Unshackle our senior ombudsmen

By Mariko Yamada The California State Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes recently exposed “deep flaws in California’s system for detecting and responding to elder abuse and neglect” in long-term care facilities in its report, “California’s Elder Abuse Investigators: Ombudsmen Shackled by Conflicting Laws and Duties.” The report’s findings are verified by hearings I conducted […]

Wife’s temper out of control

Dear Annie: I’ve been married for 20 years, but I have a situation at home and don’t know what to do anymore. My wife gets angry over little things on a daily basis. She is constantly upset about things people do or don’t do. If a child eats a cookie, she will throw a fit […]

Cost will encourage conservation

The negative reactions so far to the Sacramento River water project are a perfect illustration of the Tragedy of the Commons. We are depleting at least two shared resources: the groundwater basin, and the health of downstream aquatic life. This is the inevitable result of too many water users and a limited supply. Water, as […]

Get real on water risks/benefits

I would like to clarify my position on the joint Davis-Woodland surface water project. It is a somewhat nuanced position, and has been misrepresented in a few articles on the topic. I merely want citizens to have an accurate view of the risks and benefits — something that I do not think is currently being […]

Straight talk to NATO nations

The issue: U.S. defense secretary warns that the U.S. might not always be there to help One hopes that the Europeans listened to Gates. He does, after all, have their best interests at heart. Planning to step down at the end of this month, Defense Secretary Robert Gates believes he can speak freely, and speak […]

Grandma feels abused

Dear Annie: I’m a 66-year-old mother of two, grandmother of four. I have been verbally abused my entire life — first by my father and now by my daughter. I love my daughter, but I’m ready to dismiss her from my life in order to preserve what sanity I have left. I am afraid to […]

Standing up for herself

Dear Annie: I am a smart, funny, typical eighth-grade girl with lots of friends and good grades. I do, however, suffer from PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcus), which causes tics. In my case, this ranges from repetitive blinking and certain movements to making little noises with my throat. It’s hard to control […]

Soroptimists get a pat on the back

The Davis Enterprise article last week about the King High School graduation did not include the generous scholarship that Soroptimist International of Davis awarded to one of our students. This is a scholarship that has been given annually for more than a decade in honor of Susan Walgenbach. We, the staff at King High School, […]

With sincere gratitude to Curves

I just have to put out a good word for Ann Arneson, owner and director of the Davis Curves for Women. In my 50s, I came to Curves a couple of years ago, struggling with life-threatening symptoms and on the road to a early death from heart disease, stroke or diabetes. As she does every […]

Time to cut losses?

Dear Annie: I am in my late 50s, divorced, with a career that spans 30 years. I have been successful in my life with one exception — relationships. I have been with “Ted” for more than seven years. The first half was good, but the second half has been a constant struggle. The problems began […]

God bless our troops!

Right on, Rich Rifkin! Couldn’t have written it any better at any time … God bless our troops! God bless America! Barbara Wochok Davis

The groove is definitely in the heart, not the age

This is what I’ve learned so far: It’s all about the choices. Not just choices about what you do, but how you think and feel as well. Psychologists call it cognitive therapy — learning to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Changing your thoughts and attitudes in turn changes your feelings. Thoughts and feelings are […]

Friendship goes up in smoke

Dear Annie: I met “Janice” through my son’s school. She’s a parent of one of his classmates. She would come to my house in the afternoon before picking up her kids. We would enjoy a cup of coffee and sit around and talk and laugh. When three days went by and I didn’t hear from […]