Exercise does pay off!

Exercise to live long. I am 97 years old, I exercise three days a week at the Davis Athletic Club. Without their interest in me and their help, I am certain I would not have my good health and independence. When I was 91, they honored me with an article in the press. My membership […]

Preserve Davis’ legacy

As we work with and listen to our daughter’s choral group at Davis High School, we feel so fortunate to live in a town that supports the schools so that children who have passion for the arts, athletics and academics can develop those talents in elementary school and have them nurtured to excellence throughout their […]

Don’t reduce school options

We are fortunate to live in a town that values education and doesn’t try to fit all students into a one-sized box. Two of my three children flourished in GATE, at Davis High School and in the music programs, and went on to Ivy League schools. My third tried three different high schools in Davis […]

Impacts on elementary students would be widespread if C fails

By Heather Lybbert Vibrant communities recognize the value of learning to read at an early age. Such communities benefit when citizens are critical thinkers, problem solvers and culturally well-rounded — and this benefit leads us to fund public education with taxes. With the state’s shrinking commitment to education, we have greater responsibility to finance this […]

Why you should reject Measure C and its all-mailed-ballot process

By Jose Granda Last month, the public witnessed an unusual court case. Yolo County Clerk Freddie Oakley, acting as a defendant, and former County Clerk Tony Bernhard, acting as a plaintiff, colluded to suppress altogether the ballot arguments against the process of the all-mailed-ballot election of Measure C. They lost their case in this regard. […]

Vote yes on C, for our kids

The issue: We must do what’s necessary to stave off further cuts in core school services Over the past month or so, we reported some pretty grim news about the Davis schools’ budget outlook. Even if Measure C passes next month, we’re facing a persistent $3.5 million deficit that we’ve been papering over with one-time […]

What do you think: If you could choose your last meal, what would it be?

Elizabeth Snuffer student, Davis: “Artichokes.” Leeah Wallace hairdresser, Woodland: “Sushi.” Margaux Filet student, Davis: “Chocolate souffle.” Janis Lott Newsbeat owner, Davis: “Favorite comfort foods from my childhood.” Zack Loebel student, Davis: “Probably twice-cooked potatoes, a lot of red meat — maybe a T-bone — and a good beer. Maybe some mashed potatoes and some spinach.” […]

A warm front moves in

Dear Annie: For the past year, my wife, “Janie,” has been getting hot flashes. She is always broiling in the house while the rest of the family freezes. She insists on keeping the temperature at 70, while the rest of us are most comfortable at 74. She recently purchased warm slippers for everyone and suggested […]

Attend Sabeel conference in Sacto

Local Christian churches, Jewish Voice for Peace, American Muslims for Palestine and other community groups invite us all to “A Time for Justice: Supporting Human Rights in Palestine-Israel,” a Sabeel Sacramento conference March 16-17 at the First United Methodist Church, 21st and J streets in Sacramento. Sabeel is an international peace movement founded by Palestinian […]

We can ban GMOs in U.S.

I love eating genetically modified organisms. That is why I eat as many “natural” and “conventional” foods as I can and eschew organic foods. And that is why I love eating arsenic and mercury, too, and that is why I am so glad the farmers of conventional crops use coal ash (mmm, good) in some […]

A hidden gem in Davis

My husband and I were passing through Davis last week. We had been driving for hours, it was late and we were hungry. Our hotel was on Chiles Road, near Mace Boulevard. We wanted something to eat close by the hotel. We saw what looked like a typical coffee shop and decided to just stop […]

Support for land conservation

While there is much talk about the lack of bipartisanship in the U.S. Congress these days, legislation is pending that both sides of the House agree upon. Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, and Rep. Jim Gerlach, R-Pa., have authored legislation that garnered 300 House co-sponsors, including majorities of Democrats and Republicans, to restore policies that […]