Foundation leaders say ‘yes’ on A

As past presidents of the the Davis Schools Foundation, we have all been astounded by the outpouring of generosity for our schools and students over the past several years. As parents and community members, we care deeply about excellent and equitable educational opportunities at Davis public schools. As a community, we have come together time […]

City should not decide who the ‘good guys’ are

WAVE GOODBYE TO THE WAIVER … in light of the League of Women Voters’ one-sided debate debacle, it’s time for the city of Davis to stop offering fee waivers to certain groups who choose to use city facilities … as Mayor Joe Krovoza said in explaining the city’s decision to grant a fee waiver for […]

GOP raises stakes on staying solvent

The issue: Action on the deficit is almost a certainty, but the debt-ceiling bill is not the place to do it The House Republican leadership has fully embraced the strategy of holding an increase in the debt ceiling hostage to gain political concessions. House Republican leader Eric Cantor made it clear this week that his […]

City budget solution is obvious

You know you are getting old when … you go to get your keys and they aren’t in the drawer where you always keep them. You think maybe you left them in a coat pocket, so you check all your coats and still no luck. You then try various pairs of pants you’ve worn lately. […]

His parents insist on support

Dear Annie: My in-laws emptied out my husband’s bank account and put thousands of charges on his credit cards. They refused to return the money, and it took us six years to pay off the debt they incurred. My in-laws recently retired without any savings and rely on Social Security to make ends meet. It […]

New Yolo courthouse will benefit residents

By David Rosenberg Under the headline “Courthouse plans straining budget,” your columnist Rich Rifkin (April 13) challenged the new Yolo courthouse project. His column is so full of misstatements and misconceptions that I felt compelled to respond. In fact, a new courthouse project was approved (years ago) for Yolo County, costing about $173 million. The […]

Cut conference travel, right now

“No cuts!” is a common expression used in both school lunch lines and movie queues. Cutting is frequently unfair, but is sadly necessary sometimes. I’ve experienced being the cutter and being the cut. When reading proposals at the U.S. Office of Education, I cut some school districts out of the grant they hoped to receive. […]

KDVS is a learning lab at UCD

A letter published April 19 by David Stolp contained factual errors and misunderstandings. The Enterprise then compounded them by including them in the letter’s header: “Don’t spend my tax money on this.” The subject was KDVS adding Al-Jazeera’s news program daily at 8 a.m. While UC Davis is a public university, KDVS is not funded […]

Just Us in Davis: Can you imagine …?

Mark your calendars * Second annual Capitol Region Equity Summit, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Saturday, UC Davis Conference Center, 550 Alumni Lane. Registration costs $65 (online at before Thursday, or pay with a check at the door, if space is still available. * Third annual SAYS (Sacramento Area Youth Speaks) Poetry Slam, 6-9 p.m. Friday, May […]

Sharing the spotlight

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been together for 12 years. For most of that time, it seems we have been following my preferences in terms of jobs, living arrangements, etc. I have an office job, and she stays home with our three kids. We also live in the small town she grew up […]

Painful pattern repeats itself

Dear Annie: Last summer, my 23-year-old daughter, her husband and their 2-year-old son moved in with me. My husband and I wanted to help them get back on their feet, and we also wanted my daughter to go back to school. My daughter has some mental health issues. The last time they lived with us, […]

LWV sponsors the world’s easiest debate

The spirit of openness and fair play that we’ve come to expect when debating political issues in the city of Davis was clearly lacking in the recent League of Women Voters “forum” on Measure A. The League went out of its way to invite only speakers who were favorable to a “Yes” vote on Measure […]

Blaming the messenger?

Dear Annie: I took care of my grandson three days a week for the first two years of his life. He is now 3, and I have not been allowed to see him for nearly a year because I noticed clear evidence of sexual abuse and told my son. I took my observations to many […]

Beware a ‘for sale’ parking ticket

A note of warning: It is illegal, in our fair city, to have a “for sale” sign in a car unless it is a) moving or b) in your driveway. A $43 parking ticket awaits the miscreants who break this rule. Who knew? Who knows what other laws may be lying in wait for us? […]