Brown tackles pensions, prisons

Political landmarks that can properly be labeled “Nixon-to-China” moments are rare, usually occurring only once in a career, if ever. But his actions on prisons and pensions gave Gov. Jerry Brown two of them this summer and fall. The term Nixon-to-China stems from President Richard Nixon’s 1972 opening to what was then called Red China, […]

No going back now

Dear Annie: My girlfriend, “Sophie,” and I broke up three months ago after a five-year relationship because of my inability to commit. While we were together, I was brutally honest about how I felt, even though I hated how unhappy she was listening to me. Sophie and I have taken multiple short breaks in the […]

Field hockey says thank you

We would like to thank the following busineses for their donations and support throughout the Davis High School field hockey season this year. We could not have had such successful fundraisers and season without your generosity. Many thanks to: Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Jamba Juice, Cenarios Pizza, Safeway, Onsports, Cathy’s Embrodiery, Davis Awards & Watchworks, […]

A cool weekend for all

As co-directors of the Cool Davis weekend, we are thankful to Mother Earth, who gave us three days of blissful weather, and to all those who contributed — Cool Davis members and initiative partners, sponsors, performers, city of Davis staff, elected officials, exhibitors, demonstrators, awardees, a host of volunteers and hundreds of visitors. On Friday […]

$760 goes to local 4-H clubs

Ticket sales for Local for The Holidays, a food- and wine-tasting event, totaling $760 will be donated to the West Plainfield, Norwood and Golden Valley 4-H clubs. The Davis Food Co-op and Slow Food Yolo organized and hosted event at the Davis Farmers Market Pavilion on Saturday, Nov. 5. One hundred percent of funds from […]

Harvest Celebration a success

On behalf of the board and staff of the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center, I would like to thank everyone in the community who came out to make our Harvest Celebration a huge success. A special thank you to our hosts, Ed and Mona Prieto, and to Roadhouse 5 for providing the entertainment. I […]

Kudos on new water tank mural

I, for one, totally enjoy the gigantic mural on the East Area Water Tank. I took my first walk all the way around it, thought the colors looked great and complemented the surroundings. During the entire 360-degree journey, I was constantly engaged, trying to guess the meaning of the large letters on the sides, trying […]

Berlusconi out, ‘Super Mario’ in as Italy’s savior

The issue: Monti says he plans to remain premier at least until the elections scheduled for spring 2013 Former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi made a rare miscalculation in seeking to hold on to his office. He would resign, he promised, when Parliament enacted a package of difficult economic and political reforms, banking on the inefficiency […]

Occupy movement needs focus

By Lawson H. Snipes Jr. I am no stranger to chronic homelessness, the root cause of which is overpopulation and resultant poverty in a world of social and economic inequality. Small wonder we are experiencing a revisit of the 1960s today. It seems to me the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement, this “leaderless” decision by […]

Lack of oxygen is a bit of a problem

The issue: But moon-pie concessions will be a big hit when tourists visit Tranquility Base The U.S. National Park Service is underfunded by several billion dollars, considering the backlog in maintenance, the increased attendance with the need for greater upkeep and new facilities, the demand for more rangers and the necessity of adding lands that […]

Occupy protesters have made their point

The issue: It’s time to channel passion into productive ways of making change In 1981, a group of demonstrators set up camp outside a British air base to protest the government’s decision to allow U.S. nuclear-tipped cruise missiles to be based there. THE GREENHAM Common Women’s Peace Camp initially generated a great deal of publicity, […]

And now she’s out

Dear Annie: Here’s the story: My sister married into a wealthy family. Unfortunately, her husband died three weeks ago at the age of 63. My grieving sister was visiting with her in-laws recently and was informed through casual conversation that they had prepared a new will so that their surviving two sons receive equal shares […]

It’s not justice, it’s revenge

Does Marco Topete deserve the death penalty? In my opinion, yes. Should he therefore be killed? In my opinion, no. If killing the murderer brought the victim back to life, advocates of death penalty might have a strong point. Since this is impossible, killing the criminal is not justice, but revenge. My firm opposition to […]