Let’s all use our roads sensibly

Don Perkins asks what we think of his idea to wear bicycling clothes in order to “blow through stop signs and run red lights” with his motor vehicle (Enterprise letters, Feb. 19). That is a splendid idea as long as he takes the following steps. * Reduce the weight of his vehicle to 25 pounds, […]

Flea Market returns Sunday

On Sunday, Jan. 29, volunteers, vendors, residents and local musicians transformed the E Street Plaza into the very first Davis Flea Market, a non-traditional, experimental market and cultural space. I am proud to say that it was, without reservation, a spectacular success. This event was made possible through the hard work of my co-director, Lauren […]

A no vote on C solves nothing

Trying always to keep an open mind, I read the arguments of the No on Measure C campaign with interest. Sure, some of their assertions are true, and yes I generally believe we can do better for our students. However, the following fact remains and ultimately weighs heavily in my decision to fully support Measure […]

Yes, offer help at decathlon

Ashley Ching of Vallejo, in a letter to the editor on Feb. 14, asks Davis residents to volunteer to help run the California Academic Decathlon in mid-March. I did this last year and without any hesitation will do it again this year. The students you will help guide through this process are some of California’s […]

Measure C is our barn-raising moment

By Camille Kirk At the recent budget town hall meeting, as the Davis school district staff presented their grim and grimmer slides, it was hard not to gasp at how bad the cuts will be without passage of Measure C. The funds from C alone would constitute almost 10 percent of the district’s budget. It […]

Kids cut off from extended family

Dear Annie: My husband and I were both widowed before meeting. We are now 70 and have been happily married for six years. We both have grown children. Everything is good in our blended family except for my son’s wife. “Stacy” has been a thorn in my side from the day they married 20 years […]

Travel on life’s narrow road

Whitney Houston is another tragic loss in the entertainment world. Her difficult marriage to Bobby Brown and her abuse of drugs helped to end her life early. The sad part for me is that, like me, she grew up in a black Baptist Church. Her faith was strong. However, her faith was not strong enough […]

Why isn’t this revolution televised?

Why is it that we learn of revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Iran and Syria and have almost no mainstream news reports about the Greek revolution? I sniff manipulation. The revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Iran and Syria all relate to the agenda of controlling the Middle East — together with its attendant wealth. On the other […]

Paying federal taxes under protest

As responsible citizens of this democratic country we, the undersigned, intend to submit our IRS tax forms and pay our income taxes for 2011; however, we are paying under protest. One of our responsibilities as citizens is to let our government know that we believe it is misguided in using military means to address international […]

Have open discussion of GATE

Ann Murray Paige was dead-on in her assessment of how the GATE program affects the “culture” of our schools. In a town that prides itself on equality and inclusivity, the GATE program is anything but inclusive. GATE has created two classes of student — those who are “special,” and those who “no one expects as […]

Respect the right to oppose

I thought we lived in the liberal city of Davis, the place where all ideas are welcome and everyone respects each other’s thinking. That illusion holds only until you disagree publicly with the establishment such as the school board and oppose its Measure C, the new, more expensive, tax, that it is trying to impose […]

Honor the intergenerational compact

This letter is to senior citizens relative to Measure C. Recall that there is an implicit intergenerational compact: Our forebears provided for our education and training, and the young now provide for our Social Security and Medicare. Let us not turn our back on the next generation. Please vote for Measure C, and if you […]

Voters, don’t be short-sighted

To vote no on C is like destroying your seed corn because somebody tried to convince you it wasn’t worth keeping and planting. John E. Moren Davis