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Scouts offer religious studies

I read with interest the Forum commentary by Torgny Nilsson in Sunday’s issue. Nevertheless, I would like to make a small correction to his facts regarding denying membership to children who are, among other categories, Hindus and Buddhists. The Boy Scouts offers a program of religious studies for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and upon […]

Zone remodels as apartments

Regarding the mini-dorm issue discussed in Sunday’s Davis Enterprise, I would like to propose zoning such house-remodels or buildings as apartments. That way, if they are tailor-made to be rental units within a larger structure, they would need to be built (or remodeled) in an area zoned for apartments. This zoning would not take away […]

Assess water by parcel size

The Davis City Council has approved a water rate schedule that means if water users in Davis conserve above expectation, the city will not receive the revenues that it will need to pay the multimillion-dollar loan principal, the interest and operational costs of the system. The city has a problem — if less water is […]

Send the MRAP back

A second look at the MRAP? Sure, as long as that second look is the rear end of the vehicle, as it’s towed out of town and returned to the Department of Defense. The suggestion that it “might come in handy someday” is truly terrifying. What type of situation would warrant the use of a […]

Don’t prepare for the worst case

The argument in favor of keeping the MRAP is this, “Yes, the likelihood of ever needing to use the MRAP is very low, but it’s not zero. Why not be prepared for the worst-case scenario as long as we already have it here. It’s out of sight and, God forbid, if we ever needed it, […]

MRAP cannot be justified

So the “Get that MRAP outta here” group is now getting pushback in the form of MRAP apologists, and admirers of the Davis Police Department, whose best argument to retain our unwelcome armored behemoth is basically to “trust them.” It was predictable that some would argue for the MRAP to stay without providing any reasonable […]

Time to remove this hazard

Are we going to wait until there is a drowning on Putah Creek before a known hazard is easily removed? Elizabeth Case did an extraordinary reporting job on the dangerous incident on Putah Creek earlier this month. Elizabeth even did great homework on finding out who could remedy the hazard. I found all of Carrie […]

Arts events generate big bucks

Regarding the Sept. 17 letter to the editor from Third Space Media President Lauren Cole Norton, I was distressed to read of the poor or even confrontational treatment that a local arts enthusiast experienced when seeking to share fliers of upcoming musical events at the Third Space performance venue in Davis. Without regard to the […]

We must not stand for perpetual war

By Scott Ragsdale Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., chairman of the House Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, says “this (war on ISIL) is a war that could go on for another 10 or 15 years.” (Sacramento Bee) Our military expenditure by household has steadily increased 450 percent in 40 years. Household income in those same 40 […]

Don’t cut all the trees

I thought Davis was the city of trees. L Street is one of our favorites. The couple who wants them all cut down should go live in the desert. I understand one must be aware of falling branches, but to cut everything is crazy. Sharon Johnson Davis

A great Day in the Country

Yolo Land Trust thanks all our supporters throughout Yolo County for another successful community event. A Day in the Country was held this year on Sept. 7 at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg. The Bonanza King Band started the afternoon festivities with their lively brand of country music. Yolo County chefs from Buckhorn Catering, […]

Donors support school matinees

The Events Committee of the Friends of the Mondavi Center would like to thank the many donors who contributed to the School Matinee Program that provides tickets to area students to attend a variety of performances throughout the school year. We would also like to thank Berryesssa Gap Winery of Winters and Ard Aven Winery […]

Golf tourney was a big success

The fourth annual Peace Officers Memorial Golf Classic was held on Friday, Sept. 5, at the Wild Wings Club Golf Course. The players enjoyed a hot but fun day of golf while we netted about $4,000 from the event. The tournament was hosted by the Yolo County Retired Peace Officers Association, a nonprofit organization. The proceeds […]

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