Cost-effectiveness is what’s key

On Wednesday morning, I read with great amusement Bob Dunning’s column, which was mainly focused on the topic of fluoridation. This is not unusual, I often read Dunning’s column for amusement. And sometimes to pick up some homespun wisdom. But I do not read Dunning’s column for scientific advice. There is a reason for that. […]

Take advantage of wilderness

Thank you to The Davis Enterprise for supporting permanent protection for the Berryessa Snow Mountain Region. I have not only served as the president of the conservation nonprofit, Tuleyome, but I have also put countless hours into building and maintaining trails in this amazing region. There are so many ways to enjoy this wild and […]

Marine One chopper plans still grounded

The issue: Skyrocketing costs force a new round of bids, but opposition remains In 2002, the White House and the U.S. Navy decided the president should have a new Marine One helicopter. The one he was flying in, and for that matter is still flying in, was based on a design then 30 years old. […]

Spare a thought for the other victims

Dear Annie: Male rape is a subject that is seldom mentioned. A close and dear male friend (in his late 40s) was severely raped twice. He was kidnapped from his residence, drugged, sodomized and left naked on the first occasion, and then his residence was broken into, and he was tied up and raped a […]

STEAC is grateful for support

I know there are probably many small towns that compare to Davis, or maybe not, but we at the Short-Term Emergency Aid Committee want to acknowledge to the community one of the main reasons we are able to keep our food closet open 12 months every year, because of all the food drives and donations. […]

We shared A Day in the Country

Yolo Land Trust thanks the Yolo County community for a successful A Day in the Country, held Sept. 8 at Taber Ranch Vineyards. The event marked the 25th anniversary of Yolo Land Trust. Taber Ranch owners and operators John and Dawn Martin, Jean Chevalier and Natalie and Paul Klempau donated their beautiful venue, and more […]

Northstar Pond needs a fountain

Northstar Pond should have an attractive fountain. At the same time, the city of Davis Parks Department should remove the two aerators currently running from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. They serve no purpose and on quiet days create a din that destroys the pond’s tranquility. We value that tranquility and […]

Slow up on the ‘fast track’

This month, Congress will decide whether to “fast track” the Trans Pacific Partnership proposal or not. “Fast track” means Congress would give up its oversight and decision-making capacity and have the president act in its stead. The Trans Pacific Partnership has huge implications for all of us. It impacts environmental and labor law, procurement — read […]

Living well with Parkinson’s

As a person living with Parkinson’s disease, I’m grateful for recent improvements in the treatment of PD, and thankful for the new medications and care plans. The Parkinson’s Association of Northern California will present a seminar on Oct. 26, explaining some of these evolving strategies. The event, titled “Living Well with Parkinson’s,” will feature talks […]

Chained CPI will cut benefits

A policy initiative called the chained CPI that would shortchange Californians who receive federal benefits such as Social Security and federal annuities by lowballing their annual cost-of-living adjustments is gaining steam in Washington budget talks. Proponents have tried to minimize the consequences by calling it a “technical adjustment” or “better measure of inflation.” The truth […]

Campaign-finance case tests Supreme Court again

The issue: If justices follow the same reasoning they did in Citizens United, the result inevitably will be more cash in the system Those concerned about all the money sloshing around in American politics will want to pay attention now that  the Supreme Court has heard arguments in a case that could open the campaign-financing […]

He’s great, except for the bullying and misogyny

Dear Annie: Recently, I was introduced to an older gentleman. He has never been married, but he did have a son through artificial insemination. His son passed away, and he talks all the time about how special he was. He has a very strong and commanding personality to the point of sometimes being a bit […]