Marsh case shows need for ‘Maupin’s Law’

By Lloyd Billingsley On Friday, a Yolo County jury found Daniel Marsh guilty of first-degree murder, with enhancements for torture and lying in wait, in the stabbing deaths of Claudia Maupin and Oliver “Chip” Northup in their Cowell Boulevard home on April 14, 2013. That verdict, though welcome for the victims’ relatives, hardly ends the […]

He seems happy at home

Dear Annie: I recently married a man who has never been married before, although he lived with a woman for 15 years. They never had children, and “Vic” cheated on her for years. He paid for everything, and she had a free ride. He essentially paid her off to leave. I have three grown children […]

Love comes in all colors — and yes, even in black

Halloween decorations are everywhere now, especially spooky black cats. People just love black cats in October, and avoid crossing their paths the rest of the year. Given their prominence this time of year, it’s the perfect time to bust a few myths and bust out a few facts about black cats. The irrational fear of […]

When does she graduate from home?

Dear Annie: When my daughter graduated high school, my husband and I agreed that she could live with us for free because she was paying college tuition. ”Norma” is now 21 and has her degree. She still refuses to pay any kind of rent, although she takes care of her car, phone and insurance. She […]

I return to the mountains and memories of Mom

As soon as my husband and I arrive home from a vacation in Banff, Canada, I look for the photo album that I should have studied before I left. Although I keep photos on my computer now, my old ones — those from the years we were raising children — are stored in thick, heavy albums numbered 1-14. The […]

And another academic year begins …

The issue: Students add a lot of  life to our community They’re back! UC Davis students have been trickling back into town for the past few weeks, moving in to their apartments, getting settled and preparing for another academic year. But the big onslaught comes this weekend, when the freshmen arrive with their parents for residence […]

She just wants to get married

Dear Annie: My husband passed away in January. I found him dead on the floor when I came home. Then the ambulance, fire truck, police, undertaker and coroner came. My grandchildren wanted to get here as soon as possible, and my granddaughter ended up parking haphazardly, taking up two inches of my neighbor’s driveway. Yesterday, […]

Sunder for school board

I support Madhavi Sunder for school board for many reasons. Just to name a few, I have been very impressed by her intellect, energy and demonstrated commitment to public education. In expressing my support, I want to emphasize Madhavi’s understanding of the arcane world of education finance. This is a subject in which I teach […]

Choose Archer, Sunder, Adams

Please join me in supporting three candidates for four-year terms on the Davis school board. This is an unusual election, in that all three trustees will be newcomers to board service. While voters often can simply pick the one or two individual candidates they know or strongly support, this year is different. We are voting […]

They’re consensus-builders

In 2007 we were elected to the Davis school board and served during the most difficult period of fiscal challenges in a generation. We made it through those tough times as a community and a school board by finding common ground and working very hard at working together. We didn’t always agree, and we didn’t […]

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Archer, Adams best qualified

I am delighted to support Barbara Archer and Tom Adams, both running for the Davis school board. In my view, Barbara and Tom are the only qualified school board candidates: Both have chaired site councils or PTAs at their children’s schools and are intimately familiar with how the school district operates. They are not newcomers […]

Spacious mothering revisited

By Aimee Deem Four years ago, I was experiencing a deep aching as I was anticipating my daughter attending college on the East Coast. After starting undergraduate school at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Arielle transferred to California Institute for the Arts. On May 16, Arielle graduated successfully from CalArts with a bachelor of […]

The Mayor’s Corner: We’re busy with city business, but we’re taking a break for the Turkey Trot

This is the second installment of the “Mayor’s Corner,” a monthly column intended to provide an update of what’s happening at the City Council and introduce any new policy initiatives. And even if our town muckraker, Bob Dunning, poked fun at my first effort (my favorite line: “Quick, honey, grab the No-Doz”), I respect him […]

There’s no pill to get younger

By Richard Fleming, M.D. It is impossible to watch TV or listen to the radio these days without hearing the ads about “low T (low testosterone).” From listening to the commercials, you would think the country is facing a dangerous epidemic. From coast to coast, middle aged men are getting tired, gaining weight, and being […]