Too many billions for Earth

Last week’s United Nations announcement of the planet having reached 7 billion people is sad news. In my short 83 years of life, I’ve seen the planet grow from 2 billion to 7 billion, while it took till 1800 for the world to reach its first billion. The U.N. projection of leveling out at about […]

Feds must stop scam of stealing from dead children

The issue: Let’s start by implementing the recommendations of a scathing 2008 audit by Social Security’s inspector general In a ghoulish new identity theft scam, thieves are cashing in on dead children by stealing their Social Security numbers to fraudulently collect federal tax refunds. And, the heartless crooks are getting help from an unexpected source, […]

U.S. locked into a self-defeating U.N. policy

The issue: Our ability to influence either the Palestinians or Israel now seems weaker than it’s ever been Something as intricate and ever-changing as foreign policy should not be put on automatic pilot, which is the gravest defect in the law that requires the United States to cut off funding to any U.N. agency that […]

City aims to balance water costs, revenues

By Bob Clarke As our community continues to consider the issue of water rates, I’ve been encouraged by the passionate exchange of ideas and opinions as part of the public debate, while at the same time frustrated to see so much confusion about what rates the City Council actually adopted. Still more disappointing is the […]

What do you think about the Occupy movement?

Joe Taormina aircraft mechanic, Benicia: “I think it’s great. We should’ve done this three years ago. What the banks and Wall Street accomplished was nothing less than organized crime.” Wesley Pierce head of security at Little Prague, Davis: “Honestly, I think they need to tone down the radicalism and put the focus back on the […]

Rotary is ‘this close’ to ending polio

You can help Polio survivor Bill Hollingshead of Davis has served Rotary’s District 5160 as its PolioPlus chairman. “My heart beats faster and I become overwhelmed to think — to know — that I will see the end of polio in my lifetime,” he says. To help Rotary eradicate the last 1 percent of polio cases […]

Best government money can buy?

The most wonderful aspect of Occupy Wall Street is that it has refocused our attention away from scapegoat issues such as Social Security and budget deficits and toward what truly ails our society: gross income inequality stemming largely from government policies favoring corporate profits (paraphrased from New York Times columnist Paul Krugman). The power of […]

Survey the garage at First and F

I believe most parking in the core area is for short-term shopping and errands. These kinds of shoppers are disinclined to want to use parking structures no matter how conveniently they are located to their shopping destinations. For this reason, I believe a new garage in the proposed location is a bad idea. Since a […]

Medical marijuana has been hijacked

The muscular young man with greasy hair, tattered clothing and a menacing demeanor sauntered into a Los Angeles fast-food emporium the other day, his breath reeking of liquor and his demands very frank. “Give me some money,” he demanded of a customer waiting for a breakfast burrito. “Not on your life, smelling the way you […]

Stepmother feels threatened

Dear Annie: I am a stepmom to two wonderful little boys under the age of 4. I treat them the same as my own children. The problem is their mother. “Carla” acts as if I am the wicked witch. I know it is hard to let another woman care for your children. I have assured […]

Are we there yet? Give the ’12 months of Christmas’ a try

My 11-year-old son is very easy to buy presents for because he loves everything. He has received many “best gifts ever,” and his enthusiasm is quite genuine. At the time. However, it doesn’t last long. The number of “best gifts ever” that have been thrown by the wayside causes a parent to rethink holiday and […]