Landfill not a suitable place for human remains

The issue: Careless disposal of victims of war, 9/11 is shameful One of the many attributes that speak so well of the American military is the care it takes in retrieving its fallen and providing for final interment. The great military cemeteries here and in Europe are testament to that care and pride. SOMEHOW, HOWEVER, […]

With North Korea, a possible fresh start?

The issue: We’ve been burned before, but this deal is a chance worth taking The cartoon strip “Peanuts” left an enduring leitmotif: Lucy would tee up a football and cajole Charlie Brown into kicking it, only to snatch the ball away at the last minute. That inevitable and predictable outcome could serve as a metaphor […]

They’re all against it

Dear Annie: My fiancé and I were best friends growing up, and our families were close, as well. When we were 16, his parents suddenly pulled “Paul” out of school and told me never to call their house again. My mother said Paul was no longer welcome in our home and I was not to […]

Not holding up his end

Dear Annie: Six years ago, I divorced my alcoholic, workaholic husband and became a single parent. My ex has regular visitation, but I am the one who handles all the sick days, school conferences, injuries, etc. He never bothers. Shortly after the divorce, I had to take a job at a much lower salary. There […]

NAMI is heartened by support

There was extraordinary community support at NAMI-Yolo’s annual Pat Williams Mental Health Dinner on Feb. 16 at the Veterans’ Memorial Center. It wasn’t just the selling out of 240 tickets; or the contribution of 60 sponsorships to the dinner for mental health consumers; or the participation of more than 30 community leaders. Most impressive was […]

Fight ALS on your tax return

The Specktaculars, a walkathon teamed formed to walk in support of Cathy Speck, her wife Linda Duval and the Speck family, would like to remind sponsors that their donations are tax-deductible (Tax ID# 68-0159292). Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s disease), is rarely genetic, but for Davis local Cathy Speck, it is. ALS is […]

Applause for Music Collective

I was invited to experience the first concert presented by the Davis Live Music Collective at the Odd Fellows’ upstairs hall in downtown Davis recently. I was impressed that this group of Davis music lovers, mostly in their 30s and 40s, produced such a professional show. Their love for music and this event was demonstrated […]

Progress Ranch says thanks

I received an email from Lea Rosenberg of the Davis Odd Fellows saying that we were going to be the recipients of their “Breakfast with Santa” fundraiser during the 2011 holiday season. When I arrived at the Odd Fellows Hall on Feb. 22, Lea graciously provided an introduction of Progress Ranch to the membership, and […]

Donations help burn treatment

We at Local 4437 of the University of California Firefighters wish to convey our gratitude for our community’s very generous donations at our “Fill the Boot for Burns” event on Feb. 17. The community’s enthusiastic generosity was inspiring and reaffirmed our desire to tirelessly serve this community. Our hope is that we can continue to […]

Rebekahs’ Crab Feed a success

The Davis Rebekah Lodge’s first Crab Feed on Feb. 4 was a sold-out success. As co-chairs for this fun event, we say “thank you” to the 160 community members who attended and enjoyed the all-you-can-eat crab. We also would like to thank all the volunteers from the Davis Rebekah Lodge who staffed the kitchen, ran […]

Kids need indoor play place

I’m writing to inspire someone in Davis to open an indoor play business for our community’s children, especially for age 6 and younger. Sure, there are a million 30- to 60-minute classes they can take, but where can they just hang out and play when it’s cold, rainy or blazing hot outside? For the first […]

We’re headed in the right direction

The health insurance exchange in California will be a great opportunity for small businesses and people alike. There are too many people in the United States without health insurance because it is unaffordable, and fewer small businesses are able to offer health care to their employees. In California alone, 86 percent of small businesses that […]

Guard forests, protect fishers

Fishers are mammals that look like minks but are bigger. They have a brownish-black coat, but sometimes lighter. I am concerned about the fishers, which live in forests, because forest thinning may kill them. Forest thinning is done to prevent forest fires. Fishers make their dens in trees, so when they cut down their tree, […]

Kudos to Yolo for jury process

For your readers who have not had jury duty lately, I am writing to commend the Yolo Superior Court system for the technical improvements and innovations, streamlining of paperwork and the friendly and helpful way the processing of jury selection is now handled. On a large, TV-like monitor, Presiding Judge David Rosenberg welcomes potential jurors […]