Beware cockroaches, termites

The city of Davis installed water meters, and this was a good idea for water conservation and having people pay for what they consume. Unfortunately, the meter wells are a dark, secluded basin, with condensation on the meters providing moisture to provide ideal breeding grounds for cockroaches. This time of year, cockroaches are coming out […]

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Get involved with Cool Davis

As a new participant of the Cool Davis Initiative, I had the great pleasure of volunteering at the award-winning documentary film “YERT (“Your Environmental Road Trip”) at the Veterans’ Memorial Theater on March 20. A fantastic turnout of more than 175 people came out to see it. Before the movie, we heard an introduction about […]

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Women need to declare war on the war on women

First it was the attack on Girl Scouts. Indiana lawmaker Bob Morris declared the Girl Scouts to be a “radical group that promotes abortions and homosexuality” and a “tactical arm” of Planned Parenthood (as if that was a bad thing). Then along came Rush Limbaugh, publicly shredding college student Sandra Fluke after her Congressional testimony […]

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Faculty must restore credibility with students

By Richard Seyman The truest indicator of the character of a society is how it treats its poorest, least powerful members. Judged by this standard, the character of UC Davis campus community remains in doubt 4 1/2 months after the notorious Nov. 18 assault on student protesters. UC Davis students and alumni occupied the Quad […]

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Medical: Better health could be playing at a movie theater near you

By Lee Bowman Who knew movie night could offer so many health benefits? Whether you buy a ticket or rent to watch on the couch, just make sure the screen fare is of the three-hankie genre and that the snack fare includes popcorn and chocolate. That very combo, according to a trio of new scientific […]

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This folder of correspondence strikes to the heart

* Marion is taking the day off. This column has been slightly edited since it first appeared in 2006. This column contains a warning, although I don’t know exactly what my advice to you should be. Maybe I just need to recount what happened five days after my dad’s death, and if I omit some […]

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Unsanitary conditions at store

Dear Annie: Our town has a small grocery with popular hot and cold bars where customers can help themselves to deliciously prepared food. Lately, I have noticed a nicely dressed man at the store accompanied by his medium-sized dog. The man reaches into this food with his fingers and then lets his dog eat from […]

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Friends of Inuyama look back and say thanks

By Paul Sieracki The enormous earthquake and tsunami that struck northern Japan on March 11 last year made this an especially memorable, and bittersweet year, for the Davis Friends of Inuyama. The citizen-led organization has worked for a decade to create a special bond of friendship with the people of our sister city of Inuyama. […]

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A surprise choice to head World Bank

The issue: But Dartmouth College president is well-suited to the tasks of this important agency The head of the World Bank, by custom an American, traditionally has come from a relatively small circle of bankers, diplomats and economists. President Barack Obama, then, certainly was thinking outside the box when he nominated Dartmouth College President Jim […]

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What do you think: What’s the best April Fool’s prank you’ve experienced?

Charles Mason nonprofit executive, Sacramento: “My birthday’s in March. When I was really little, my family told me it was my birthday again on April Fool’s.” Emily Hartman event manager, Davis: “Friends’ fake pregnancies on Facebook. They upload an ultrasound image and forget to change the original names on the picture so we all know […]

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A harsher side to rowing

I read with great interest Bruce Gallaudet’s recent profile of Yolo County rowing (“Competitive and recreational, rowing grows in Yolo County,” March 20). While his gushing revealed a positive intention, he failed to offer a basic tenet of journalism: a balanced perspective that shows “both sides.” A lifelong athlete, I joined a Division I women’s […]

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Find out where the candidates stand

I have a real problem with the proposed city ordinances to ban plastic bags and burning in fireplaces. Although I do not use plastic bags (I take my own paper or cloth bags to the grocery) and do not burn logs in my fireplace, I consider it extremely offensive that a handful of so-called “environmentalists” […]

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