Plenty of reasons to support

Reasons to support the surface water project: 1. Everyone on the City Council and two UC Davis  experts agree we need the surface water project; 2. Construction costs/interest rates for the project are likely cheaper now; 3. Our deep-level aquifers may be insufficient for the city’s future needs because of subsidence/contamination problems; 4. Fines for […]

Where have our favorites gone?

The funny-paper elves have been up to their fey trickery, it seems. Fans of “Frank & Ernest” and “For Better or For Worse” opened Sunday’s paper to find their favorites absent and interlopers in possession. Nothing against “Prince Valiant” or “Shoe,” but this is a bit much, and so sudden, too. Was it a case […]

California still setting trends

Back in the 1970s and ‘80s, when California solidified its position as America’s most populous state, it was common for demographers and trackers of trends to say that “When California catches cold, the rest of the nation sneezes.” They meant that California was the unquestioned national trend-setter. Back then, analysts were thinking of things like […]

Try, try again

Dear Annie: A few years back, you helped me with my daughter. Now I need your help again. My husband and I have not seen our daughter in almost a year. We are visiting our son for Thanksgiving, and he invited our daughter and her family to join us. She refused, saying her husband prefers […]

How perfectly planned does a proposal need to be?

My husband proposed marriage the moment the idea came to him, in a parking lot outside a restaurant in San Diego, without a ring or plans for a ring, and I liked it that way. Ever since, I’ve thought that spontaneity is the way to go with an engagement. However, recently my view has changed. […]

Don’t bother me with your problems, it’s quittin’ time

Death and taxes. No one escapes. Here’s one more: colonoscopies. Once you hit 50, your doc will dog you like Columbo until you relent. Mine nagged me for two years, and I grumbled about the hassle, the ick, the fuss and bother, and griff graff gruff. Don’t wanna. At our last visit, she nodded and […]

If he was good-looking, she could understand

Dear Annie: I discovered that my 55-year-old husband of 35 years was texting, calling and receiving calls from a 27-year-old woman for a period of nine weeks. Sometimes there were 200 texts in a day. I’m pretty sure she was sexting him, but I can’t prove it. When I confronted him, I discovered he was […]

UC Davis’ growth will be good for Davis

The issue: The university’s 2020 Initiative should jump-start our local economy It’s no secret that the health of UC Davis has a direct, and fairly immediate, impact on the health of the Davis community. If UCD — our largest employer; indeed, our community identity — is ailing, we ail, too. THAT’S WHY IT has been […]

Sister-in-law keeps things close

Dear Annie: I think my brother-in-law’s wife is attracted to my husband, “James.” James believes this to be true, as well, but he rather enjoys the attention. Whenever we are at his brother’s house, the wife is always flirting with James, touching him and finding reasons to be near him. When it’s time for us […]

Best nutrition as season turns

September marks a change in seasons and the beginning of another school year. Summer activities are winding down as many families return to familiar routines. Alarms are set, coffee is made and parents juggle getting themselves and their children ready for the day. It can be a balancing act to find time for nutritious meals, […]

What do you think: What’s your biggest pet peeve about Davis bikers?

Kimberly Losenara student, Davis: “When they don’t stop at intersections.” John Mogannan student, Davis: “People that just blow through stop signs.” Georgene Redmann mom, Davis: “When there’s a group of bikers taking over the road.” Mesa Tan graduate student, Davis: “They do not know when to hit the brakes.” Michelle Hineser sales representative, Danville: “(Biking) […]

Was stimulus really Keynesian?

You are only a mouse click away from checking to see if Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill was a “trillion-dollar stimulus” as the Republicans keep calling it, saying it didn’t work, which is nonsense, even though some Republican governors tried to stymie the stimulus idea by not accepting any funds for their state. Only about […]