A rough road for transportation bill

The issue: Three years late, this important legislation is caught up in several fights One of the points Republicans had hoped to make in this fall’s elections was that a GOP-run Congress would be more efficient and get more things done than the messier Democrats. THE REPUBLICANS do have control of the House, and despite […]

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It’s the thought that counts

Dear Annie: I have been friends with “Laura” since my husband and I moved here 22 years ago. She is financially better off than I am (and flaunts it), but it never bothered me until she decided we should exchange Christmas gifts a few years back. Laura can be very judgmental, and finding the right […]

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So, what are the reasons?

I have read Jose Granda’s Sunday commentary on Measure C three times, and am still baffled. His closing words are that there are “very good reasons to reject Measure C,” but I can’t seem to find those reasons in his piece. Granda objects to the balloting method, I got that. But that doesn’t explain why […]

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If only for your pocketbook …

As a proud parent of two children in the Davis Unified School District, I strongly encourage everyone to vote yes on Measure C and mail your ballot this week to assure that this critical measure passes. Without Measure C, one of the strongest school systems in the state will be financially crippled, and the aftereffects […]

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Why Syria is not another Libya

Since the embers of the Arab Spring flared up 13 months ago, when a Tunisian street vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire, the repressive leaders of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen have all fallen. Although the mass protests in Bahrain were successfully doused last March, the conflagration in Syria is still burning hot. […]

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Still mommy’s little girl

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 20 years. She has a grown daughter from her first marriage. I watched “Lori” grow up and love her as my own. My wife always has been fiercely defensive of Lori. I can’t say anything remotely negative or critical about her without risking a big […]

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Three for three?

Dear Annie: In my 22 years, I have had only two serious boyfriends. After both relationships ended in heartbreak, I decided to give myself a breather from men. Nine months later, I met Chris. We grew close in a short period of time, but the relationship had its flaws. Once, we were arguing, and I […]

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We should use our light wisely

The University of California’s motto of “fiat lux,” meaning “let there be light,” is a great principle to guide us in learning and other current issues facing the university. But there should be limits and “cut-offs” as it applies to the lights under the new West Village carports. The glare from these lights is bothersome […]

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Cottonwood is ‘hotel get well’

I have a lung disease called COPD. Recently, I caught pneumonia and went to the hospital for 13 days. Then I needed a nursing facility. My family chose (thank God!) Cottonwood Post-Acute Rehab and Skilled Nursing in Woodland. There, it was like living in a comfortable hotel full of nice people who are medically trained […]

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Let’s correct school funding

Measure C is a no-brainer. I am well qualified for no-brainers. I have voted in favor of it. To do otherwise would be to short-change following generations. However, I feel like a gun was held to my head. The reality is that the funding should come from the billionaires who are not paying their fair share […]

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A fairer way to offer support

I know that parcel taxes such as the one currently being decided by Davis voters by law cannot be based on property values, thus every homeowner is levied the same amount, regardless of their ability to pay. Can anyone come up with a logical reason why this is the case? Most of us liberal Davisites […]

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Don’t try this ‘exparimint’

Here’s a compelling reason to vote yes on Measure C: from a poster I saw in England during the Thatcher/Major era when the government cut funds for community libraries: “Close our libaries and see wot hapens” (sic, sic and more sic). Let’s not try this “exparimint” in our schools. Please vote yes on Measure C. […]

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Librarians endorse Measure C

Does your child enjoy reading and books?  Did you know that if you’re reading this in the presence of your child, you are setting a positive example for lifelong reading?  Are you in a book club or do you enjoy discussing what you read with others?  Do you need answers to life’s pressing questions on […]

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