Why consumers won’t get much of Dynegy’s millions

There was applause from environmentalists when Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Public Utilities Commission late last month accepted a $120 million settlement from NRG Energy Inc. for the part it and the bankrupt former electric generator Dynegy Inc. played in the power crisis that afflicted California 11 years ago. To be paid over four […]

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Thanks for support, FamiliesFirst

The Davis Community Men’s Talk & Drum Circle is forever grateful. For the past 16 months, men have been gathering, in rooms donated free of charge by FamiliesFirst, allowing this community project to grow and mature. The Community Men’s Talk Circle has been supported to allow men of different generations to learn from one another […]

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DACHA critique is widespread

Due to the illegal acts of the Davis Area Cooperative Housing Association and the millions in public funds wasted on the DACHA debacle, the shameful events have attracted national scrutiny from cooperatives. Letters were sent to the City Council and the California attorney general protesting the dissolution and the wrongful role of DACHA and city […]

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No room for political favoritism

In recent weeks, several letters have been published in The Davis Enterprise from judges of the Yolo Superior Court in support of Judge Dan Maguire’s candidacy for retention in the June 5 election. Some of those judges have hosted campaign events and used other means to publicly endorse his candidacy. While the California Judicial Code […]

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I’ll say it simply: I like Wolk

Some public servants are so ideally suited, straightforward messages of support are sufficient to make the point. Simply put, I like Dan Wolk and will be voting for him for City Council. Heidy Kellison Davis

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Price gas on multi-tier system

Reducing our gasoline usage is perhaps our most important priority. We need to do it for reasons of security (not being dependent on hostile foreign nations), the environment (in terms of pollution and global warming) and economics. If we reduce our usage, the prices will fall. Here is how we can do it: We need […]

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Tell us the good news, too

Given some of the events of the past academic year, I hope The Enterprise will make and comply with a policy of accurate reporting about activities related to UC Davis’ Picnic Day. Frankly, I am tired of reading about students who drink or have an accident. That’s not news. We have a campus in our […]

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How to court female voters

By Dan K. Thomasson WASHINGTON — The march by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney toward the fall election is likely to focus as never before on a portion of the electorate too long taken for granted: women. Unless Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, can close a significant portion of the 20 percent gap between him […]

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North Korea launches a fiasco with its rocket

The issue: What provocation from this rogue government will be next? North Korean policy as regards the outside world seems to run on a tape loop: a provocative act, followed by an agreement not to repeat it in exchange for aid; renege and then repeat. LAST MONTH, the Obama administration reached an agreement to provide […]

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Sounding the alarm on tobacco

Dear Annie: The facts about tobacco use are startling. Every day, nearly 4,000 kids under the age of 18 try their first cigarette, and another 1,000 become regular smokers. To hook kids, tobacco companies spend billions of dollars each year targeting kids like me with advertising near schools and malls, and they even alter these […]

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It’d be a stark choice, indeed

With regard to the op-ed article by Lyra Halprin on a woman’s right to choose and the accompanying archived photograph, I feel that if the mothers in that photo were asked to take a marker pen and choose which of those beautiful children’s smiling faces they would eliminate from that photo, then they would have […]

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Shelter guests didn’t go hungry

Davis Community Meals sincerely thanks the individuals and groups who provided food for the 13 clients and volunteers of the Cold Weather Shelter every evening from Nov. 14 through March 31. Members of the following faith groups provided sandwiches, hot meals or pizza, often supplemented with beverages, desserts, fruits and/or other treats, every night during […]

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