We can rely on Greenwald

I have lived in Davis for more than 30 years and in that time there have been only two council members that I have agreed with on all important issues. Sue is one of them. She truly represents me on the council and not the developers or other supporters of the interests of the 1 […]

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Flier’s a tempest in a teapot

I appreciate that Michael Bartolic stopped short of demanding that Seal Team 6 immediately storm Davis and avenge Sue Greenwald’s reputation, but I’m calling him out for violating Godwin’s Law (“Google” it) for deploying Elie Wiesel’s quote about the Holocaust in kicking off his histrionic screed about a flier in a small-town City Council race. […]

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How will tactics be viewed?

In her book on Sir Edward Coke, “The Lion and the Throne,” Catherine Drinker Bowen stresses Coke’s remarkable transition from attorney general to chief justice. In the former role, he was “Raucous, witty, ruthless.” At the trial of Sir Walter Raleigh, and others, he “lashed out in bitter, shocking invective.” As judge, however, Coke “risked […]

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It’s time for parks tax to end

I’m voting no on Measure D (aka lighting and landscaping tax aka parks tax). This tax was instituted a couple of decades ago to make up for city revenue lost to the new Redevelopment Agency. With the Redevelopemt Agency winding up, there can be no reason to continue with this unnecessary tax. I’m also voting […]

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Invest in Davis, vote yes on D

By Alan Pryor On Tuesday, voters will cast ballots on Measure D, the Davis parks maintenance tax renewal. This $49 annual tax per parcel would provide our Parks and Community Services Department with about $1.3 million per year in continued funding for parks and greenbelt maintenance, street tree maintenance, and sports and recreation programs. There […]

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Making the Fifth Amendment optional

The issue: It says something about our current crop of lawmakers that 173 of them would vote ‘no’ on the Bill of Rights The framers of the U.S. Constitution were admirably clear, or so they and we thought, when they wrote in the Fifth Amendment that no person shall “be deprived of life, liberty or […]

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Home sales indicate stronger economy

The issue: Housing numbers, if they hold, are a promising start to better days ahead One of the defining features of the Great Recession of 2008 was the crash in the housing market, and it was a truism to say that the economic recovery wouldn’t be complete until housing was once again healthy. THAT MOMENT […]

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We need Sue on the council

Sue Greenwald was for financial responsibility long before it became trendy, long before the realities became so obvious that not even a politician could ignore them. She knows all the potential financial skeletons in all the city closets. Some abuses she has been able to block. On others she was outvoted. But she has shown […]

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These three have good hearts, minds

I believe public service is a vocation. Those who run for elected office should be led by their sense of responsibility to contribute to our democratic society and driven by a desire to strengthen the community. Governing is a continual process of listening, questioning, seeking common ground and balancing individual interests with good stewardship for […]

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Frerichs is a promising leader

As a longtime resident, former mayor and dedicated Davisite, I can’t imagine a more promising leader for our town than Lucas Frerichs. Many challenges lie ahead for Davis. Lucas has an understanding of our city, an appreciation of our needs and the creativity and ability to address the issues head-on. Lucas will help us sustain […]

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She works for our quality of life

We are writing to recommend re-electing Sue Greenwald to City Council. We have known her for about 20 years and have found her to be a strong advocate for good city and environmental planning, during her past 12 years as a council member. With those general goals in mind, she has worked to preserve a […]

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Greenwald has a strong vision

Davis needs Sue Greenwald on our City Council! We can depend on Sue to be independent, analytical and hard-working. We can trust Sue to be working for us, not special interests. I first met Sue Greenwald in the 1990s when we served together on the Growth Management and Neighborhood Preservation Committee — the land-use component […]

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