Save the trees at The Cannery

We are appalled to discover that the city of Davis is now on the verge of destroying 353 trees at The Cannery site. In a city renowned for its urban forest and dedication to trees, we cannot even begin to fathom why these trees must be uprooted. Is it really possible that creative planning for […]

Protect Leland Ranch’s ag land

Thank you, Mayor Joe Krovoza, for standing up to protect the prime farm lands of Leland Ranch and Davis’ principles of sound planning, good government and resource conservation. Suddenly, a small group of development interests are pushing to blow up the long-planned protection of this productive and scenic open space on the Mace Boulevard curve […]

Need info? Read The Enterprise

Last week, I went to the UC Davis law school to hear a lecture by Sister Simone Campbell. I spoke to several folks there and all but one, including me, had heard about the lecture in The Enterprise. The other one was on the law school alumni email list. I’ve always said that, if you […]

Question The Cannery

Needlessly destroy mature trees? Poor bike access? A $2 million clandestine proposal for a good cause? If that last one’s really good, why doesn’t it pass the sniff test? Too many critical questions still hang around to pass the proposal without more, and better, answers. John E. Moren Davis

4-year community college degrees? Why not?

Maybe it’s been just an ego thing or a matter of turf, but administrators and some alumni groups at the University of California and the California State University systems for years have adamantly opposed the notion of community colleges granting anything more than two-year associate of arts degrees. But this idea is making more sense […]

Iraqi leader has second thoughts

The issue: U.S. departure left a gap to allow violence to creep back in Diplomatic protocol frowns on it and it’s just not in President Barack Obama’s nature, but he and his advisers could be forgiven for screaming at Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, “We told you so!” THE IRAQI LEADER, in what U.S. military […]

As if the cancer wasn’t bad enough

Dear Annie: I recently found out that my sister and my husband were engaged in an emotional affair that lasted nearly two years. I am in remission after having been diagnosed with breast cancer. On the day of my diagnosis, my 38-year-old son died. As a consequence of chemotherapy, I developed osteoporosis and sustained two […]

She’s balking at a prenup

Dear Annie: My wife died five years ago. Two years ago, I met “Lorna,” and I recently asked her to marry me. I feel strongly that personal assets that are brought into a marriage should be protected. I made this clear to Lorna early in our relationship and got the impression that she would agree […]

When knocking on wood for luck is not enough

Until recently, I didn’t realize how drastically the medical world has changed over the lifetime of baby boomers like me. Somehow, I had the idea that intensive care units, for example, have been around forever, when, in fact, they didn’t exist until 1961. Before 1955 there were few devices like the pacemaker that can keep […]

I hope The Grinch Who Stole Halloween is still washing her house down

There was a lot of commentary this Halloween about older teenagers going trick-or-treating, and sure, it’s mildly annoying when they don’t bother with a costume and shove a pillowcase at you, and grumble “trick or treat” in their gravelly almost-men voices, but I indulge them anyway. Giving out treats is insurance against tricks. Here’s your […]

Grandma feeling left out

Dear Annie: I am hurt that my children and grandchildren do not include me when they have family get-togethers. They say they would have to clean their houses if I came, or they don’t know when I am available. They expect me to call when I want to see them. They swear they aren’t upset […]

Listening in? Us? Couldn’t be!

The issue: Revelations don’t give Obama any ‘plausible deniability’ White House officials say President Barack Obama was unaware that the U.S. was spying — eavesdropping on personal phone calls, intercepting private emails — on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and 34 other foreign leaders. U.S. security and diplomatic agencies have gone into full grovel mode, sounding like […]

What do you think? Should we do away with daylight-saving time?

Ben Crook student, Davis: “No. I like daylight-saving time because it correlates with the light of day.” Jordon Friend  student, Davis: “Yes because it messes with everyone’s schedule.” Jeff Bryant  teacher, Elk Grove: “Yes because the original reason for it had to do with farmers and it isn’t valid today. I no longer feel the […]