Consider small business impact

I am a small business owner. The core value system of my company includes the importance of paying high wages, offering valuable experience and teaching skills to my young employees. My company believes in building community, empowering young workers and supporting small, local businesses. I support the minimum wage increases that are already scheduled by […]

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Misconceptions on downtown parking

Having served on the Downtown Davis Parking Task Force, I would like to clear up some misconceptions: * The task force is out of touch with public opinion. False. As citizens, we too work, shop, eat and live in the downtown area. We represent a wide variety of perspectives. We did extensive research, read survey […]

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Naked liberal bigotry at fault

By Greg Johnson As many of you probably have heard, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was recently forced into resigning. The reason was that he donated $1,000 to California’s 2008 Yes on Proposition 8 campaign, which prohibited gay marriage. The measure passed, although I’m sure Eich’s donation was not the difference-maker. Six years later, this unconscionable act […]

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Assembly resolution hamstrings local government

The issue: Unions are behind legislation to prevent outsourcing If the crushing burden of pensions, health care and crumbling roads were not enough, the state Legislature has made it clear in no uncertain terms that it is at war with California’s cities and counties. THE STATE FIRED its first shot in 1992 when it created […]

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Young people doing their part

Dear Annie: Did you know that an estimated 16 million youth participate in volunteer activities in the U.S. every year, and that by volunteering these young people will perform better in school? These amazing kids do everything from collecting gently used books and developing literacy programs to creating anti-bullying campaigns in school districts. All of […]

Can you help the crisis nursery?

The Yolo Crisis Nursery has served the at-risk children of Yolo County for several years. The nursery serves about 500 children each year, providing care for ages newborn to 5 years old. The organization that has the contract to operate the nursery has announced its closure on June 30. This will result in a large […]

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At least Fifth will be smooth

The only good I can see from the realignment of Fifth Street is that there will be one street in Davis without potholes, at least for a couple of years. Steve Stout Davis

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Cut the tree and save money

It occurs to me that I can save the city some money, if only it would allow me to cut down a city tree within my property line. I would incur the “cutting cost,” but please let me cut the tree that exacerbates allergies and causes untold garbage in my household. It is a simple […]

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Make Alzheimer’s a national priority

Did you know that on April 9, more than 800 people living with Alzheimer’s disease, their caregivers, and advocates from across the nation will gather in Washington, D.C., for the 26th annual Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum? Representing millions of people impacted by Alzheimer’s, they will engage in the democratic process and appeal to their members […]

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Beware of bike tunnels

Davis is known for its bike paths. We have many tunnels that go underneath roads so that our kids are safe from crossing those roads. Well. last Thursday my 15-year-old son was attacked by four teenagers as he entered the bike tunnel under Loyola Drive in Mace Ranch. He was beaten and his wallet was […]

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DHS students go for Baroque

People Offenbach at going for Baroque, but those who went to the Davis High School Baroque Ensemble concert on Sunday evening, featuring visiting virtuoso Rachel Barton Pine and DHS music educator Angelo Moreno, were richly rewarded with a fabulous performance of Italian Baroque music. It was a full house. Call me a romantic, but I […]

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A stop-loss for teachers, not a raise

By Blair Howard, Frank Thomsen, Cathy Haskell, Ruthie Bowers, Connie Alexich, Tim Paulson and Gail Mitchell Recently, the Davis Teachers Association voted to ratify a tentative agreement with the Davis Joint Unified School District. This agreement brings about a 2-percent increase to our members’ salary scales along with a 2-percent one-time payment. It is the first increase in the better part of […]

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