What do you think: How have the sacrifices of veterans affected your life?

Beyley Chen housewife, Davis: “When I watch the news, I feel bad. It’s sad, especially for mothers.” Nicole Magliari student, Davis: “My whole family’s in the military, so I’m reminded of their sacrifices every day.” Lena Kendall student, Davis: “My brother’s in the military. I’m grateful for all (veterans’) sacrifices, whether or not they’re my […]

Work in progress: For what should I give thanks?

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’m thinking about what I should be thankful for. Three separate moments from the weekend give me clues. Like verses of a song, they come together to form a theme. The main event of the weekend is the arrival of our son, 26, from Minneapolis for a conference in San Francisco. My […]

Remember their sacrifices

Dear Readers: Today is Veterans Day. In honor of our veterans, here is a piece written by John Alton Robinson of West Monroe, La. ”Freedom” From the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier To the silver-haired crowns of our fathers From the shores of Tripoli To the Pacific’s pearl-green waters I wish to give a tribute […]

Helping UNICEF makes you feel good

We are writing to you about UNICEF. On Halloween, all the Davis schools get little cardboard boxes to trick-or-treat for UNICEF. Some kids do it, but we think that a lot more could. If all the kids in every school did it, in one evening we could raise thousands of dollars. To kids: UNICEF helps […]

DAC Holiday Sale is coming up

Save the dates for the Davis Art Center’s 21st annual Holiday Sale…Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Dec. 2, 3 and 4. This event features items from 70 local artisans, a pottery painting studio, hands-on children’s arts and crafts, the Wall of Art silent auction, the Children’s Secret Store and our famous Soup Café. The Children’s Secret Store […]

Invest funds in our peace, not war

We, the undersigned Davis peace community groups, support all those, young and old, who Occupy Wall Street and cry out “We are the 99%” in asking for economic justice, including ending unemployment, providing living wages and having access to affordable education and health care and housing for all. We hereby add our voice to this […]

Occupy protesters deserve thanks

What is the Occupy movement about? Speaking for myself, the message is obvious in the signs and chants of “Corporate greed” and “We are the 99%.” “Corporate greed” refers to the purchase of political power by corporations and the use of this power to increase their profits without end. The 99% refers to the disenfranchised […]

Pay it forward for veterans

By Bill Lawson “How can we give back to the veterans?” It’s a commonly asked question and it’s an uncommonly tough question. On the one hand, it means that America really cares about her veterans. On the other hand, it’s very difficult to know what to give someone who is prepared to defend your freedom […]

Returning vets aren’t a problem, they’re a resource

The issue: Obama’s financial incentives are fine, but what is needed is a change in the national mind-set The U.S. soldiers, sailors and aircrews and the vast uniformed logistics apparatus that supported them in the harsh, grueling and often desperately boring slog to victory in World War II did not think of themselves as a […]

She makes him feel so young

Dear Annie: I recently turned 50, and I hate it. I wasn’t bothered when I turned 40, but this birthday is really eating at me. I used to be very athletic, but with all the abuse I put my body through, I had to quit playing sports. I was well on my way into a […]

Better lighting needed downtown

It is always fun to report progress in our little town and as pertains to street lights I have some progress to report. The street lights in front of the Freewheeler Bicycle Center and DeLuna’s jewelry store are lit! There they were last night shining on both of the stores of important business people here […]

Our students will benefit

Recent letters to the editors lump together a variety of issues facing our community at this time. We want to make certain the community realizes that the renewal of our existing school parcel taxes will allow quality education programs to continue in our Davis schools for our Davis students. It’s as simple as that. Davis […]

Help feed the hungry this holiday

The November and December holidays are just a few weeks away. As you plan your own celebrations this year, please consider making a food or funding donation to Davis Community Meals: uncooked turkeys or other meats, fresh vegetables and fruits from your winter gardens, etc. DCM is a nondenominational organization committed to providing delicious, nutritious […]

Time to rethink education reform

By James Guthrie As budget crises deepen across the country, many fear that education funding could be put on the chopping block. If school budgets are reduced, will it be possible to get a high-quality education in public schools? The simple answer is yes. A high-quality education might be priceless in today’s economy. But it […]