Cheers and Jeers: Everybody wants to live in Davis

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the news that Davis’ real estate market is going gang-busters. Cory Gold, vice president of Coldwell Banker-Doug Arnold Real Estate, says last month was the busiest June in several years. There is good news on both sides […]

Battle lines are drawn

Dear Annie: I have been married to “Sherman” for 10 years. It’s a second marriage for both of us, and together, we have five children. The problem is my in-laws. They are nice people and would do anything for us. However, I think they are jealous that I have a good relationship with my grandchild, […]

Support these local restaurants

It’s a wrap for Yolo Farm to Fork’s 2014 Tour de Cluck. Nine local restaurants supported the Fowl Food Frolic by each contributing a donation or percentage of their choice from a “fowl” signature dish to support the fifth annual Tour de Cluck fundraising event in May. A total of $1,229 was donated by Yanni […]

Let’s get the bench repaired

The Central Park bench seems to need our help. This is the place I call the “meet-me-under-the-big-tree” bench. It has served lost children, coffee sippers and musicians for years, but is now burned and structurally unsound. I propose we add some online group funding to the pot and get it fixed. Furthermore, when it is […]

Don’t tell me I can’t help him

There has been much debate over whether to give to panhandlers in Davis. Both sides have valid arguments. However, there is one individual that I help on a regular basis. I strongly suspect that I know this person from when he was a lab technician where I used to work, but in his derelict state, […]

Water trains through Davis

Why isn’t someone coming up with a scheme to send water from the drenched eastern United States via trains to California and other parched Western states? The oil trains have to be stopped because the risks to humans, towns, cities and the environment are much too great. And should Davisites have to risk their lives and […]

Water storage must be a priority

It will take a variety of strategies to meet California water needs — not just conservation. While Sunday’s Another View editorial calls for stronger conservation measures and highlights agriculture as the largest user of “developed” water, it fails to recognize that many farmers in the state already face 100 percent shortages — receiving no water at […]

The real problem isn’t conflict, it’s violent conflict management

By Erin Niemela In 2014, the growing list of suffering by violent conflict management includes (but is not limited to): more than 10,000 murders and kidnappings in Nigeria, civil war in Syria, escalated terrorism in Iraq, an asymmetrical bombardment in Gaza, and now somebody, some faction, some government shot down a Malaysia Airlines jet and […]

Act now to support middle school students

By Quentin Wilson According to a recently updated ACT study, “The Forgotten Middle,” students’ middle school careers are crucial in preparing for success in high school and beyond. However, these years of education are often glossed over or forgotten. It’s not shocking. Traditionally, middle school is a period when students can be misunderstood, anxious, confused or […]

They’re pickier than she is

Dear Annie: I am 37 and divorced. I identify myself as bisexual and try to live my dating life very privately. The problem is, my parents are quite judgmental and racist. I dare not say anything about my dating partners, who are of either gender and any color. But I am tired of living my […]

Predicting climate changes

The computer models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to “predict” global warming were built by correlating past global temperatures with past carbon dioxide levels, and then introducing a few “fudge” factors to make sure the models fit the data (just remember that correlation does not imply causation). The models are very good […]

U.S. is complicit in attack

I am writing in regards to a recent piece in this publication about Israel´s bombing and invasion of Gaza. Human Rights Watch has called Israel’s air attacks against Gaza that “have been targeting apparent civilian structures and killing civilians” violations “of the laws of war.” The organization stated: “Israel should end unlawful attacks that do […]