Council, listen to Dan Wolk

I am very grateful to Davis City Councilman Dan Wolk (“Let’s make sure we get this water project right,” Sept. 18) for his refreshing common sense, empathy and exemplary definition of personal responsibility on this issue. His op-ed piece is another proof that if we had more leaders like Dan then Davis would be well-served. […]

Here’s a reason for optimism

By Sunne McPeak For years now, we’ve awakened to headlines about California’s financial woes. It seems as if we can’t go a day without hearing about the gradual erosion of the quality of life for Californians. And yet, nearly nine out of 10 Californians believe it’s possible for the state to be run well. I […]

Standing In: Early-morning tales of the greenbelt

By Dave Rosenberg It stretches clear around Davis, sometimes narrow and sometimes wide, occasionally rutted or bumpy where tree roots have done their slow work. It’s the Davis Greenbelt — a thin line of asphalt pathway snaking between native plants, bushes and trees — yet another ingredient in this town’s European flavor. Every day, virtually […]

Could we get some cooperation?

There seems to be a fear of big things these days in Washington, most of all, fear of the very government that resides there. But if one examines the hallmarks of humanity, one finds that big government fits right in with the natural evolution of our species. The one thing that makes us so successful, […]

We need a better mythology

In ancient Egypt, the mythology held that the pharaoh had favor and influence with the gods and made the rains fall, flooding the Nile and bringing a bountiful harvest. In America, the mythology holds that a good president has the power to make unemployment fall, bringing jobs and a prosperous economy. The challenge for a […]

‘Kizuna’ unites Japan, U.S.

* Editor’s note: Daichi Matsumoto delivered these remarks at a Friends of Inuyama potluck gathering Sept. 4 at International House, Davis. He was here with his father, mother and younger brother, and was an age-group winner in the Golden Valley Harriers’ Labor Day Race. My name is Daichi Matsumoto. I am a third-year student in […]

Cost of freedom was exorbitant

Although the people of Libya gained the freedom they wish, they still have a doleful expression on their faces. They never thought that the cost of getting rid of autocracy and corruption would be so exorbitant. What Libyan people have gone through during their revolution is saddening; their sacrifices were beyond belief. I swear I […]

Help us fight deadly disease

On behalf of our team in the Oct. 1 Walk to Defeat ALS, I wanted to send out a huge thank you to The Davis Enterprise for its articles about the second annual ALS Skydiving Specktacular fundraiser for the ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) Association, to the incredibly helpful and generous people at SkyDance SkyDiving for […]

Should we ban all cell phone use by commercial drivers?

The issue: Regulators need to find safe middle ground A 40-ton truck, going 70 mph, with a driver distracted by a cell phone. It’s a formula for disaster, written many times each year on America’s roadways in the cellular age. FEDERAL STATISTICS show that “distracted” driving causes arbout 5,500 highway deaths and 448,000 injuries each […]

Latinos support tentative maps

By Cirenio Rodriguez, Sylvina Frausto, Jesse Ortiz, Angel Barajas, Marco Lizarraga and Olga Nevarez Special to The Enterprise We feel it is important to correct information that was left out of the recent article concerning the Yolo County Board of Supervisors’ redistricting efforts. First, it is important to let your readers know that residents of Winters participated in all the […]

When the neighbor is your nurse

Dear Annie: My wife said I should ask for your advice. We have a next-door neighbor, “Dee,” whose husband died 10 years ago. She’s become my wife’s best friend and confidant. I help with maintenance on her house and car. We both think the world of her. My doctor has a small practice with one […]

Wife feels disconnected

Dear Annie: My husband is cold and distant. We have been married 20 years, and if his behavior doesn’t change, this soon-to-be “empty nester” will fly the coop. ”Clive” has always been the quiet type, but for the past 15 years, he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to do any socializing, including going […]

What do you think: What advice would you give to a new UC Davis student?

April Robertson social worker, Sacramento: “Study abroad.” Clint Winger retired, Weed: “Have fun. Study hard.” Jay Henderson hospice worker, El Dorado Hills: “Enjoy the college experience as much as you possibly can.” Lorna Tan Davis Ace employee, Davis: “Be careful of driving. It’s expensive to pay for a DUI. Get a designated driver. Support local […]

Doula: An unfamiliar word, an important profession

Today I want to tell you about a field in which California is a leader and Davis is ahead of the pack, but first I’ll explain my personal connection. My daughter has two children, a two-year old and a newborn. Even though she gave birth to her first child at a famous medical center, Stanford […]