A selfless act for shelter animals

I have been a volunteer at the Yolo County Animal Shelter in Woodland for the past four years, usually working with the dogs that are available for adoption. Something happened recently that truly warmed my heart, and reminded me that goodness and generosity are still alive and well. A young mother and her three children […]

We’ve let them take our conscience

The Enterprise’s editorial “Iraq: Stay or go?” (April 12) is unbelievable. You wrote: “The Iraqi government must decide soon if American troops are to remain.” No. The Nov. 27, 2008, “status of forces agreement” between Iraq and the United States settled this issue. It was remarkably clear. Article 24 said, “All the United States forces […]

Support work on a genuine budget

Our president and the Democratic Senate are willing to give the GOP their cuts, but not Planned Parenthood and the EPA, along with other organizations who enforce our rights. We all want to cut the budget, but none of us wants to breathe foul air or be forced to produce unwanted children. The president cannot […]

‘Birthers’ are ignorant, racist

The president of the United States is James Pomp N. Circumstance, British father, American mother, born in the heartland Iowa, much of youth spent in Scotland. Would anybody demand to see his birth certificate? But Barack Obama? Born in Hawaii; is that part of the United States?; father from Kenya; African African, not even African-American; […]

Harvard Drive event well-planned

In his letter to The Enterprise (Friday, April 22), Bruce Hupe criticized what he perceived as an out-of-control block party on Harvard Drive during Picnic Day, saying that “the word on the street” was that the police had to come to break it up and that a permit for the party had been issued to […]

No scare tactic; cuts are looming

The Davis Schools Foundation’s support for Measure A comes from both heart and mind. Our hearts compel us to act so that next year’s students have the same educational opportunities that current students enjoy. We cringe when we think of a first-grader who can’t get quite enough one-on-one help with reading. We shudder when we […]

Chernobyl, 25 years later

April 26 was the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident in Ukraine. As a radiation risk scientist, I had the honor to lead the first assessment of the global impact of the accident. I have been to the former Soviet Union some 36 times, including many visits to Chernobyl. Much has been written and said […]

Reclaiming May Day as our own

The issue: So if it’s not to be Labor, Law or Loyalty, what should May Day be? By the time we get to Memorial Day, we will have gone more than three months without a federal holiday. As it happens, we have a perfectly good holiday waiting to happen today: May Day. That particular observance […]

The extraordinary gift of a stranger

Did you know that April is recognized nationally as “Donate Life” month? Well, since 1999, my family has. And every opportunity that we have to celebrate and promote this cause we do. This year, I want to share a personal and inspirational story about my father, Sam Marotto, who was the fortunate recipient of a […]

Brother-in-law endangering family

Dear Annie: My sister, “Miranda,” is married to an alcoholic who is getting more bizarre each year. Miranda and her 12-year-old son are not allowed to go out after dark. If they go out during the day, “Biff” calls repeatedly on their cell phones. My nephew cannot go anywhere without one of his parents. Biff […]

What do you think about Measure A?

Pam Metzger account executive, Sacramento: “I don’t like the idea of paying more taxes, but I like the public schools. I’d support it if it was my only option.” Kelly Crosby teacher, Davis: “I think it’s controversial. Its intentions are good, but the politics are complicated.” Teresa Deverel secretary, Davis: “I think we need to […]

Why not educate our own first?

In response to the April 21 article in The Davis Enterprise titled “UC Davis broadens admissions,” I feel compelled to comment. According to this article, UC Davis admissions of out-of-state and international applicants are purposefully being increased. The reasons are twofold, according to the university: 1) nonresident students pay higher tuition, which is desirable in […]

Vote yes to retain teachers

What did George Washington Carver, Louisa May Alcott, Dwight David Eisenhower and Dolores Huerta have in common? They each spent part of their career transforming lives — through teaching. In the past three years, California has cut $18 billion in state funding for education. Next year’s state budget contains an additional $12 billion in cuts; […]

Child abuse, mental illness linked

By Connie Valentine Child abuse. Domestic violence and sexual assault. Substance abuse. Mental illness. These terms flow trippingly off our tongues. We rarely pause to consider the profound suffering the words represent.  They are often see as Sombody Else’s Problems …. until they happen to us. Then these words, of course, regain their overwhelming, searingly tragic […]