Don’t just sit there

By Michael Vovakes, MD We know exercise is good, but did you know that even if you exercise, sitting too much can be bad for your health? A recent study of over 2,200 adults ages 60 and older shows that every extra hour of sitting during the day increased one’s risk of becoming disabled. This […]

Where there’s smoke, there’s fury

Dear Annie: I am a nonsmoker who has asthma and early heart disease. When I am at family events and outdoor concerts or entering stores and public places, I often find myself exposed to secondhand smoke from cigarettes and cigars. Even though I make every attempt to avoid this smoke, it is sometimes impossible. This […]

I’m not merely the bearer of bad news, I’m the one who writes it

Universe, could you lay off Winters for a while? We’re not used to all this stress. Yes, it’s been another rough week in Winters, and it’s equally rough for me to tiptoe around the reasons without upsetting anyone. There are times to upset people, and this isn’t one of them. In a nutshell, we lost […]

Little girl all grown up brings lessons from her past

* Editor’s note: Marion is taking the week off. This column first ran in February 2007. To Western minds like mine, one of the great modern mysteries is the selection of the Dalai Lama. The current one was plucked from obscurity, from a poor hamlet in Tibet, at age three, the fifth of 16 children. […]

Kimble left a swimming legacy

It was with sadness that I read of the death of Kenneth Kimble. Anyone in the area who swims with the Davis Masters swim program owes a debt to Mr. Kimble and his wife, Janet. They were very involved in the early years of the Davis Aquadarts (and the Davis Masters) and devoted uncounted hours […]

Questions about city revenue

So, the city gets most of its income from property taxes, sales tax and building permit fees, right? (Really, are there other sources?) The city always falls back to wanting a technology park to increase revenue. It’s been a “want” for 15 years at least. How does that bring in any money? We get property […]

Plastic bag issue deserved a vote

I do not like the plastic bag ban for several reasons. First, I think it should have been voted on by the people of Davis. Are we a democracy or not? Second, I do not like bans on things. Talk to people about using fewer plastic bags. Don’t treat us like we can’t think for ourselves. […]

We need to give students hope

It was serendipity: An article on the Davis school district’s summer school that serves “some” credit recovery students (July 13). An article about the Common Core math curriculum. News that yet another neighbor’s bright teen bit off more than he could chew taking AP courses, fell behind, imploded, is now on the fast track to community […]

Cheers and Jeers: A lively school board campaign is shaping up

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the number of Davis residents who are interested enough in our local schools to want to run for election to the Board of Education in November. An unprecedented four seats will be open, giving local voters […]

Paul Krugman: Obamacare fails to fail

How many Americans know how health reform is going? For that matter, how many people in the news media are following the positive developments? I suspect that the answer to the first question is “Not many,” while the answer to the second is “Possibly even fewer,” for reasons I’ll get to later. And if I’m […]

Done that, haven’t been there

Dear Annie: My beloved mother-in-law passed away two years ago. We had a church funeral and a celebration of her life. My father-in-law had the body cremated. He intends to have the ashes buried in the family plot in New York, 1,200 miles away, although he hasn’t done so yet. On more than one occasion, […]

Loving the better visibility

Deciding on the spur of the moment to walk to Nugget Market after dark last night, I was half way there before realizing I had forgotten to bring my flashlight, but was having no trouble navigating the sidewalk full of cracks, dips and root-heaved pavement. Figuring it was the supermoon, I looked up into the […]

Let’s whack those weeds

Would it be possible for the city and PG&E to cooperate in cleaning up the walkway on the south side of Fifth Street between Pole Line Road and L Street? Among the debris and weeds is a robust crop of winter and spring wheat, sadly beyond harvest. Not only is the walkway an eyesore, but […]

Our roads surely will suffer

Based on a recent Enterprise article, it looks like The Cannery project isn’t starting out all that “green.” With all the sweetness-and-light discussions on energy efficiency and zero carbon emissions from both the developer and city, I don’t recall mention of the need for the upcoming 200 million pounds of dirt, road-warrior onslaught. Based on the […]