Proper use of Measure O funds

City Manager Steve Pinkerton and his lap dogs on the City Council should be reprimanded for foolishly considering converting the 391-acre Leland Ranch east of Davis into a business park. The land was purchased in 2010 as per the Open Space and Habitat Commission’s plan and with council approval, using Measure O funds earmarked for […]

Retain building for history plaza

It’s a remnant of our history as a town and as a nation. It’s the first building in the first park in Davis. It’s unique among city structures. Hidden under a modern utilitarian roof and behind a mass of bolted-together massive timbers painted gray, it’s a charming small cottage. It snuggles next to the Hattie […]

Protect trees at The Cannery

Clear cut at The Cannery! That is essentially what will happen if The Cannery project goes through as currently planned. The Cannery project design team is proposing to retain fewer than 10 percent of the mature trees and planting in their place 4,000 5-gallon and 15-gallon young trees. Of the trees to be removed, 111 […]

The NSA needs to be reined in

By Mark Rollins Imagine how furious we citizens would be if National Security Agency agents came knocking at our door every day, asking us to tell them what phone numbers we called that day and when we called and how long we talked, and where we called from. Oh wait a minute …, they are […]

U.S. missile bases have unacceptable lapses

The issue: In this case, unceasing vigilance is more than just a platitude In the Cold War years of the 1950s and ’60s and even into the ’70s, America’s nuclear arsenal — its size, deployment, the aircraft and rockets that would deliver it and the Air Force officers and crews who oversaw it — were […]

Ex-husband won’t listen to either of them

Dear Annie: My son is a second grader. Over the summer, while he was staying with my ex-husband, a boy touched my son’s private area over his clothes. This was no slight, accidental touch. It was deliberate. My son’s stepmother called child protective services regarding the incident, because the family of the other child runs […]

What you need to know about 6-foot trick-or-treaters

I thought it was all about big boys, who should have known better, shaking me down for candy. They’d arrive in clumps, shout “trick or treat,” and shove undecorated brown paper bags in my direction. It didn’t feel right. Then again, some things don’t make sense until you’ve lived them with your own child– and […]

You can keep your haunted houses — I don’t think fear is fun

I’ve never been a fan of haunted houses. Probably because I’ve never been a fan of fear. Fear’s right up there with pain — nope, not a fan. Unless there’s a bodice, thigh-high stilettos and a whip involved. But that’s another column, and probably not one that will run in The Enterprise. What is it […]

Living with hypertension

It was great to read something focusing on hypertension. High blood pressure affects millions of people and can cause end-organ damage on the brain, kidneys and heart. Kathy Glatter Davis

I agree with Dunning

I’m with Bob Dunning on this locavore business. Such a nice piece of tongue-in-cheek writing that also has much substance. Yes, the concept of getting our food from local sources is a terrific ideal. But it is one that is severely limited by what you can grow where and when. Depending on the season, I […]

Thanks for supporting arts

In these times of diminished funding for many school programs, it is critical to recognize and support the local organizations that help keep some of our important school programs going. One such organization is the Davis School Arts Foundation, which raises money to fund art and music programs in all the Davis Joint Unified School […]

Keep Mace land as open space

I strongly request that the City Council choose the option to follow the will of the voters, who bought the 391 acres of land east of Mace Boulevard with open space money, plus support from the Yolo Land Trust/USDA grant, and lock the parcel away in a permanent easement. I was on the Open Space […]

Report burned-out street lights

The city of Davis Public Works Department is finishing its “street light audit” this weekend. To make sure that they have included yours on their “fix it” list, please contact them in one of the following ways (email might be best): “Problems with street lights or pathway lights may be reported to the Public Works […]

What do you think? What is your favorite Halloween costume ever?

Liese Schadt hydrogeologist, Davis: “A Chia Pet. I covered myself with Astroturf.” Darryl Plimpton medical salesman, San Francisco: “Kenny Powers from East Bound and Down.” Eva Dicker student, Davis: “My sister was a juice box. Or three-hole punch Jim from ‘The Office.’ “ Jamie Kingsley student, Davis: “I’m going as Miley Cyrus this year, but […]