Auction Gala was a huge success

On behalf of the Pence Gallery staff and board of directors, I would like to share our appreciation for the efforts of all the volunteers, artists and sponsors who helped to make our Art Auction Gala on Sept. 10 a successful and enjoyable event. The auction is our largest fundraiser of the year to support […]

Thanks for honoring planet Earth

Village Homes hosted a notable Moving Planet event on Sept. 24 at its Community Center. Having recently joined the Cool Davis Initiative as a partner, Village Homes offered its center for An Evening in Honor of Planet Earth. The spirit of generosity prevailed from the outset. Visitors had the option of arriving early for […]

Band-uh made for a joyous party

The following is a copy of a letter to the Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh: Thank you for making our Davis Neighbors’ Night Out block party so magical! You marched into our cul-de-sac dancing and playing wonderful tunes, and neighbors streamed in to see you and hear you play. People were dancing in the street and […]

Try a Fifth Street experiment

With all due respect, Steve Tracy is a planner, not an engineer, and his anecdotal comments about the experiences with Fifth Street safety must be put in context. Communities that have tried similar experiments have, in some instances, had to spend thousands to reverse their initial decisions. There is some good news in all this. […]

Let the people vote

Please sign the petition circulating to put the water rates to a vote of the people. Stop by the table at the Farmers Market on Saturday. What we gain is time for communitywide discussions on the need, scope and cost of the water pipeline and associated projects to fully explore alternatives to save money, keep water […]

$192,000 for a water part-timer?

I was interested in The Davis Enterprise article Oct. 4 announcing Dennis Diemer as the new general manager for the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency. He will “be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the project, from final design through construction and operational start up,” a significant responsibility. While he is reported to be experienced and […]

U.S. plans ‘limited’ mission in an Africa with no limits

The issue: There’s only one successful outcome — the death or capture of Joseph Kony and the death or dispersal of his followers Let us first posit that the Lord’s Resistance Army, which is neither an army nor the Lord’s, is overdue for elimination, long overdue. It was founded in Uganda in 1987 and unlike […]

Not a pretty picture online

Dear Annie: Yesterday, our daughter-in-law announced that she did not want pictures of her children posted on Facebook. My wife is beside herself, saying that “Mary” has no right to do this. My wife refuses to respect the request. She has many pictures of the grandchildren that she took and has already posted on Facebook. […]

Are we there yet? When I think of France, I think baseball!

You might recall The Enterprise’s coverage of a large group of French kids and their teachers coming to Davis this past April as part of a cultural and baseball exchange program. Local families hosted the visitors, which included attending an Oakland A’s game, an Aggies baseball game, a historical trip to Coloma and Gold Country, […]

Class warfare? Of course!

The media seem to select the most inarticulate of the protesters, in order to discredit them. Perhaps I can crystallize their thoughts? The Wall Street bankers were knowingly committing fraud when they sold countless billions of dollars worth of toxic assets, enriching themselves hugely. This caused the economic collapse. Instead of being given jail time […]

Here’s why we’re protesting

Many people have come by Occupy Davis and asked what “the demands of the protest” are, and what we hope to accomplish. We are not protesting in the classic sense, in the sense of going out on marches and shouting until we get our way. There are no demands, and there probably never will be. […]

It’s ‘Nixonesque’ transparency

To borrow from a “G.W.ism,” is it “Nixonesque” that the Obama administration just appealed a court ruling ordering it to disclose the White House visitor record logs? Is it not even more Nixonesque that this information request is for the same information that in September 2009 Obama said would be made public? But when a […]

Celebrate the Beat Generation

As chairman of the Cultural Action Committee of Davis, I would like to invite Enterprise readers to spend part of this coming weekend enjoying a celebration of jazz, dance, art and poetry at the fifth annual Davis Jazz & Beat Festival. Taking place in and around the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, First and […]