Our view: Vote yes on Measure O

Davis voters have an opportunity to say yes to a relatively painless tax and stave off deep cuts to our city’s workforce. Through gritted teeth, we recommend a yes vote on Measure O, which asks voters to extend an existing half-percent sales tax increase and impose a new half-percent tax, through Dec. 31, 2020. IF […]

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Our view: Vote no on Measure P

There’s a very real possibility that Measure P, which asks the city to toss out its current water rates, will pass. Voters are worried about the rising cost of water, and they’re confused about the consumption-based fixed rate that will take effect in January. WE DO NOT SUPPORT Measure P. And we absolutely do not […]

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The past still haunts her

Dear Annie: I am a 62-year-old great-grandmother. Ten years ago, I committed a nonviolent felony. I served weekends in jail for a year, paid restitution, made every visit to my probation officer and complied with all of the other terms of my conviction and release. I am honest with any potential employer about my past, […]

I wonder if all five senses are at work

At this late date in my life can my nose improve? This is an odd question, but it came up forcefully after a recent day of tourism when my husband and I visited wineries with a sommelier, that is, a highly-trained wine steward. Her name is Céline Viany and she qualified as a sommelier in […]

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Nothing makes my heart leap like the sound of his key in the front door

So … why do you suppose this marriage works when our first ones didn’t? I casually posed this question to my husband the other night as we sat in the back yard, sipping wine and watching daytime slowly fade into night. “Why do you ask?” he responded, hesitation in his voice. As in … Why […]

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Two scoops of influenza, with sprinkles

Dear Annie: I live in a very small town. We have one small, locally owned family-friendly drive-in restaurant with an attached ice-cream shop. This is a central meeting place in our area. Here’s the problem: There is an older woman working there who makes me cringe every time she takes my order. On repeated occasions, […]

Support Krovoza for Assembly

I just received my voter information pamphlet and strongly recommend to all Davis voters the Sacramento Bee endorsement of Joe Krovoza for Assembly District 4. It’s thoughtfully reasoned and well worth a read before casting your vote this June. The Bee notes that Krovoza would bring an “eye for fiscal stability to the Legislature,” a […]

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Why should I vote for Measure O?

For the first time in my life, I’m considering voting against the proposed sales tax increase, Measure O. I know that the city desperately needs more funds; however, the past City Councils have had their priorities all wrong. For example, the choice of $800,000 to make Fifth Street better for bikers, while basic street repairs […]

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A bait and switch on water rates

Why is it necessary for the City Council to implement a water rate schedule that is convoluted, obscure and, basically, a “bait and switch”? Or is it a method to garner more revenues and blame the water users themselves for the manner in which they use the water? There are consequences to any action. Why […]

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If use equals dollars, then …

The argument against Measure P in the sample ballot asserts that heavier water users should pay a larger part of the infrastructure costs than those who use less water. Based on this argument, I recommend that all major streets become toll roads so that the heaviest users of the roads are not subsidized by those […]

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Firefighters, Rotary step up

We’re off to a strong start! Signs of this community’s efforts to save our beloved Yolo Crisis Nursery are everywhere. Thousands of tax-deductible dollars have already poured in through our online fundraising campaign, “One Child, One Day,” accessible via https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/friendsofycn. Two groups in particular, however, responded with all the vigor of an emergency rescue. The […]

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Teachers support Fernandes

As the Davis Teachers Association Political Action Committee, representing a variety of educators from across the district, we have been working over the past month to interview, research and seek input on the candidates running for school board and seeking appointment to the board. Many of the candidates are qualified, but we feel after our […]

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Our view: Elect Swanson and Davis to council

A strong field of candidates for the Davis City Council gives voters an opportunity to return a hard-working veteran to the dais and welcome a political newcomer who has been called a “gifted thinker.” We are pleased to recommend that you give Rochelle Swanson and Robb Davis your votes. SWANSON’S CAMPAIGN motto is “Finding Common […]

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Building a foundation for Davis economic development

By Rob White I have been asked by several community members over the past few weeks to give a detailed reporting on what is being done in economic development by the city of Davis. More specifically, I have been asked to enumerate what have been the tangible results of the work of the chief innovation […]

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