Deploying riot police, UC? Little Brother is watching

By Alan C. Miller UC Davis gained worldwide attention on Nov. 18 — and a permanent association with pepper spray. Locally, we cannot allow ourselves to be metaphorically blinded by the same stinging, orange mist. To focus on pepper spray detaches the incident from the administrators responsible for the escalation of aggression. Civil disobedience is […]

We’re still worried about noise

The following is a letter sent to the City-Student Liaison Commission regarding ASUCD’s proposed changes to the city of Davis noise ordinance: The Civic Center Park Neighborhood Association and the Oeste Manor Neighborhood Association have extensively reviewed the ASUCD proposal to change the city of Davis noise ordinance and noise permit requirements presented by ASUCD President […]

Here’s my ‘compassion challenge’

The Powell family can be proud of their best holiday-decorated house in America and the citizenry of Davis can be proud of their accomplishment to “get out the vote” to recognize it as such. This has resulted in an award of $100,000 for the Davis Joint Unified School District. Thank you to AOL and […]

Key affordable housing figures

I am a senior citizen and an original resident of Twin Pines Mutual Housing. Three courtyards allow for a protected place for children, an opportunity to know our neighbors and to grow in community. I am grateful to David Thompson, nationally honored and internationally respected, for his long commitment to cooperatives in its many forms. […]

Another view of our soccer town

By Scott Ragsdale I appreciate the importance placed on my two minutes of comment at the Dec. 15 school board meeting, but the rendering of what I said is being presented as more contentious than reality. First, this is a really great soccer town for kids — all of it, AYSO, Legacy club, the whole […]

Worried about distant friend

Dear Annie: I have a friend in Alabama who is being physically and mentally abused by her adult son. I’ve called domestic abuse hotlines for information, and I gave my friend a phone number to call in case she needed someone to talk to. She seemed happy that I was looking out for her, and […]

Are we there yet? An ode to a simple household tool

If I were stranded on a deserted island with only one household item, I might have to choose the laundry basket. I guess it’s hard to imagine how this laundry basket and I ended up on the island, but let’s just go with it. I’m not sure what a typical number of laundry baskets per […]

Give DACHA members a break

It was with some dismay but no surprise that I read Sunday’s op-ed piece, “Speak up now for Twin Pines.” At first blush, it appeared that the op-ed was about the survival of Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation. But as I read on, it became clear the essay was merely another exercise in bashing the Davis […]

Make rear lights mandatory

As a follow-up to my last letter on same subject, in the same way that a car cannot be sold without all lights fully operational, perhaps all bicycles should not be sold or serviced without the same restriction applying? It’s somewhat bizarre, if not perverse, that in Davis, emphasis appears only to be placed on […]

Safe disposal information needed

Where are we to safely dispose of household smoke detectors? This past weekend, the Yolo County Central Landfill would not accept them. The county’s website, however, states that the landfill will accept them daily, not even requiring that disposal only occur at household hazard waste events: “YES — residents are encouraged to return them to […]

Are you proud of your country?

* Editor’s note: This is the award-winning essay in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Patriot’s Pen youth essay contest. By Habboba Badreldin Musa As an American, I feel very proud when I think about the sacrifices and efforts that Americans have put into making our country what it is now — the most highly advanced […]