Statistician debunks 14% figure

Bob Young (“Conservation is the key to 14%”) may know something about statistics, but he apparently does not know much about finance. Although his calculations are correct, his interpretation of them is not. The 13.4 percent figure he obtains by averaging the year-to-year percentage increases in a hypothetical ratepayer’s water bills is an annual percentage […]

Don’t miss ‘Anything Goes’

I never fail to be astonished by the quality of performances delivered by the drama students at Davis High. The hilarious musical, “Anything Goes,” is their latest triumph. I saw the opening show last week and found it to be as uproarious as it was remarkable in every way. The very professional-style sets, the stagecraft, […]

The unions are running the show

It’s not yet clear to me that we need to fire our city attorney over this matter. But in retrospect, we now know that the Davis City Council, acting on the legal advice of Harriet Steiner, made a very costly decision when it moved to impose its final offer on the members of the Davis […]

In Cuba, housing gems in need of TLC

The issue: Home ownership will give Cubans something they haven’t had for more than 50 years — a real stake in their island The right to own a house and other real estate was taken for granted for millennia, so much so that the Sumerian king Urukagina mentioned it only indirectly in 2,500 B.C. when […]

Unmade in the USA?

The issue: Our factory workers are ready for jobs creating something newer and better Manufacturing is not, as the conventional wisdom would have it, dead. The United States produces more goods than any other country in the world. No. 2, with many more people, is China. IF MANUFACTURING is not actually dying, what has been […]

Tired of the new co-worker

Dear Annie: I am a retired 70-year-old single senior and live on a fixed income. I try to be self-sufficient so I won’t have to depend on my children for anything. They have their own financial issues. Two years ago, my daughter, “Alice,” asked if I would like to earn some extra money by helping […]

We’ll challenge the millionaires

This morning I looked at articles about the various “Occupy” movements and noticed the following: There was a story about sexual assaults within “Occupy” encampments. This discourages people from staying at some camps and may cause conflicts within camps. Those who are against these encampments would no doubt welcome this destabilization of camp structure. There […]

YCCC fans are all in

Yolo Community Care Continuum would like to thank everyone who attended, volunteered at and donated to the YCCC Blinds & Bluffs Poker Night on Oct. 22. We would like to thank the Davis Odd Fellows and Rebekahs for their financial support, donation of their facility for our event and event volunteers and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. We […]

Pajamarino: 99 years, going strong

On Friday, Oct. 14, more than 600 students, alumni and community members gathered at the Davis Amtrak station for UC Davis’ 99th Pajamarino. While some traditions come and go, Pajamarino has managed to stay with us since 1912 when students first sneaked out of their dorms to greet alumni arriving at the train station for […]

We sing for the community

I write in behalf of the Davis Community Chorale to thank you for your recent article about our upcoming concerts on Friday and Sunday, and also to stress that our concerts are always free and open to the public. Your article mentioned a “requested” donation; we sometimes suggest donations (as a nonprofit, donations are one […]

A terrible decision by Whole Foods

I am not in the grocery business, but I am astonished by Whole Foods’ decision to open a store in the Davis Commons. David Lannon, Whole Foods president for its Northern California market, was quoted in your Nov. 3 article as saying “… and we liked this location a lot.” I’d like to know why. I can hardly […]

Help DCM at annual fundraiser

Davis Community Meals is a nonprofit, interfaith, nondenominational organization that helps our less fortunate brothers and sisters. This organization provides housing and free meals to people in and around Davis who are homeless or without financial resources. For 20 years, Davis Community Meals provided housing and meals to individuals and families. Without the generous help […]

Taxation without representation

As a relatively new resident of Davis, I have been surprised by the lack of transparency of Davis elected officials. It seems that the residents are not to be brought into the decision-making process, especially when it comes to large decisions. You assume when you move to Davis, terms like “democracy,” “transparency” and “free-flowing information” […]