Birthday greetings are changing again

How should we handle birthdays? We like to greet each other on this occasion, but how? Right now we are in a period of uncertainty about human contact. Electronic wizardry has greatly widened our options for keeping in touch. Cell phone? Computer? Tablet? Will one device triumph? What about old-fashioned mail? In the past, we […]

Useless victim-alert system needs a major overhaul

So how do you follow a week like the last one? Do things ever really return to normal or is it more like a hard left turn and complete change of course? In 21 years at the Winters Express, the only day I can recall that rivals the difficulty of a murder happening at our […]

She wants more, offers less

Dear Annie: I have been with the same woman for six years. Now she has asked me to marry her. We get along terrifically, but when it comes to bedtime, there is no closeness. She says she can’t cuddle with me because she’s been hurt so many times in the past. We sleep with her […]

Exercise: A prescription for health

By Dave Crawford, MD If there was a medication that reduced the risk of premature death, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, and could elevate your mood, you would see countless TV ads extolling its virtues and telling you to “ask your doctor.” While no such medication exists, regular exercise provides all these benefits. Aerobic exercise […]

Survivors clash over events

Dear Annie: I’m 16 and have been best friends with “Cindi” since second grade. Last weekend, my parents attended a party and allowed Cindi to stay overnight. Two people broke into the house to rob it. They tied up and gagged Cindi and then forced me to take them from room to room putting things […]

We’re seeing a climate crisis reprieve

By Paul Brady It is appropriate for Davis to have the Cool Davis Foundation to protest pipelines bringing Canadian and Bakken oil to Gulf refineries, which ship products around the world. Many also can feel good reading John Mott-Smith’s lengthy pieces such as that of Oct. 3: “The fierce urgency of now” to combat “the […]

EPA made the wrong call reducing biofuel volumes

By Adam Monroe No matter which game you play — football, basketball or baseball — the referee is there to enforce the rules. But there’s nothing more frustrating for an athlete than when a referee interprets and changes the rules on the playing field. It can make or break the game. Like a referee, the […]

Holiday gifts, sweaters make winter easier for pets of the homeless

By Eileen Samitz Mercer Clinic, which provides care to pets owned by homeless people, is run by a volunteer group of UC Davis veterinary students. Together with volunteer local and UCD faculty veterinarians, they offer a free monthly clinic in Sacramento. The Mercer Clinic began in 1993 and is located adjacent to the Sacramento Loaves […]

You can’t fix an economy this way

The issue: Venezuela’s crackpot leader tries a screwball economic crackdown There seems to be no economic problem that Venezuela’s new president, Nicolas Maduro, can’t make worse. Maduro inherited from his predecessor, longtime strongman Hugo Chavez, a hazy, not to say incoherent, form of socialism called “Bolivarism,” that was slowly wrecking the economy of the oil-rich […]

What do you think? How do you like your T-giving leftovers?

Rita Okusako graphic designer, Sacramento: “I just reheat them in the microwave. Nothing special.” Dan Aguilar graphic designer, Sacramento: “Turkey sandwiches!” David Mindel attorney, New York: “I’m a big fan of making a sandwich … taking whatever is left over and putting it in between two slices of bread.” Catherine McFadden retired editor, Fair Oaks: “Make a […]

Proud to be part of this community

In late September, the University Retirement Community had its 13th annual Bizarre Bazaar at 1515 Shasta Drive. The bazaar raised a record amount for the URC Foundation, a nonprofit that offers help to residents who, because of long illness or other unforeseen events, are in need of financial assistance. We deeply appreciate the fact that […]

Funds go to Ethiopian school

We want to thank all participants and the amazing team of volunteers that made An Evening in Ethiopia at International House, Davis, on Nov. 9 a success, including our partners and sponsors, International House and Golden Key Honor Society. The support of people was heart-warming. A total of $1,920 was raised toward our first project: […]