Father-in-law offers many lessons, but can I learn them?

Marion is on vacation. This column first ran in September 2002. I wonder if there are certain things I just can’t learn. I’m not talking about nuclear physics, which I know I can’t learn, or tying flies, which doesn’t interest me. I’m talking about genuine life skills, things I truly want to learn. Let me […]

What do you think: What’s the best advice your dad gave you?

Michelle Ivie hardware store employee, Woodland: “Don’t look up with your mouth open when there’s a flock of birds overhead.” Paul Webb disc jockey, Davis: “To follow my heart.” Peter Wulf filmmaker, Davis: “Don’t be with people you don’t love.” Maria Serrano restorer, Davis: “Don’t use salt with coffee.” Sarah Conrad student, Davis: “To stay […]

Father after daughter’s money

Dear Annie: My father is a dentist and earns a good living, but he is going after my money. When I graduated from high school, he took the money relatives and friends sent me and kept it for himself. A year later, he and Mom were going through a divorce, and he subpoenaed my work […]

Sports physicals were a breeze

The athletics department at Davis High School would like to thank Sutter Davis Family Practice for its generous donation of time and talent to our annual Sports Physical Clinic. This clinic is a tremendous benefit and convenience for our athletes. More than 120 students took advantage of this clinic and are now set and ready […]

Protect yourself against ticks

As a Davis resident, and vice president of the California Lyme Disease Association, I was pleased to read about UC Davis’ compelling research into how Lyme bacteria can evade the body’s immune system. More investigation of this critical topic is desperately needed. However, the article’s following statement gives the wrong impression: “Lyme occurs mainly in […]

The Outstanding Mother Award

I’m hoping you might publish this letter Sunday, on Father’s Day, in honor of my dear friend Karma Waltonen, a Davis resident for more than a decade, and the mother I know who is most deserving of an award for her overall awesomeness. Karma’s son Alexander just graduated from Da Vinci High School last week […]

The president is a citizen, period

A letter writer says Barack Obama was ordered by a court in August 2008 to produce his birth certificate, but he “avoided doing so.” According to the independent and respected website Snopes, however, which analyzes rumors on the Internet, the suit filed at that time against Obama was, in fact, dismissed. There was no such court […]

Republicans behave nicely at debate

The issue: Decorum reigned at first official campaign event Republicans have gained a reputation for over-the-top rhetoric and ferocious campaigning, even against their own. But the seven presidential candidates at Monday’s New Hampshire debate were modest, restrained and politely declined or sidestepped CNN moderator John King’s repeated invitations to attack each other. THE CANDIDATE who […]

Photography can lift your spirit

Get involved What: Photography Club of Davis When: Next meeting is at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 13 Where: Blanchard Room, Stephens Branch Library, 315 E. 14th St., Davis Info: http://www.photoclubofdavis.org By Samer Alassaad We have long relied on art to express our views, seek answers about our surroundings, meditate and therefore heal ourselves and make […]

Accept an invitation to a ‘Gypsy Wedding’

Stop what you’re doing and run to your DVR to record “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.” Set it up to record them all, because believe me, you don’t want to miss a moment of this spectacle! Originally a British production now airing on TLC, this show is a documentary, a term I’m using loosely since […]

Here’s how to eat well on a budget

Neither Bob Dunning nor Mariko Yamada has a clue as to how one eats well on a minimal budget, in my not-so-humble opinion. Forget about any canned or prepared foods, which are expensive even from Costco. Make soups/stews from relatively cheap, in-season, raw vegetables (like cabbage, onions, carrots, celery, green beans, a potato), grains from […]

When posting, be like Ol’ Blue Eyes

“Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.” — Frank Sinatra, from the song “My Way” Sinatra may be the only one who counts his regrets “too few to mention.” And Rep. Anthony Weiner, the congressman who is just the latest public figure to post and regret, isn’t alone in his […]