An inspired choice for prize

Despite the great sadness in my heart due to the loss of lives of many young people in the Arabic world, the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to one of the Arabic strugglers during this crucial time in the Arab Spring brought a tear to my eye from happiness. This brave struggler is Tawakkul […]

It’s counterintuitive, but true

I have had a number of people ask me about a statement in my wife’s (Mary Jo Hoes) op-ed piece, “Wind power isn’t right for Yolo,” published Oct. 9. The statement in question is, “… when it (wind power) makes up a significant percentage of the utility power it may not result in significant reductions […]

We’re devoted to clients, pets

Re: Compassionate care for our pets Dr. Margaret Hunt and I were honored to receive such wonderful praise from Karen Harris regarding Megan, her lovely 17-year-old springer. We feel blessed to know Karen and Megan and our other many clients and their beloved pets. We are devoted to each individual on the pet hospice team […]

Democrats at fault for defeat

You reported (AP Oct. 11) that “President Barack Obama’s jobs bill, facing a critical test in the Senate, appears likely to die at the hands of Republicans ….” The Democrats have a majority in the Senate, and under the rule change by Sen. Harry Reid, they could have passed Stimulus Jr. with a simple majority. […]

The true cost of river water

How much is the water pipe from the river to Woodland and Davis really going to cost? For sure, it’s not the $325 million we hear from the city government. They always forget to add the interest to the principal. I wonder why? Perhaps they have forgotten about the “rule of 72″ used to calculate […]

With gratitude in our sorrow

Thank you to all of our friends and the Davis community for their loving support during this time of sorrow at the loss of our beloved Richard “Dick” Villanueva, our husband and father. There are so many who have reached out to my son and me during the past two weeks since Dick’s death and […]

What do you think: What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?

Melissa McTernan graduate student, Davis: “I’m planning on getting a bike soon. My car is the closest thing to a hybrid you can get without actually paying for the hybrid price. I recycle.” Jeff Weidner professor, Arbuckle: “Burning less firewood.” Mai Tran student, Davis: “I recycle.” Irene Lona student, Davis: “Recycling.” Diego Rail graduate student, […]

Trouble with the in-laws

Dear Annie: My husband and my son-in-law are both alpha males. My daughter and I are very close. In the early years of my daughter’s marriage, there was a small power struggle between her husband and me, but I bit my tongue until it bled. We seem to have reached detente. My husband, however, has […]

Irony over freeway housing

A few years ago, an article from a well-respected medical journal showed that children who grow up near freeways are more likely to suffer loss of lung function. I cited this article in opposition to the city of Davis’ plans to build low-income housing directly adjacent to Interstate 80. The city and the developers quickly […]

Go ahead, criticize the court

For some reason, people complain about Congress and the president and corporations and laws, but don’t complain about the Supreme Court. That’s too bad, since without the Supreme Court: corporations wouldn’t be treated as persons, money wouldn’t be construed as free speech, corporations wouldn’t have the obligation to only pursue the highest profit over all […]

Sign the referendum petition

In past years, numerous local governmental entities have placed, without restraint, an inordinate number of ballot measures seeking new and increased special taxes and bonds that already have had an apparent negative effect on the cost of living in Davis. The middle-aged and low-income working portion of the population is particularly affected. These 10 to […]

I speak up because I must

I am a citizen of this community first and foremost, secondarily I am a representative of the citizens of this community and thereby have a fiduciary responsibility to save the ratepayers as much as I can in what we pay for water in our community. It is my duty to speak out when I believe […]

It’s time to get all the details

The importance of a referendum on the clean water project is that all the details and motivators of all the options will become public, assuring us of the best solution. Keith vonBorstel Davis