Consider the economic sense

Davis Diamonds gymnastics wants to take over a vacant car dealership that is surrounded by other empty former car lots. The city is afraid Davis Diamonds might prevent some potential car dealer in the future? There are too many car dealerships now. This is not a trade-off of sales tax versus kids; this is fantasy […]

Reasoning seems backward

Davis Diamonds needs to grow and has found an appropriate facility — a vacant car dealership with no other prospective tenant. According to some, however, the location doesn’t fit the city’s economic plan. How does losing a thriving business fit into the city’s economic plan? Heidy Kellison Davis

Gym is a community gem

The City Council vote Tuesday could determine the fate of a community gem: Davis Diamonds Gymnastics. What’s at stake here: Keep Davis Diamonds in town or continue to wait and see if a new car dealership will re-occupy a building that has been vacant for the past five years. Davis Diamonds provides valued extracurricular activities […]

Choose to support Davis Diamonds

I was disappointed to read about the Planning Commission’s denial of the Davis Diamonds’ application for a conditional use permit and was especially sad to read that the commission’s decision may force this local business to Dixon. The conditional use permit would have allowed Davis Diamonds to move into a former car dealership — a […]

These cases are just crying wolf

By David Mandel From his opening analogy, Tom Elias (“Do campuses back anti-Semitism?” Jan. 11) demonstrates that he doesn’t get it. More likely, he doesn’t want to, as his op-ed meanders quickly into an attempt to portray UC Berkeley student opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories as anti-Semitism. He does this by citing […]

Nicotine by any other name

Dear Annie: My pregnant granddaughter smokes. She has switched to electronic cigarettes, telling her husband that these are completely safe and will not affect the baby in any way. She also claims there is no danger of secondhand smoke. I say if you are sucking into your lungs any vapor with nicotine, it will affect […]

Meet the world’s worst friend

Dear Annie: Six months ago, I was fired for stealing from my job. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, so I lied — to my parents, my friends, everybody. I told them I quit so I could go back to school. Then I lost my house because I didn’t have the money to pay […]

The baby train doesn’t have a stop on campus

When it comes to babies, the “rules” of the job market for young female academics are clear. Don’t have a baby. If you do have a baby and manage to get a job interview, don’t mention the baby. Don’t mention your husband or partner. Don’t mention your second child, if you have one. Don’t have […]

Change and renewal, without the cat urine flavor

Last year’s “what if” experiment involved politics: What if I just stopped following and writing about our whole stupid, sad, tired political charade — what would that feel like? Following a year’s worth of political detox, all in all, I feel considerably more serene and less spiritually contaminated than when I used to hang on […]

But what about you, Dear?

Dear Annie: I am 44 years old and have been married for 12 years. This is my first marriage and her third. My wife had a yearlong affair with a co-worker. We tried counseling, but her inability to end the affair forced me to move out, although we have not divorced. I also found out […]

Davis’ zoning ordinance in peril

Crown Castle Corp. International is suing the city of Davis in a move to intimidate the city into dismantling the existing 500-foot setback between people’s homes and telecommunication transmission equipment. Crown Castle is doing this in order to make way for its distributed antenna system (DAS), which would place bundles of up to six telecom […]

Understanding kidney disease in cats

Chronic kidney disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed medical conditions in older cats, and can also be seen to a lesser degree in younger cats. This condition, which does not have a true “cure,” must be managed closely to ensure the best possible quality of life for the afflicted cat. The kidney is […]