Obama plans ‘new chapter’ in Mideast, North Africa

The issue: There’s an acknowledgement of how truly limited the U.S. is in trying to influence unscripted events Speaking Thursday at the U.S. State Department, President Barack Obama promised to open “a new chapter in American diplomacy” in the Mideast and North Africa. He was responding to the “Arab Spring,” the rolling series of mass […]

Rotarian: Thanks for support

The Rotary clubs of Davis have just completed the annual Turkey BBQ in Central Park. This event, started more than 30 years ago, now includes all three Rotary clubs in Davis and is a major fundraiser for all three clubs. The Rotary Club (noon) was chartered in 1926 and has been contributing to the benefit […]

Thanks, Davis, for being ‘home’

I just wanted to write a letter to Davis, which was my mom’s home for 56 years. My mom, Elizabeth “Betty” Woodbury, loved this community and always felt that she was so lucky to live here. Once she’d arrived, she knew she was “home.”  She passed away April 22 at the age of 94. Davis […]

SOS for Westlake IGA Market

This is an appeal to all residents and homeowners living west of Highway 113: We are in danger of losing our neighborhood grocery because many of us fail to shop locally on a regular basis. Whatever our excuse, it is not worth losing the Westlake IGA Market, the heart of our community and the jobs […]

Closer look could save us all

I just have one question regarding the Dresbach-Hunt-Boyer tankhouse. If the city of Davis spent $92,000 to move the structure, and has now determined that (provided no one steps in and moves it somewhere else on their own dime) it will take $25,000 more to demolish it due to extensive rot, why didn’t the city […]

Time to revisit public power for Davis

By Mark Braly Forget about the failed effort to annex Yolo County to SMUD, the Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District. Two new developments make public power for Davis an emerging possibility. One is the adoption by Yolo County of a Climate Action Plan that includes — indeed, relies on — public power  to achieve its carbon reduction […]

Are books an endangered species?

By Michael Levin The publishing world gathers this week in Manhattan at BookExpo America, its annual trade show, but the one subject attendees won’t be discussing is the coming collapse of publishing and the inevitable disappearance of books. It’s not just that books are going to Kindles and iPads. It’s that books are going away, […]

Studies find overmedication imperils seniors

The overmedication of America’s seniors is both widespread and often deadly, a growing collection of research and government reports show. Across all ages, the number of people treated in U.S. hospitals for illness and injuries from taking medicines jumped 52 percent to nearly 2 million overall, according to an April report from the federal Agency […]

What do you think about the new medical marijuana clinic downtown?

Hannah Levien student, Davis: “I’m fine with it. It’s not hurting anyone.” Alec Zavala student, Davis: “I guess it won’t do any harm.” Yuta Saito student, Davis: “I think it’s cool. I guess some people might be surprised … but it’s only a place for evaluations, not dispensing.” Kelly Richmond student, Davis: “I’m shocked they […]

My head is as mixed up as this year’s weather

For me this spring, sex is in the air. The sex of babies, that is. Will it be a boy or will it be a girl? For the second time, my daughter and her husband have chosen not to know the gender of their unborn child. Their first child is a boy. In the betting […]

Student feels overwhelmed

Dear Annie: I am a college student. I graduated from community college with an associate’s degree in December and am finishing my first semester at the university. No matter how hard I try (tutoring, studying more and for longer hours), I am not doing well. I don’t think college is for me, and I want […]

Finally, a $100 trillion bill is worth something

The issue: This oddity is a testament to the incompetence of Zimbabwe’s financial wizards Zimbabwe’s $100 trillion bill is finally worth something. The Wall Street Journal reports that it is selling as a curiosity in this country for $5, far more than it was ever worth in real life. THE BILLS, it is reported, are […]