For the record

Sunday’s “Our View” misstated the law when it comes to school district investigations of formal complaints. Dr. Rob Peterson did not “persuade” Davis school district officials to investigate his complaint about Davis High School volleyball coach Julie Crawford. By law, the district is bound to do so. We regret the error.

It means hope, whatever its name

The issue: Empower Yolo puts focus on the future One of the signature features of living in Davis is the extraordinary commitment local residents have to helping those in need. AN OUTSTANDING example was founded by five women in a local apartment in 1977. Originally called the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center, the agency […]

Carbon dioxide is killing our oceans

“The geological record suggests that the current acidification is potentially unparalleled in at least the last 300 million years of Earth history and raises the possibility that we are entering an unknown territory of marine ecosystem change.” — Jelle Bijma, research scientist, October 2013 As if there were not already enough to worry about … […]

Family sides with the assailant

Dear Annie: My sister’s husband sexually assaulted my 18-year-old daughter while she slept on their sofa. We kept this a secret for three years, and then it finally came out. When my sister heard, she decided to protect her children from the truth about their father by “divorcing” my family so we would not reveal […]

Not making beautiful music together

Dear Annie: The past four years of my marriage have been difficult. My husband and I have made many poor financial decisions, and we also have intimacy issues. I’m an artist. When our kids were young, I chose to do freelance work so I could stay at home. My husband has a steady job with […]

One last chance to save The Aggie

The issue: Students have venerable newspaper’s fate in their hands UC Davis’ campus newspaper is closing in on its 99th birthday, but it will not make it to 100 unless it gets an infusion of cash from the student body. The staff at The California Aggie is pushing a campus referendum beginning Tuesday to charge […]

Retaliation against DHS youth

I do not have a child who plays volleyball and I do not know Julie Crawford. But it seems to me that if a school district investigation concluded that Crawford cut a child from a Davis High School team in order to retaliate against an adult, then Crawford should not hold a coaching position, much less […]

What started this whole thing?

Reports Thursday in The Enterprise regarding Davis High School volleyball coach Julie Crawford’s status have certainly shed more light on this unfortunate situation. Before those reports I could only scratch my head in bewilderment ask myself, “What are the Davis High School and district office administrators doing?” Now, things are becoming more clear. However, there […]

Consider both sides, please

I am a former Davis High School volleyball player who played both freshman and sophomore years. Recently, allegations have been made against the Peterson family involving the volleyball program that are not accurate. When I started out as a freshman, there were 14 freshman athletes playing volleyball. By the senior year, only three remained. Most […]

Professors, we need you!

Some of the smartest thinkers on problems at home and around the world are university professors, but most of them just don’t matter in today’s great debates. The most stinging dismissal of a point is to say: “That’s academic.” In other words, to be a scholar is, often, to be irrelevant. One reason is the […]

Mommy still sleeping with the kids

Dear Annie: My grandsons are 5 and 9 and old enough to sleep alone. However, they sleep together in a queen-sized bed, and their mother regularly crawls in with them. She has been doing that since they were toddlers. The boys have told their mother that they do not want her in the bed any […]

Remembering Lance Stenson

Davis recently lost an iconic figure when longtime family physician and friend, Lance Stenson, passed away unexpectedly. I have wonderful memories of Lance but will most remember the lessons I learned just from watching him. Lance was always, always upbeat and optimistic, even in later years when faced with painful, chronic health issues. Years ago […]

Why do we travel to Antarctica, or anywhere else?

I wrote seven columns about my trip to Antarctica, two before and five after the trip. I wrote with other people in mind, trying to respond to their curiosity about this unusual destination. What did Antarctica look and feel like? What would readers who are considering such a trip want to know? The more personal […]