If you’ve ever tweeted, you’re in the Library of Congress

The issue: Inane messages take their place alongside a Gutenberg Bible The Library of Congress, the repository of the nation’s most important literature, histories and documents, has reached an agreement with Twitter to archive every public tweet ever sent. THAT MEANS Kim Kardashian’s single-woman’s lament following the breakup of her short-lived marriage this year — […]

First, protect the innocent

Dear Annie: My 12-year-old son recently informed me that his 18-year-old cousin was molesting him. I immediately informed my in-laws. They were in shock and denial. Both said, “Are you sure? Maybe they were experimenting.” I was outraged and disgusted, and so was my husband. I went to the police and filed a report. Both […]

Faculty have no confidence in Katehi

We, the undersigned UC Davis faculty, are compelled by evidence available now to publicly state we have no confidence in the ability of Chancellor Linda Katehi to lead us forward. In our view, the Nov. 18 events and their aftermath have overwhelmed her effectiveness despite her previous accomplishments. Chancellor Katehi showed poor judgment before the […]

The real story of pepper-spraying

When is the public going to read the actual events in the media that happened on the UC Davis campus when the supposed peaceful protesters were, in fact, chanting and surrounding officers so they could not leave? I do not need the video’s producer to tell me that it’s a threat to the officers’ safety. […]

We won’t surrender our rights

The culture of violent confrontation as a policy tool has dramatically exposed its hollow core with the events at UC Davis. As a society, many of us have observed violent actions employing escalating levels of technology carried out against individuals unable or unwilling to defend themselves. These observations have been made from protected and secure […]

Their chance for upward mobility

I found the article in Sunday’s Enterprise, “Chancellor, UCD faculty agree …” well-balanced in content and in tone. There are, however, some points that I would like to add: * So far, the students have conducted themselves with linearity of purpose, seriousness and good manners. This is because our students are mostly children of the […]

Get rid of the UC regents

I’ve already proposed, over KDVS and online, a solution to the problem — getting rid of the regents. The regents are established by the state constitution, so the same time spent getting signatures for a fee-limiting measure could be used on a more valuable measure — to replace the regents with the Academic Council, i.e., […]

Occupiers are our wake-up call

The title of your Dec. 2 story on Occupy Davis is ironic in view of the U.S. Senate’s latest draconian measures to further suspend the constitutional rights of those non-corporate persons known as human beings and citizens. Last Tuesday the Senate voted — with bipartisan support — to allow the military to detain terrorism suspects, […]

Don’t dismiss 40-plus years of work

I was disappointed to see the prominently placed pull quote from Tilahun Yilma in the Nov. 30 “UCD faculty come not to bury Katehi” article. In expressing support for Chancellor Linda Katehi, Yilma chose to disparage the UC Davis chancellors who preceded her. Through their significant individual and cumulative contributions, these prior leaders provided the […]

Physics prof backs Katehi

In the Nov. 30 front page-article in The Enterprise it was stated that “there was a call for resignation of Chancellor Katehi by the physics department of UCD.” As a 60-year member of the physics department, I take exception to the implication that this was a departmental decision. It is the opinion of some physics […]

UC Davis’ dysfunctionality

Congratulations, UC Davis. You made international news; unfortunately, it was not for academic achievements. UC Davis police’s pepper-spraying of students was front-page news the next day in several Turkish newspapers. This hideous action tarnished UC Davis’ image worldwide. With universities all around country competing for students, prospective students will think twice before choosing UCD. The CIA […]

UCD’s goals, priorities must change

By Sterling Chaykin There was a time when education at UC Davis was a matter of great pride, but priorities changed and a fine educational institution morphed into a corporate-centered research university. Growing the intellectual prowess of students has lost importance. Members of the faculty who tend to crave the spotlight have shifted their focus […]

Too young to face reality

Dear Annie: I am 57 years old and divorced. I am now engaged to a woman who is 29 years my junior. “Carla” is everything I ever wanted. I never intended to fall in love with her, but I needed a friend, and there she was. She feels the same way. Here is the problem: […]