Cheers and Jeers: Have you ever seen the rain?

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the rain! Yes we know, as state officials and meteorologists have been quick to remind us, this doesn’t mean the drought is over, but it’s a start. At the very least, we don’t have to run […]

Defeating Ebola involves medicine, and prayers

By David Dionisi In August and September, people throughout West Africa wondered if they would be left to fight Ebola alone. In September, the Franciscan Works school in Liberia, for which I am a volunteer, lost one of its students to Ebola. Johnson Moore was a nice young man. When he died, the Franciscan Works […]

Disagreement on mother’s care

Dear Annie: My mother is 95 years old and in OK shape. She has been diagnosed with dementia, and her physician recommended a full-time caregiver because Mom is confused most of the time. She still lives in her home, refusing to leave, and my two siblings and I take care of her the best we […]

Pollution from electric vehicles

There has been a lot of anti-electric vehicle (EV) comment based on a recent article (Tessum et al in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) showing that “Powering (electric) vehicles with corn ethanol, coal-based or grid-average electricity increase health impacts by 80 percent or more relative to using conventional gasoline.” Looking a bit […]

Are we only a fair-weather bike city?

Yes, the Richards Boulevard/Interstate 80 interchange is a mess, and a study to improve it is due. But if the driving factor of improving it is the Nishi property adjoining it, these land speculators now cashing in should pay for the work — and the study — as part their development agreement. Regional road funds […]

Marovich is a brilliant diplomat

By George Farmer What a fine series of articles, by Elizabeth Case, about Putah Creek. And kudos to The Enterprise for publishing such good stuff. ‘Tis a story that needs to be told. Rich Marovich, Putah Creek’s streamkeeper, is a rare find. He appears to have the soft people skills, magic touch and charisma to reconcile […]

And a jolly time was had by all

By Lea Rosenberg and Barb Geisler For the ninth year in a row, the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge was to host “Breakfast with Santa” at our Lodge Hall in downtown Davis. More than 350 children and their family members enjoyed a hot breakfast at the lodge and all the children had the opportunity to meet and […]

This ought to teach her love

Dear Annie: I have two teenage children from a previous marriage. For the past 12 years, they have lived with their mother 90 miles away, and I have visitation every other weekend and alternate holidays, etc. I have always exercised visitation faithfully and have a good relationship with both of them. This year, my daughter […]

Many thanks to The Avid Reader

Many thanks to Alzada Knickerbocker and her wonderful staff at The Avid Reader bookstore for helping us build a Parent Resource Library at César Chávez Elementary School. Because of their support, we are able to offer parents/guardians and their children many great books that teach social and emotional intelligence, friendship skills, respecting differences and so […]

Remember that all lives matter

The Enterprise Associated Press article on Page A2 on Sunday, “Thousands protest …” did not mention that some students at Columbia and Harvard Law schools want to postpone exams because they were “traumatized” by recent grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, students stated “the decisions and subsequent […]

Grand jury function clarified

Given the recent attention in the media, it is important to clarify the role of the grand jury in Yolo County. The grand jury serves two functions: criminal and civil. The criminal function involves returning indictments leading to a criminal trial (or not). The civil function is that of a watchdog, checking to see that […]

Defying Western academic norms

The graduate students and others at the University of California represented by the United Auto Workers Local 2865 have voted in support of BDS, the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions outfit. They disregard some things: Israel is the only country in that entire region whose citizens, including its Arab citizens, have freedom of speech, have […]

Boycotters are our future profs

So 1,411 members of the UC graduate student union vote to support the boycott of Israel. That’s 10.8 percent of the 13,000 graduate student workers at nine campuses that Local 2865 purports to represent. Hardly a resounding endorsement. It’s hard to take seriously the extreme views of a small sliver of a minor labor organization. […]