Q&A wasn’t fair and balanced

Thank you for your editorial on the front page of the May 16 Enterprise. Next time you try to pass off an “article” like Q&A about Davis water rates, please label it accordingly or put it in the Forum section. Fox News could not have done a better job of only presenting one (biased) side […]

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Thanks for water reporting

Kudos to Dave Ryan and The Davis Enterprise for actually reporting on the facts and history of this contentious issue. I’m not a player in the game and I have not followed all the official community input on the proposed water rates., but I am inclined to respect their judgment of what’s fair. I really […]

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Keep our community green

The discussion about Measure P is heating up, and the lead article in The Enterprise on May 16 was no help in understanding the core issue. I believe most long-term residents identify with the ”Green Davis” and “Tree Davis” themes. Green and trees require water. It is largely single-family homes that provide habitat for trees […]

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Save the Canary Island pines

The next time you are driving or cycling on Covell Boulevard going east toward Davis just past the entrance to Wildhorse, notice the majestic Canary Island pines on your right.  If you are like me, you may have traveled east and west on Covell near the Wildhorse entrance many times and never seen these 60-year-old […]

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Pay raise is scandalous

Bill Owens of the Yolo County Board of Education is proposing a 7.5-percent increase for Superintendent Jorge Ayala just months before his retirement, according to the May 21 Our View editorial in The Enterprise. I’d like to know what this has to do with education. I checked our County Board of Education website. There is nothing […]

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A grateful nation says thanks

Yolo County’s Memorial Day ceremonies: * Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6949, 10 a.m. Monday, Davis Cemetery, 820 Pole Line Road * American Legion Yolo Post 77, 11 a.m. Monday, Woodland Veterans Cemetery, off Cross Street By Edward A. Trautt The sponsors of Memorial Day celebrations invite everyone to join in the ceremonies, to remember and […]

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Why you should vote no on Measure O

By Jose J. Granda, John Smith, Tom Randall Jr. and Janet Zwahlen We urge you to vote no on Measure O. Here’s why: This measure seeks to raise the sales tax in Davis to 8.5 percent, making it the highest in Yolo County. It would be very bad for businesses in Davis. Local residents will shop […]

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Take a moment to remember our war dead

The issue: Attend Monday’s ceremony, or lay flowers on a grave We pause this weekend to remember those who have died in service to our nation — to protect the freedoms we hold so dear, the freedoms we all too often take for granted even as American troops are fighting and dying in foreign lands. […]

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What do you think? What’s your reaction to negative campaigning?

Sam Chastain crossing guard, Davis: “I don’t think it’s necessary. They say things about each party that aren’t true.” Joe Na photographer, Alameda: “It’s a strategy move. It’s not a good way to present yourself but it’s what a lot of people do these days. They compare themselves with others to make themselves stand out.” […]

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In food poisoning probes, officials call for Yelp

New York City is using a novel way to uncover cases of food poisoning — reading Yelp restaurant reviews. Health officials found three unreported outbreaks by sifting through nearly 300,000 reviews on the popular website. The outbreaks were small, together blamed for only 16 illnesses. But one expert called it an innovative way to catch […]

Surrounded by slackers

Dear Annie: I have worked for a long time at a large manufacturing company. I am a hard worker and believe in teamwork. Over the years, however, the company has let workers get away with everything: personal emails and texting, using their computers to watch TV shows, movies and hockey games, abusing overtime and sick […]

Beronio is someone we trust

The readers of your newspaper should vote for Janene Beronio as Yolo County’s next Superior Court judge. As a family law attorney in Davis, I can attest to Commissioner Beronio’s experience, patience, understanding and compassion — traits that make her undoubtedly the most qualified individual to join the bench. Don’t just take my word for […]

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