American public no help in budget battle

The issue: The people talk a good game but they don’t want the personal impacts Finally, there are three proposed federal budgets on the table for Congress to choose among, modify, combine features from or simply reject. Right now, the betting in Washington is that the lawmakers will go for the last option and the […]

Paper tigers and hurt feelings

Dear Annie: Recently, my wife and I stayed for four days at the home of one of her school chums. The gals yakked until late at night, so I was the first one up every morning. I’m an early riser anyway. I like reading the newspaper with my breakfast, so when I’d get up, I’d […]

The best night of our lives

I stood arm in arm with my fellow Blue Devil Grads with big tears in my eyes as we listened to ’80s music and watched a long slide show of our Davis school years. Then we hugged, promised to stay in touch and walked out into the sunrise. That was how Grad Night 1990 ended, […]

Napa model does not fit here

The Napa school district is ranked 412th of 770 California districts, while Davis is ranked 95th according to SchoolDigger. Napa did not have any gifted and talented program at all till 2009 while the Davis GATE program, decades old, has been recognized as “exemplary” by the state. Yet, when the Davis school district seeks to […]

Class size should be top priority

I’m deeply disappointed to hear the Davis school system intends to continue with the class sizes currently in place at our elementary schools. Part of my disappointment stems from the notion that our voting efforts in the fall were meant, at least in part, to get back to a more reasonable number of students per […]

Making election points clear

I hope The Enterprise will indulge me with a response to Freddie Oakley’s criticisms of my Forum article about the Measure I election process. Oakley makes several statements about my findings that call, at a minimum, for clarification. My first suggestion is that readers compare both articles (available in print and on The Enterprise’s website) […]

Thanks, Davis, for honesty

Last Friday I did some shopping in Davis. On my way home, I realized I had lost my wallet. I remembered putting it on the seat beside me when I sat down on a bench. I hurried back downtown and began walking up and down every street, trying to find that bench. When I finally […]

My GATE choice will be easy

As the parent of a first-grader in the Davis schools, I have been on the fence about whether I might choose GATE should my daughter place in the program, especially given that no one has been able to show whether the program is effective or meets the needs of our children and our community. But […]

Confidence returns, along with jobs

The issue: The recession is only well and truly over when Americans believe it is, and now, apparently, they do The economic statistics show that the United States has slowly but steadily dug its way out of the Great Recession, which economists date as officially starting in December 2007 and ending in June 2009. But psychologically, […]

Time for an unbiased voice

There has been so much unnecessary “GATE angst” lately … unnecessary because no one is seeking to dismantle the GATE program. There are, however, many parents and teachers interested in crafting a program that offers some basic tenets: 1) a consistently administered identification process, 2) open to all students who qualify, 3) flexibility for students […]

He’s paralyzed by depression

Dear Annie: My boyfriend, “Jarrod,” has always been very anxious about social situations and has a hard time making friends. Since graduating from high school, he’s lost touch with the few people he considered friends and has become very isolated. Together with the stress of passing his college courses, he has spiraled into a serious […]

Congress relents on air traffic controllers

The issue: Vote taken just in time for their own vacation flights Maybe it was public anger over the more than 8,000 flights delayed or canceled due to various reasons last week — more than triple from the same period last year, according to one tally — that prompted Congress to act with unaccustomed speed. […]