Granddaughter causing friction

Dear Annie: Last year, I was laid off of work. Knowing my financial burden, our son asked whether he and his family could move in with us to help out. We reluctantly agreed. The issue is our 7-year-old granddaughter. “Lulu” is spoiled by her mother. There is no accountability for her actions. Her mother makes […]

This is my first food review; do I have it right?

Some dining experiences are unique, and when you’ve had one, you tell your friends. That’s why today I offer a review. Because I don’t normally write dining reviews, I consulted Wikihow. From this generously knowledgeable site, I learned the rules. 1) Describe, with details about the texture, taste, smell and feel to the food. 2) […]

More than 30 years later and I’m still pondering Davis vs. Winters

Did you catch my nice little chat with Bill Buchanan on KDRT last week? No? No worries — it’s still on the website, if you’re interested about my thoughts on community newspapers and their survival. I was actually somewhat coherent, if I do say so myself, far exceeding my own expectations. I was having a […]

Join our Seminars for Success

The Davis Chamber of Commerce would like to extend a thank-you to all the partners involved in kicking off our Seminars for Success series of 2014. We held the first seminar of the year on Tuesday, Feb. 4, on the topic “How to Run a Successful Internship Program.” A special thank-you to our host location, […]

Please, council, take a break

Why stop with yard waste? Distracted and faintly lit bikers can also run into parked cars, crazy squirrels, loose pets and even trash cans. I propose eliminating all parked cars from the streets, eradicating the squirrel population, caging all outdoor cats and placing our trash on the sidewalks. I love biking as well, but you […]

Simplify water rates now

At this point with a favorable court ruling for the city on rate-setting, with monkey wrenchers getting a suspension of rates on the ballot and an uncertain rainy season (or seasons) pending, I would suggest that we simplify the argument with a straightforward solution to water rates. I recommend that the City Council suspend the […]

Use biodegradable bags for pets

Here is an easy solution for Marjorie Sorenson, who was concerned about dog walkers’ easy access to plastic bags to clean up after their dogs: Purchase biodegradable bags that are made for picking up their pets’ deposits. There are several brands easy to find in stores and online, and even come sized for the dog […]

Show a bully some love

By Brooks Gibbs Valentine’s Day is almost here, and the focus is on love. Even in our nation’s schools, many students exchange Valentine’s Day cards and candy to recognize their friendships and show appreciation of the close bonds with one another. But what about bullies? How many students will be showing love toward them? It […]

Smoking’s new kid on the block

By Constance Caldwell, M.D. The good news is that smoking rates in our Yolo County communities are some of the lowest in the state. The bad news is that we have recently seen a very troubling trend among our youth. Smoking in the 13-to-19 age range has more than doubled from 2007 to 2011, and […]

Helping, but not happy about it

Dear Annie: I am a live-in caregiver for my grandmother, who is in failing health. She has five children (including my father) who do absolutely nothing for her because they say Grandma is a mean, nasty person, which she is. Grandma feeds off of negativity and gossip. Nothing is ever good enough, and she blames […]

Early vote sought on rates

The following is an open letter to city leaders: This Tuesday night, the Davis City Council will take up the newly qualified initiative. It probably will be on the late-night agenda, unfortunately, but we are glad that it will be heard on such short notice. Thank you, city staff and the City Council, for putting […]

The Gun Report, one year later

It has been a year since my assistant, Jennifer Mascia, and I started publishing The Gun Report, an effort to use my blog to aggregate daily gun violence in America. Our methodology is pretty simple: We do a Google News search each weekday morning for the previous day’s shootings and then list them. Most days, […]

Biking and walking to school: Here’s what the data show

By Robb Davis Adults who grew up in Davis will often harken back to their experience as students, noting that “everyone” biked or walked to school in the past. Most cannot recall when the trend to driving children to school took off, but most would concur that bicycling and walking are at much lower levels […]

Meet the next City Council members

By Michael Bisch, Tom Cross, Steve Greenfield, Rosalie Paine and Shane Tucker Through long years of hard and thoughtful work, many generations of Davisites have created a community of which we can all be proud. Our significant commitment to our schools, environmental issues and bicycling make our community unique and attractive. Regrettably, some of this hard […]