Nicholas Kristof: Where the GOP gets it right

Republicans may seem like ultimate Scrooges. Many want to slash food stamps, unemployment benefits and just about any program that helps the needy. So they know nothing about poverty, right? Wrong. Actually, conservatives have been proved right about three big ideas of social policy. Liberals may grimace, but hear me out on these points: * […]

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Give water safety a moment of your attention

By Rose Cholewinski “Just a moment, sweetie!” How many times has your child asked for your attention and you’ve said, “just a sec” while you finish up another small task? As a local swim school owner, longtime swim coach and a parent, I assure you that when it comes to pools and water, you don’t […]

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$15 minimum wage would hurt us all

By Jeff and Laura Ambrose What a great idea — let’s all get paid more! What’s wrong with that? While on its surface this may seem like a splendid idea, it rests on several untrue assumptions: * People are forced to work in low-wage, dead-end jobs in perpetuity. Indentured servanthood is a remnant of the […]

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Good intentions don’t fund the payroll

The issue: Davis businesses should not be saddled with a $15 minimum wage It’s an argument rooted in altruism. One looks around and sees people struggling to get by, and the mind leaps to a simple solution: just pay them more. Problem solved, right? THAT SEEMS to be the thought process behind a signature-gathering effort […]

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What do you think? If you got a tattoo, what would it be?

Gregory Shilling student, Davis: “It would be on the shoulder blade area and I would design it myself. It would have meaning but not be too cheesy. No bright colors, probably just black outlines.” Charles Knofler electrician, Sacramento: “It would go on my right arm and I think it would be a Viking holding a […]

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It’s hard to trust again

Dear Annie: Four years ago, I caught my husband lying and cheating in an emotional affair (he says there was never any sex). He and this same woman had been cheating for 10 years. She is married with grown children. She never told her husband what she did, so she has gotten away with it. […]

Good posture can make you feel better

By Sharon Naylor Are you a slumper? Check your posture right now to see if your shoulders are rounded forward and your back curled. Chances are you’ve eased into your natural posture: slouched down, head in alignment with your spine, shoulders back, back not straight. And your brain may be paying the price. Researchers […]

Many thanks for wine-tasting

The St. James Wine Tasting Committee is grateful for the lovely evening that our parishioners and community friends shared on Saturday, March 1, at our St. James 11th annual Wine Tasting Festival. We are most grateful for the wineries that continue to join us each year. This year, guests enjoyed tasting fine wines from the […]

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It was an ‘electrifying’ concert

On Sunday, March 30, Davis High School joined Distinguished Concerts International New York for “Defying Gravity: The Music of Stephen Schwartz and Eric Whitacre” at New York City’s Lincoln Center. The wildly popular annual presentation with groundbreaking choral composer and Grammy winner Eric Whitacre featured a first-time collaboration with Academy Award- and Grammy-winning composer Stephen […]

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Pete Seeger would have been proud

The Music Committee of the Davis Odd Fellows would like to thank all those who attended the last Thursday Live!Pete Seeger Tribute at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall. The musicians (Steve Kahn, Dick and Carol Holdstock, David Hafter, David Campos, Camila Ortiz, Barry Melton, Biscuits and Honey, Five Three Oh!, Clarence Van Hook, Bill Fairfield […]

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Result: a transportation problem

In my engineering studies at UC Davis, I don’t recall learning the term “road diet” or “undoing a fix” in the transportation realm. Unbelievable. If the city of Davis is not sure the Fifth Street redesign will help, hold off! Repair the roads first in this city. Like water, if you constrict the flow and […]

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Tom Elias: Six Californias? A bad idea

Here’s a piece of advice for registered voters: When petition carriers accost you outside supermarkets, big-box stores or shopping malls asking you to help advance a plan to carve California into six states, don’t sign. This is one of the dopiest, goofiest ideas ever to come up in California, which has a long history of […]

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