Chinese turn to Obama with petitions

The issue: A traditional form of appeal in China takes on new meaning in the U.S. Police officers in foreign countries are no longer nonplussed when people they’ve arrested demand to be read their Miranda rights — the result, perhaps, of overexposure to U.S. cop shows in foreign syndication. Something like that is happening now […]

I welcome restorative justice

By Mark Rollins The Davis Enterprise article on April 26 titled “Neighborhood Court Brings Restorative Justice Idea to Davis” jumped out at me. Helping victims and offenders of crimes heal by sitting down face to face and discussing their feelings about being wronged or about why they committed an offense can be healthy for our […]

The new girl is making trouble

Dear Annie: I am finally divorced. My ex and I have a minor child together. He has met my new partner, and they get along great while at our son’s sporting events. I thought it would be healthy for our son to see us as friends. I also thought it would be nice to meet […]

Not as open as she’d like

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been happily married for 15 years and recently decided to try an open-marriage lifestyle. We are doing this with full honesty and respect for each other. The main problem is that the dating success is not equal. I found it easier to get a date. Whereas, my husband […]

Give us a strong dialogue on issues

Regarding Rich Rifkin’s column published May 8 in The Davis Enterprise, I was confounded by his accusations and conclusions that City Council members Dan Wolk and Lucas Frerichs were unduly influenced by a local labor union. It is also as probable that Wolk and Frerichs came to their positions from listening to past managers in […]

School board makes progress

I’d like to commend individual members and the Board of Education as a whole for showing leadership and providing clear direction on the GATE program review and several other districtwide matters of interest during the May 2 board meeting. Amid all the angst and heated discussion going on recently, it was refreshing to see some […]

Let’s put all children first

Chuck Rairdan’s article (May 1) “Gifted? Let’s change that name” is right on! After 30 or more years, and having my kids go through the school system, it’s time for a change of name. Having seen first-hand how this title affects kids and their self-image, change is long overdue. As Rairdan suggests, Alternative Instructional Model, or […]

Let Americans travel to Cuba

Learn more What: An examination of U.S.-Cuban relations, policy and travel experiences with Davis historian Rick Moniz When: 10 a.m.-noon Saturday Where: Blanchard Room, Stephens Branch Library, 315 E. 14th St., Davis Cuba. To some, the nation summons up feelings of intense hatred closely associated with the Fidel Castro regime. The United States has been […]

Sickening disparity in hospital pricing

The issue: Higher charges don’t necessarily reflect better care, experts say Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand the wide, sometimes huge, discrepancies in fees hospitals charge for the same procedure. Or if you don’t understand the arithmetical magic the hospitals use to arrive at those fees. Neither does the federal government. Their officials are […]

Decide this with a coin toss

Even without considering the split-vote implications in view of the candidates from other counties in the 2014 Assembly primary, it will be counterproductive for Davisites to expend time and money on the dilemma of dividing our districtwide support between Dan Wolk and Joe Krovoza. My write-in vote is for a coin toss at the Fourth […]

Targeted for his skin color

Did you know that Eli Davis was arrested or detained by the county sheriff many years ago when he was giving driving lessons to his son or daughter in the abandoned lot of the former site of Sutter Davis Hospital? He used to be a much-loved Safeway checker. You can understand his sensitivity and outrage. […]

Teens, you are who you are

I am a student in a Race and Social Justice in U.S. History class at Davis High School. I am in a research group called body image, where my group members and I search for our peers’ views of their body image. The overall question we were answering was “How does your body image affect […]

Reality TV affects us differently

Every year at Davis High, students in Race and Social Justice in U.S. History classes are put into groups of seven or eight peers to research a cause they see at a national level that they could connect with their school. This year was no different. A group including Harman Bhandal, Micaela Everitt, Daryl Leung, […]