Neighbors fed up with mess

Dear Annie: I live in a small condominium community of 24 units. Two units down, there is an older woman who is a hoarder. She continually has trash piled up by her front door and back porch. When you look through her glass sliding doors, you can see trash from floor to ceiling. She piles […]

Schools should do more with less

Re Jeff Hudson’s May 8 article about the appointment of Matt Best to take over part of Kevin French’s responsibilities: The story said this move was approved by the school board. Not to take anything away from Best, but the district and school board can’t be serious! Also, “an announcement is expected in a few weeks” […]

Home prices stumble badly

The issue: We can only hope that once people find jobs, they’ll want to buy a house Unemployment is typically the last economic indicator to recover from a recession, but even at 9 percent the jobless rate is positively brisk compared to another badly lagging sector of the economy — housing. THE RATE OF DECLINE […]

Tireless work for the welfare of all

By Michael Bartolic Hannah Biberstein, age 82, passed away at her home in Davis on the last Tuesday in April, and was buried here on Thursday, April 28. It is the end we all come to; that dark angel will not pass over us infinitely. On some intellectual level, we accept that we all depart […]

Federal debt-limit deal framework in place

The issue: Finally, there’s some progress in talks between Obama administration and congressional leaders In Washington’s current political climate, optimism is almost certainly misplaced — but still there’s reason to hope that the White House and both houses of Congress can reach a deal on raising the federal debt limit well before the Aug. 2 […]

Celebrating his death is wrong

The murder of enemies is never to be celebrated. Appropriate human behavior for a family is also appropriate behavior for a nation. Could we ever image assassinating a family member and then celebrating the murder? Celebrating the death of anyone, especially when murder is celebrated by a society, is a powerful sign values are upside […]

Don’t water in middle of day

I am wondering if it is possible for the city of Davis Parks Department to revamp at what time(s) it waters the greenbelts, parks, etc. I have noticed for several years that the sprinklers will often come on in the middle of the afternoon, in summer, which is completely contrary to the watering guidelines for […]

If we must kill, show no joy

The worldwide response to bin Laden’s death was overwhelming, as expected. Most of us are grateful that this man can do no more harm, and most of us admire the military skill with which the whole problem, including bin Laden himself, was executed. There are two things that to me personally are painful: The joy […]

Woodland Poly fills an educational void

When you live in a university town like Davis, everyone you meet has a college degree. But the reality for most of the U.S. is that only a small minority ever completes a bachelor’s degree or higher. According to the 2010 U.S. Census data, just 20.9 percent of Americans ages 25-64 have a four-year degree. […]

Husband not pulling his weight

Dear Annie: I married “Theo” three years ago. The marriage started out OK, but then I discovered he had a drug addiction. After a great deal of pushing from me, Theo finally got clean two years ago. The problem is, he has not held down a job since he moved in with me six years […]

Interested in Mandarin? Say so

We are a few parents with children starting seventh grade at Holmes Junior High School this fall. We’d like you to know that there is a possibility for Holmes to offer Chinese Mandarin at its school site if there is sufficient enrollment. Holmes Principal Derek Brothers is willing to explore this possibility. However, he will need […]

Obama’s proof unlikely to satisfy birthers

The issue: Trump is ‘proud’? It’s not a proud moment for anyone President Barack Obama hopes the release of his birth certificate will prove once and for all that he was born in Hawaii, and is therefore a U.S. citizen eligible to be president of the United States. IF HE WERE BORN in Kenya, like […]

Legal limbo persists for hikers

By April Kamen It’s been 646 days since my friend Josh Fattal was arrested, along with his friends Sarah Shourd and Shane Bauer, for allegedly crossing the unmarked and disputed Iran-Iraq border while hiking in Iraqi Kurdistan. Shourd was released from Iran’s Evin Prison on $500,000 bail in September, after nearly 14 months of solitary […]