How the Co-op defines ‘local’

We’d like to thank Bob Dunning for the shout-out in his Feb. 17 column (subsections “PORKERS ON THE LOOSE” and “GEOGRAPHICALLY CHALLENGED”). His note regarding our weekly special ad (dated Feb. 15) “you know, I learn something every day by reading the grocery ads in this town …” affirms that the Davis Food Co-op is […]

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No easy fix for Social Security

I see Rep. Mike Thompson has favored us once again with one of his commentaries in the press. You will remember that in his last opus, he said it would be easy to fix the Social Security, which is running a receipts deficit. It takes in less than it pays out. The deficit is made […]

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Ace makes Davis a special place

Davis is a special place to live for many reasons. The employees at Ace Hardware are one of the reasons. I am finally writing this letter to say thank you after being helped many times since I moved to Davis eight years ago. I am amazed how every person at Ace is consistently kind and […]

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What’s an urban forest?

Bob Dunning, our local wordsmith, is not so wrong to question the term “urban forest.” Since our urban trees are spaced among streets and homes, they might technically be more a woodland than a forest when viewed collectively. But because that causes confusion with our esteemed neighbor to the north and English is a fast-evolving […]

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How is Rush still employed?

When Chelsea Clinton was just a little girl, about 10 years old, Rush Limbaugh publicly mocked her looks, and referred to her as “the family dog.” I thought, at the time, that no matter what you think about President Clinton, one should not indulge in hurtful and mean attacks to his young daughter. (No duh!) […]

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Christian benefit of the doubt

I would tell Rush Limbaugh that he might be a little hasty in judging Sandra Fluke. After all, Karen Santorum cohabitated for years with an elder physician who performed abortions. But she found the Lord and is now saved from being a slut and a prostitute. Limbaugh should give Fluke the Christian benefit of the […]

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Do we ALL have it all?

I’ve enjoyed reading the great GATE debate being brought once again to the forefront. However, I’d like to ask our community to think more broadly in terms of equality and inclusivity when it comes to educational programs in Davis. In this regard, there is much work to do. School choice is a hallmark of Davis […]

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Let’s gobble up fast-food litter

I am doing a Nature Bowl project about how fast-food litter affects the environment and animals. One example is that a porcupine could crawl into a cup for its leftovers, and get stuck and lose its life because its quills are facing the other way. Studies have shown that fast-food litter accounts for 32 percent […]

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Water project is worth pursuing

A couple of months ago, the Davis City Council dismissed the Woodland-Davis Water Agency. This was a mistake. The Woodland-Davis Water Agency was a proposal for a project for Woodland and Davis to take water from the Sacramento River and divert it to treatment facilities. Right now, Davis is using groundwater, but the supply of […]

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Protect our Davis schools

I am in strong support of Measure C, the renewal of the current parcel taxes supporting our schools. Homeowners now pay less than a dollar per day — a total of $320 per year under Measures Q and W — to maintain quality education for our children. Measure C would replace these measures with one […]

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For good or ill, our parents leave a road map

I write this on my mother’s birthday — although I may not publish it right away. If she were alive, she would be 99 years old this year. She wouldn’t have wanted to live that long. A Christian and a believer, she expected to be reunited with loved ones after she died. I’m sure that […]

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Our tender young minds were protected from sex and religion

In our house, the stacks of Playboys were hidden in a secret room in the basement. Right next to the family Bible. That’s where they kept all the stuff that might scar tender young minds, like the collected works of Hugh Hefner and King James. That said, that room was the worst kept secret on […]

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Oh, friends and boyfriends …

Dear Annie: I’m 18 and a senior in high school. I have been with my boyfriend, “Mike,” for a year, and I love him more than anything. However, my friends feel differently. They find him loud and rude. Mike thinks they are immature, and he disagrees with some of their personal choices. Mike makes an […]

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Get your plate in shape

As spring temperatures rise and we promise ourselves we will exercise more often, there is another important step to leading a healthy lifestyle. In keeping with tha National Nutrition Month in March, The Food Bank of Yolo County (Food Bank) encourages you to “Get Your Plate in Shape” by focusing on what goes onto your […]

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