Greenwald fights for city’s benefit

For perhaps the first time ever, The Enterprise and I are aligned on candidates for City Council. I am voting for Brett Lee, Dan Wolk and Sue Greenwald. Over coffee several months ago, Brett impressed me with his vision and commitment. Dan seems like a good guy. Sue, I think, is a special case. My personal experience reflects all […]

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I support Frerichs and Wolk

I support Lucas Frerichs and Dan Wolk because of their dedication to the community, and because I am confident they would not permit a small group of narrow-minded residents to destroy our community institutions (such as the Davis Food Co-op,and water and public transportation systems) with the targeted agenda of bringing the vengeful boycott, divestment […]

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Davis needs Sue Greenwald

Davis needs Sue Greenwald on the City Council. She researches each issue and advocates for what is best for the city. Sue is a Davis treasure, and we are lucky that she is willing to continue working for us. Jean Risley Davis

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Frerichs will deliver change

As a Davis parent, business owner and active member of our community, I wholeheartedly endorse Lucas Frerichs for City Council. In the eight years I have known Lucas, I have been consistently impressed by his integrity, honesty and earnest desire to make our town a better place. Whether serving on the board of directors at […]

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Sue’s efforts saved us money

I support Sue Greenwald for re-election to the Davis City Council. Sue is honest, approachable and bold. During her 12 years in office, Sue has been an advocate for Davis’ schools, public safety, art and business communities, environment and quality of life. Sue values fiscal responsibility and understands complex issues. For example, Sue realized that […]

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Many reasons to support Lee

I’m for Brett Lee. I don’t think one needs a pedigree to run for City Council. It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re a newcomer here or your ancestors came to Davis in a covered wagon. It just so happens that I’ve been here long enough to have grown up with some of Brett Lee’s […]

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Frerichs, Wolk are contributors

Like Bob Dunning, we are voting for two “boys.” Ours are Lucas Frerichs and Dan Wolk. We have known both of them for some time prior to their becoming City Council candidates. While they are on the younger side of the candidate pool, they have professional, real-world experience under their belts that will serve both […]

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Our choices on June 5 ballot

California redistricting has changed the electoral landscape and it is sad to be losing Congressman Mike Thompson as our representative. But, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to elect Congressman John Garamendi with his strong environmental and agricultural record. It is always a pleasure to put a check mark next to Sen. Lois Wolk’s […]

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A new generation of leadership

Civility, response-ability, hope for the future: a new generation of leadership for Davis: Brett Lee, Dan Wolk and Lucas Frerichs. Jon Li Davis

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Why the disinformation on D?

It’s a shame that the Davis Chamber PAC, whether intentionally or not, has provided us with another “subtle misrepresentation” regarding our City Council candidates. In an ad in Sunday’s paper supporting Measure D, in small print at the bottom, the Chamber notes that Lucas Frerichs, Dan Wolk and Stephen Souza “support Yes on Measure D.” […]

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Frerichs: fresh and experienced

Lucas Frerichs would bring to the Davis City Council a wealth of community experience and legislative know-how — both a fresh and experienced voice. Mark has worked closely with him on the Planning Commission. He is right on the issues we care about. Mark Braly and Patricia Hartley Davis

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Vote for Greenwald and Lee

As always, Davis is facing developer pressure to expand housing onto nearby farmland. As always, most Davis citizens oppose it. We understand that our quality of life and our environmental stewardship depend on keeping our physical footprint small while providing affordable housing, high-tech jobs, long-term economic growth. Both Brett Lee and Sue Greenwald oppose peripheral […]

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Mount Everest is ‘there,’ and it’s deadly

The issue: Unpredictable weather creates a bottleneck that can cost lives Nepalese officials are expecting a traffic jam of about 200 climbers this weekend hoping to reach the top of Mount Everest. Last weekend, 208 tried to reach the summit; four died trying. IT WILL BE A MIRACLE if this weekend passes without a death, […]

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