Drop CBFR as a rate structure

I want to commend The Enterprise editors. Finally, there is a clearly logical comment on the CBFR. It can be found in your Sunday editorial column on Measure P, next to the last paragraph. There is a basic principle in politics and policy creation, that the appearance of many things make them real (conflicts of […]

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Vote yes on P and no on O

I greatly respect the time and energy that members of the City Council and citizen advisory groups expend. However, that does not mean that every citizen advisory recommendation is correct, nor does it mean that the council should accept every recommendation made. With regard to the new water rates and recent city expenditures, I feel […]

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CBFR is bold and innovative

As Ed Schroeder pointed out in his Enterprise letter on May 11, we are going to have to pay more in the future for our water no matter what projects ultimately are required to meet our needs. We Davis old-timers who established our way of landscaping in the pre-metering days of a flat $14 per […]

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Homeowners subsidize apartments

Am I wrong, but aren’t homeowners subsidizing apartment and rental-unit owners under CBFR? Water rates are calculated by how much water is used from May to October. During this summer period, most students are out of town so apartment and rental units, being vastly unoccupied, use a lot less water than when all students are […]

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Golden handshakes at the education office

The issue: If there ever was a time and place for a last-minute raise, it’s not now and not here “Why?” is the first thought that springs to mind. Why would the Yolo County Board of Education suggest a 7.5-percent raise to its top executive just months before he retires? BOARD PRESIDENT Bill Owens insisted […]

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Sick of family bullying

Dear Annie: Six years ago, I gave up my job to take care of my mother, while my siblings went off and had fun. After Mom passed, I still had the house to clean and laundry to do. I never asked for a dime. But as my own health has declined, everyone continues to treat […]

Beronio has real experience

One candidate for judge claims to have experience because he has handled “nearly 1,000” cases. But he has been an attorney for 20 years, so that’s only 50 cases a year. That’s experience? Commissioner Janene Beronio has had tens of thousands of cases calendared before her, in her 25 years on the bench. And she […]

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Elect Cohen as a Yolo judge

We need Fredrick Cohen on the Yolo County Superior Court. He is a certified family law specialist, and none of the current judges is a family law attorney. Judges must decide questions of where a child lives and with whom, how a woman can be safe from an abuser, how property is divided so that […]

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We need a family law specialist

As a litigant, one is more likely to be involved in court proceedings in family law, probate or civil matters (not so in criminal law, unless one is a criminal or a juror). This is why we need a civil lawyer for Yolo County judge, someone like Fredrick Cohen, who is a board-certified family law […]

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Beronio supported for Yolo bench

I am writing this letter in support of Janene Beronio for Superior Court judge. I have known Commissioner Beronio for a number of years and we have worked together as colleagues at the Yolo Superior Court since 2006. What I can tell you about Janene Beronio is that her work ethic is second to none. She […]

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Ortiz is the right choice

As K-12 administrators, our clear choice for the next Yolo County superintendent of schools is Jesse Ortiz. We have had the opportunity to work with him, observe him and experience his leadership as educators. Our next Yolo County superintendent must be someone who understands the big picture of what a child in their early years […]

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Neustadt for Yolo superintendent

As a lifelong Yolo County resident and a graduate of the Davis schools, I am excited to support Sam Neustadt for Yolo County superintendent of schools. The Yolo County Office of Education, which Sam will oversee, serves the most vulnerable students in our county and provides fiscal oversight and support to all the individual school […]

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Yes for fairer, lower rates

The consumption-based fixed rate uses the total summer’s (May-October) water use to determine a large fraction of costs for every month of the next year. This penalizes residents with gardens and greenery that require (summer) irrigation. This greenery makes Davis a beautiful, cooler city. Irrigators will pay not just more, but more per gallon than […]

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Measure P is a bad solution

The water rates are dirty and muddy, and may need to be tossed out.  However, best not to throw out the baby with the water.  Vote No on P. John E. Moren Davis

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