The groove is definitely in the heart, not the age

This is what I’ve learned so far: It’s all about the choices. Not just choices about what you do, but how you think and feel as well. Psychologists call it cognitive therapy — learning to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Changing your thoughts and attitudes in turn changes your feelings. Thoughts and feelings are […]

Friendship goes up in smoke

Dear Annie: I met “Janice” through my son’s school. She’s a parent of one of his classmates. She would come to my house in the afternoon before picking up her kids. We would enjoy a cup of coffee and sit around and talk and laugh. When three days went by and I didn’t hear from […]

One unvaccinated person can cause chaos

The U.S. is on track to have the most cases of measles this year in more than a decade: 118 through May 20. Most of the virus is imported, from southern Asia, Africa and Europe, where vaccination has been hampered both by fears of vaccine side effects and immigration from areas with low vaccination rates. […]

Davis historical sites are at risk

By Jim Becket, Dennis Dingemans, Mary Lee Thomson, Roberta Stevenson and other volunteers at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis This is a plea to the powers-that-be and the citizens of Davis to stop and think about how we are treating the last few visible remnants of our town’s history. Three proposals have been discussed […]

Immunizations are an important public health measure

As a public health nurse and former immunization coordinator for Yolo County, I must “fill in the blanks” of the op-ed by Samantha McCarthy, published last Sunday. First, vaccines have saved millions of lives and prevented hundreds of thousands of disabilities caused by vaccine-preventable diseases. Remember the deaths and crippling of polio or the blindness […]

Tax cuts’ cost reaches unaffordable trillions

The issue: Cut spending, raise revenues or scrap the tax code and replace it with a simpler, fairer system? Last week was the 10th anniversary of passage of the first round of the Bush tax cuts, one that tidily disposed of that year’s modest $128 billion budget, ending four straight years of surpluses and setting […]

Remembering Mr. Garrett

Chris Garrett’s way of teaching a math class completely took me by surprise when I jumped into it for my third year at Emerson Junior High. I’ve never had that much fun in a class and simultaneously been able to learn so much. I suspect that that was part of Mr. Garrett’s plan, actually, as […]

Kindle offers the new book, but am I the new reader?

“I always take three books when I fly,” a friend said. “The first is the book I’m finishing. The second is the book I plan to read next. The third is in case I don’t like the second one. “It gets heavy.” This friend had a birthday and now owns a Kindle, Amazon’s e-book reader. […]

What do you think: What activities are you looking forward to doing now that the weather is nice?

Clare Johnston student, Davis: “Going swimming and hanging out outside.” Angelica Lopez student, Davis: “Going running.” Amanda Loscotoff unemployed, Woodland: “Tanning.” Findlay McIntosh teacher, Davis: “I’ll be traveling.” Tony Martinez Frito-Lay employee, Davis: “I just like enjoying the sun.” Tom Zehnder veterinarian, Elk Grove: “Waterskiing.” Asked in downtown Davis Compiled and photographed by Chloe Kim […]

Fleet Feet steps up to help kids

“Attention, ladies and gentlemen, we have an important announcement to make…” These are the words that start our in-the-moment recognitions for runners who have just completed a half or full marathon milestone at the 2010-11 Patwin Running Club. The words are sweet music to all of us for their power to inspire and motivate our […]

Musicians offer their thanks

The Holmes Junior High Band Boosters would like to thank the following local businesses who have supported the band throughout the school year: PG&E, Davis Food Co-op, Watermelon Music and Ink Monkey. With their generous donations, we have been able to raise funds to purchase new musical arrangements and make much-needed repairs to instruments. We […]

Business support is appreciated

We are writing to tell everyone how fortunate we are to have such good neighbors at our new location on G Street. First, we are next to the Davis Food Co-op, and if we run out of anything, we run next door to get it. This would not be the case at any grocery store […]

Guantanamo details are lacking

I read the lead story in the June 8 edition of The Enterprise and I am somewhat confused. I do understand that the government reported three fewer children had been detained at Guantanamo than had previously been reported. That is not acceptable, but the story never gave an indication as to why the error was […]

Join us for a closer look at Libya

The International House will hold a panel discussion on Libya on Thursday, June 16, at 7 p.m. in the community room. I-House is at 10 College Park. The title will be “From Oppression to Revolution — Libya’s Freedom is Near.” The speakers were born and raised in Libya: 1) Abdalla Bassiouni, who has engineering degrees […]