and were leaving town that same weekend. We gave my family the one evening, Sunday, that was not delegated […]

Composting plan helps us all

My family has recently committed to reducing our waste, particularly the kind that ends up in the landfill. So I was excited to learn that the city is contemplating a move from the loose-in-the street collection method currently used to collect yard debris to a containerized program, allowing for the addition of food scraps. The […]

Hey, NSA: Permission denied

That democracy might live, we are asked to let the National Security Agency review when, where and whom we talk to. Sen. Dianne Feinstein thinks massive unwarranted record-keeping is a good idea, too, and has repeated her support in the wake of hearings about additional restrictions and oversight for the NSA and amendments to the […]

The state of surveillance

The president is expected to make a major policy announcement Friday that addresses the fears of Americans regarding threats to their Fourth Amendment rights: a critical component of the Bill of Rights and a major cornerstone in the architecture of our democracy. The president is not expected to propose any substantive, as opposed to cosmetic, […]