50 years since Ash Hall

By Peter Kazaks Fifty years ago, we came together from across the country and from overseas to study at UC Davis. We were graduate students, almost all of us, and all males. We were housed in Ash Hall, a relic of a World War II barracks housing 40 students on California Avenue across from what […]

Can climate change bring us together?

By Mark Aulman When it comes to the biggest single issue of our time, the news from Washington may be getting better. I’m talking about climate change, and the need to sharply reduce the emission of greenhouse gases before we run out of time. If recent polls are any indication, most of us have, or […]

Family feels cut off here

Dear Annie: My sister’s son, “Jared,” lives close to us but far from his mother. We always invite them to family get-togethers, but are never sure whether they will show up. Sometimes they don’t respond, sometimes they show up without responding, and sometimes they call at the last minute to say they are sick and […]

Think again on euthanasia

There is an immeasurable difference between an act of intentionally intervening to end human life, and that of giving pain medication that may, as a secondary effect, hasten the onset of death. In the latter case the sole intention is to relieve suffering in the terminally ill, but not death itself as a means to […]

Let’s speak with accuracy

With regard to the recent issue of physician-assisted dying, I admit that I am internally divided. But I feel very clearly that we need to be careful in how we frame our discussion. Whether or not we agree with the policy of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, I think most of us can acknowledge that […]

A stunning contradiction here

The flood of letters pertaining to “death with dignity” has been interesting. But I find it perplexing that no writer has stated forcefully that keeping people alive — not just Medicare recipients — is one of many factors driving health care costs upward. In prolonging life, even when there is no perceived quality left, there is money […]

It’s the final freedom

As members of our Davis senior community in our 80s and 90s, we strongly support the proposed right-to-die legislation sponsored by our state senator, Lois Wolk. Oregon’s experience since 1997 demonstrates clearly that, under carefully arranged conditions and medical supervision, self-administered ending of life avoids pointless suffering and is, in effect, the final freedom. Ray and […]

David Brooks: We need a plan that truly supports students

All college commencements are happy, but community college commencements are the happiest of all. Many of the graduates are the first in their extended family to have earned degrees. When their name is read, big cheering sections erupt with horns and roars from the stands. Many students are older; you’ll see 50- or 60-year-old women […]

It’s foggy? Turn on your headlights

Davis has many foggy mornings in the winter season, and every time we have one I see cars on the road with no lights on. Without lights, pedestrians and other drivers cannot see you in the fog until you are dangerously close. For safety’s sake, please use them! It’s not just a safety tip in […]

Damage done to democracy

The following is a copy of a letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.: Respectfully, the hypocrisy is astounding. Perhaps you think we aren’t paying attention, or aren’t intelligent enough to notice, but now you loudly protest that the recent congressional election has consequences and that the Republican win reflects the will of the people. When […]

Move past the stereotypes

Muslim scholars distinguish two types of revelation in the Qu’ran: those Mohammed received at Mecca and those at Medina. The ones from Mecca are considered general truths that are applicable at all times; those from Medina are considered applicable only to the specific situation of Medina that was in the midst of a war. The […]

Wife’s attitude costs her friends

Dear Annie: My wife has a good personality and makes friends easily. The problem is, she does not keep them. If someone rubs her wrong, she flares up in anger. If someone disagrees with her, she verbally abuses them. She also gets involved in everyone else’s personal affairs. When these negative things happen, the friends […]

A family was torn apart, but we survived

By Holly Jan Pierce The first 11 years of my life were wonderful. I had very attentive parents who were able to express their love, affection and joy for being my parents. When I was 12 years old, my father started having extramarital affairs and that devastated my mother. My father left us and my mother […]