FAA deal only took Congress five years

The issue: Key feature is funding for new GPS technology to direct air traffic The Federal Aviation Administration bill was delayed 23 times, but the agency finally has a law giving it $63 billion and full operating authority for the next four years. For those of you counting, that’s only one year less than the […]

U.S., NATO to depart Afghanistan early

The issue: Our ability to establish democracies in ethnically divided countries with no history of democracy is limited President Barack Obama’s military advisers plan on the U.S. and its NATO allies ending combat operations in Afghanistan perhaps as soon as mid-2013, a year and a half early. That lays the groundwork for the coalition leaving […]

Prisons must cope with surge in elderly inmates

The issue: Cost of health care, equipment and staff training is rising fast In the mid-1990s, there was a mini-wave of “granny dumping.” Elderly people, abandoned by families, showed up at hospitals and Salvation Army facilities, often with a note to the effect: “Please take care of her. We no longer can.” THAT COLD-HEARTED solution […]

Changing his mind, and heart

Dear Annie: After 40 years of marriage, my wife came home from work one day and said she was leaving. I decided then that I would never marry again. Four years ago, I met “Lynn.” Now, of course, I am madly in love with her. She never ceases to amaze me with her big heart […]

Conduct a DACHA investigation

The following is a copy of a letter to Davis City Council members: I have known Luke Watkins and David Thompson for over 30 years and during that time, both have dedicated their careers to social justice issues, specifically those related to increasing adequate housing for low-income individuals. I trust that what they are saying about DACHA is accurate to the […]

Bags are environmental pollution

Davis is, with any luck, about to ban plastic bags, so environmentally destructive are they. And yet CVS/pharmacy still puts their customers’ purchases into plastic bags without asking us whether we want a plastic bag. And when we say we do not want a plastic bag, what do we find, but that now CVS/pharmacy does not […]

Ill will for tomato cage thief

Sometime between 4 p.m. Feb. 2 and 10 a.m. Feb. 4, a thief climbed the fence surrounding my vegetable plot in the Davis Community Gardens and stole 12 heavy-duty tomato cages and eight lighter-duty cages that were stacked in the middle of the plot, awaiting the spring planting of summer vegetables. The plot is clearly […]

No room for hate on campus

The following is a copy of a letter to the UC Davis Women’s Resources and Research Center staff: As a member of the Legislative Women’s Caucus, I was deeply disturbed to learn of the hate incident that occurred at your center on Jan. 30. The noose has long been used as a symbol to terrorize […]

Let cooperative spirit prevail

Our family has always been a co-op family. When I was growing up, my grandmother’s Berkeley Co-op number was 997. Our family’s Berkeley Co-op number was 1844. We were definitely co-op consumers. So it wasn’t surprising when my sister, Ann Evans (former mayor of Davis), came to Davis and founded the Davis Food Co-op. It […]

Wake up, Davis City Council

When my husband and I married in 1963, we looked to a community to find that handful of people in a community who work for the greater good, and we discovered three or four handfuls instead of just one. Davis has been our home since that time. We can’t say that we’ve been disappointed until […]

Finally had enough

Dear Annie: I have been married nearly 30 years to someone who is a self-centered, selfish, immature mama’s boy. Mama is so controlling, and yet so needy, that every time we’ve moved, she’s moved nearby. She has switched to the same doctor and even goes to the same hair salon her “baby” uses. She gets […]

Family problem comes to a head

Dear Annie: My husband’s sister is impossible. “Anabel” is bitter, nasty, venal, snide and vicious. She can’t wait two minutes before making a cruel remark. Soon after my husband and I moved back to his hometown, he had a stroke at the age of 52. He’s recovering, thankfully. The first person I notified was Anabel. […]

Can I paddle my way to meditation?

A psychologist friend proposed a different definition of meditation that has my gears whirring like a GPS trying to “recalculate.” I’ve always had a respect bordering on awe for people who can meditate, but here’s what my friend said. “If you’re fully involved in something, active, paying attention only to that, you’re meditating. You don’t […]