I don’t care; you don’t kill a cop

I can’t believe you spent so much print on what a defense attorney has to say about his client — an accused cop killer. I don’t care if he had a bad day — you don’t kill a cop. I don’t care if he argued with his sister — you don’t kill a cop. I […]

Ensure safe mornings on greenbelt

I am the parent of three Davis students who ride their bikes to and from school every day. Additionally, as the physical fitness instructor at North Davis Elementary, I promote biking to all my students. I am happy to note that almost 200 students regularly ride their bikes to get to school. We are so fortunate […]

Lobby Obama on the Middle East

Please contact President Obama — The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20500; (202) 456-1111; president@whitehouse.gov; www.whitehouse.gov — to urge him to propose the following wording on a United Nations resolution regarding Palestinian statehood: “We call upon both Israel and Palestine to give equal rights in protection, voting, housing, education, health, and all […]

Blessed to live in a caring city

The Celebration of Abraham would like to thank all those who attended the 10-Year Memorial of 9/11 in Davis’ Central Park. We were pleased that well over 100 people attended. Hearing “Dona Nobis Pacem” sung in French, Hebrew and Arabic as we gathered in holding lit candles truly touched my heart. As part of the […]

Social Security is not broken, not broke and certainly not bankrupt

By Mike Thompson On Aug. 14, 1935, after much debate and protest, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Social Security legislation into law. More than 75 years later, Social Security has become one of the most successful government programs in history. Each year, Social Security reliably pays billions in benefits to millions of beneficiaries and delivers […]

Don’t pass up this opportunity

By Rochelle Swanson and Jim Provenza Most of us want to reduce our energy bills (and reduce greenhouse gas emissions) but don’t know exactly what to do. Should we install energy-efficient windows or add insulation to the attic? Buy an energy-efficient refrigerator or upgrade the heating and air-conditioning system? No two homes, or the families […]

Just Us in Davis: War on the poor

Class warfare arrived in today’s mail. There, along with the clothing catalogues, credit card and cable TV offers, were two envelopes that contained everything that is wrong and that is right in America. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration (otherwise, these would have been nation-size packages) — but work with me here. One envelope […]

Lobby against vaccine requirement

The recent Associated Press “news” story about Merck’s hpv vaccine Gardasil illustrates a trend in the news media, namely publishing news releases with no attempt for fair and balanced reporting. As such, the editor of the newspaper should clearly label these reports for what they are (press release) and indicate the source of the information. […]

Bring on the food carts

Last Sunday after a superb brunch at University Retirement Community, where I moved two years ago, I focused on two articles of great interest to me. No. 1 was written by Rhonda Gruska. I’ve known her and chef Tony for a long time and would believe anything she wrote about early food restaurants in Davis. […]

Thank you, Davis Fire Department

We often take for granted those who work to make our city a safe place to live. It truly is a blessing to have people on call for any emergency we may have. The other night, the Davis Fire Department recieved a call from me. Our home seemed foggy inside and there was a strange […]

A fun event, for a good cause

The Westlake Market and the DeLano family would like to thank the community for making the Davis Schools Foundations benefit event successful! They would also like to thank the following participants and contributors: Davis Cruise-In members for displaying their classic vehicles, Sudwerk for pouring their beer, Jan and The Studebakers for playing the rock and roll tunes of […]

Use bike award as an incentive

We welcome the renewal of the Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community award from the League of American Bicyclists. Davis unquestionably deserves its platinum status. It is, overall, probably the easiest and most bicycle-friendly city in the U.S., in terms of installed infrastructure and ability to use bicycles in our everyday lives to move around. The award […]

‘Contagion’ reveals our ultimate fear

As a health care provider and pandemic expert, I have never been interested in movies or television shows involving a massive outbreak. I want entertainment to escape from my work; not to watch it unfold again in front of me. Few movies aside (“28 Days Later”), the medical realism also could hinder my ability to […]