Kids turn wake into disaster

Dear Annie: My grandfather passed away last month, and the wake was catered by a close friend of the family who owns a restaurant. He closed off a section of his dining hall for our family. The meal included 15 children under the age of 10, and they were absolute monsters. My nephew threw his […]

Studio artists offer their thanks

The 26 Davis Art Studio Tour artists would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s tour. We are thankful to The Artery for making the tour possible by hosting our preview show and pre-tour reception. Wine for the reception was provided by Berryessa Gap Winery. We also appreciate publicity by The Davis Enterprise […]

Apology needed for racial profiling

This letter is in response to Friday’s letter by Eli Davis. First, I would like to apologize to Davis for the way he was treated. I was appalled and deeply saddened by the situation he describes. I am embarrassed at my naivete. When speaking with friends about this letter, their response is that there is […]

Yes, AB 10 is a job killer

I don’t know Bob Schelen, but I recognize his party’s favored political tactic to ignore inconvenient facts and repeat stuff that sounds ideologically better. Schelen says that raising minimum wage will not kill jobs. Of course, raising minimum wage will kill jobs. It will kill jobs for thousands of young people, 16-24 years of age […]

Council’s courage commended

We were grateful that the majority of our City Council had the courage and good sense to adopt a change in the staffing of our fire stations. The new configuration of three firefighters at each of the three stations plus a two-person crew on a rescue truck actually will provide better service even as it […]

Fire staffing vote was no surprise

In my March 13 column, I wrote, “it is clear, when listening to (City Council members) Dan Wolk and Lucas Frerichs, both ambitious young Democrats, that they are willing to bend over backwards to not come across as anti-union. They know that label could imperil their futures in higher office.” I was explaining why Wolk […]

U.S. in no hurry to intervene in Syria

The issue: Obama’s innate caution may be irritating to his followers, but in this case it is sound policy President Barack Obama, who is cautious by nature — many on both sides of the political spectrum say too much so — is being double-extra-careful on Syria. And he is right to do so. AT HIS […]

Workplace gets hostile after scandal

Dear Annie: My husband works at a private college. His male boss had an affair with one of the female directors under him. My husband and his assistant found out about it and, after much deliberation, brought it to the attention of the human resources department. The president of the college was informed, but he […]

Learning opportunities for all

It was such a treat to hear Dana Cope, GATE administrator of Napa School District, speak in Davis recently on educational alternatives to tracking and self-contained GATE classes. Parents of GATE-identified children need not fear that their children’s educational experience will in any way be diminished if non-GATE-identified children are equally included in their classes […]

Non-residents don’t pay school tax

With recent information in The Enterprise about upwards of 550 non-Davis resident students, I wonder why we should continually pass school bonds. 550 students mean a whole school! While some of these students are from families who work in Davis but live elsewhere, the number is enormous and may represent a district that accepts others just […]

Keeping the coaches in check

I would have liked to have made a quick reply to Ashley Yudin’s April 28 letter to the editor asking “Is the school board over the line?” but the record is going to take a while to clear up. I have no skin in the volleyball world — none. However, I do think that letting […]

Possible solution to violence

Given the daily violence in this state and county, the failure of the government to deal with the problem, as well as, the uncompromising position of the gun lobby and the non-gun owner citizenry, I feel one possible long-term solution could be teaching a mandatory course in conflict resolution. These classes would have the potential […]