We really use Fifth Street

Does the City Council really think that the 12,000 to 17,000 daily vehicles on Fifth Street are cruising Davis for fun? While the City Council spends its time in late-night sessions discussing increasing water rates, the rest of us by day are going to work, running errandsand going across town to pick up our kids. […]

Re-invest in public education

Shame on us I read with great interest Wednesday’s Davis Enterprise article on a proposed 16 percent tuition increase over the next four years at UC Davis, until it reaches a staggering $22,000 for undergrad tuition. What kind of debt burden are we saddling our next generation of young professionals with? How will employers remain […]

Hey Joni, it can get worse

Tonight at Steve’s Pizza across from the parking lot on F Street, Joni Mitchell’s song about how they “paved paradise and put up a parking lot” started to play. I listened and thought, “How apropos, but little did she know.” It gets worse, Joni. A parking lot can have trees in it; now they are […]

Groomers get a shout-out

I want to acknowledge and thank the staff of Pawsitive Groomers in Davis. My dog Trevor has been suffering with an allergic condition over the past few months and they have been wonderful. Their response to requests for special treatment during his grooming sessions was superb. With the assistance and help of the staff at […]

We love our Almost Native Son

By Corky Brown Dear Bob McMullen, If you are going to criticize Davis’ Own Almost Native Son, it is best to have lived in the land of “All Things Right and Relevant” more than six months to have any semblance of institutional memory or “street cred.” I’ll stack Bob Dunning’s six decades of serving his hometown up to […]

We take nothing for granted

The morning of Sept. 11, 2001, dawned clear and bright. My wife and I placed a cake on our dining room table. That cake was as special as the day itself, as it marked our daughter Alyssa’s 9th birthday. Just a few minutes later, my mother called from Cleveland; we thought to wish her granddaughter […]

Let’s keep our downtown alive

As a Davis resident since 1984 and a staunch supporter of the Davis Downtown Business Association’s efforts to revitalize downtown Davis, I feel compelled to respond to a recent letter to the editor in which the writer questioned the location for the proposed Third, Fourth, E and F streets parking and redevelopment project. Edith Vermeij […]

Low-paid and going even lower

Given the current budget crisis in California, and no assurance of increased revenue, it is questionable whether any employee of the University of California should receive a salary increase. But in a civil and just society, one would hope that if any university salaries are raised, it won’t be at the expense of students, and […]

Obama, GOP edge to a deal on jobs

The issue: The outlook is for the bill to pass in small bits and pieces, enough for both sides to claim victories, if only small ones Speaking from the White House Rose Garden, President Barack Obama sent his jobs bill to Congress accompanied by demands that the legislation be passed with “no games, no politics, […]

Paging Dr. Watson; he’s there in 3 seconds

The issue: If it works as planned, Watson could be a true advance in medical administration We know that IBM’s supercomputers can demolish human beings in games. In 1997, Deep Blue beat reigning champion Garry Kasparov at chess. Then a descendant, an even more super computer named Watson, laid waste to TV’s “Jeopardy” stars. NOW, […]

Medvedev flinches over seeking re-election

The issue: Russian president looks like he’ll make room for his mentor, Vladimir Putin Russians got a sneak preview of the president they are going to pick in next year’s elections, and it’s increasingly apparent that it won’t be the incumbent, Dmitry Medvedev. Instead, it looks like the current prime minister, Vladimir Putin, will be […]

Auld acquaintance brought to mind

Dear Annie: A while back, I signed up for Facebook in order to stay in touch with friends and renew old acquaintances. Several weeks ago, my husband’s 35-year-old daughter, “Sheila,” sent me a friend request. She has not been in touch with us since she turned 18, when my husband no longer had to pay […]